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Repeat Clients 58%
Last Login 10/24/2016
Location Fort Collins, CO
Education Associates Degree
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Summary of Experience
Holly has been a freelance writer since May 2009. She earned her college degree in interior design, but she always had an immense interest in writing and journalism during high school. This combination of interior design education, passion for writing and experience as a freelance writer makes her very competent in the category of Home Living.

In addition to her knowledge and experience in the Home Living category, Holly has also written hundreds of articles the categories of Food, Green Living, Green Products, Health and Nutrition. Holly currently has thousands of live articles published online in these and many other categories. The types of writing she is accustomed to include blog posts, landing pages and press releases, all with keywords for SEO purposes.

On top to the work she completes with WriterAccess, Holly is also a freelance writer with two other web-based content marketing companies where she is a five-star writer and requested by the same clients again and again. She is accustomed to meeting 24-hour deadlines and satisfying every client she works with.

While Holly is most accustomed to writing articles or blog posts between 300 and 500 words, she is flexible and eager to meet the needs of your project. She is excited to communicate directly with you, her next client, so she can be sure to meet your every need. If you are looking for well-researched content and quick turnaround times, Holly is the experienced writer you have been looking for. Let her know what you need written today and she will deliver!
Holly specializes in informative blog posts, marketing articles, and press releases. The tones she is accustomed to writing in include casual, conversational and industry professional.
In her spare time, Holly loves to dance and is currently on a clogging performance team. She enjoys spending evenings at home with her husband, playing the piano, drawing, cooking, reading and making crafts. Writing is, of course, also among her passions. Her friends know her to be reliable and to keep any promise she makes.
LDS Business College Aug 2007 – Apr 2009
Interior Design, Associate of Applied Sciences in Interior Design

Holly attended LDS Business College for two years straight out of high school and earned her AAS degree in Interior Design.

Projects by Industry

Holly has written on various topics within the Food category, including restaurant lighting, restaurant management, food handler certification, general food safety, catering, and getting started in the restaurant industry. The two primary websites Holly has written for in this category are Candle Lamp ( and Premier Food Safety ( Holly composed much of the content on these company blogs.

Green Living

Many of the Green Living articles Holly has written are for heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies around North America. During her education to earn her interior design degree, entire projects were focused on green living and designing environmentally friendly homes. She is also personally passionate about this subject and tries to implement the tips she writes about in her daily life.

Green Products

Many of the articles Holly has written from the Green Products category are for heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies around North America. Specific products she has most knowledge in include solar modules, geothermal heat pumps and tankless hot water heaters. She has written more than 150 articles on these topics.


Topics within the Health category that Holly is knowledgeable in include diet, fitness, skin health, female and male health, eye health, allergies, summer heat safety and more. Along with having hundreds of articles published on various health topics, Holly also implements good health practices in her own life, many times using advice from her own articles to shape her diet and exercise routines.

Home Living

This is the primary category Holly has written about for the past two years. Her clients include heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies from around North America. Some common topics she writes about include HVAC troubleshooting tips, ventilation facts, energy-saving ideas, preparing for power outages, ductwork sealing and much more.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

It's difficult for Holly to pinpoint the number of articles, blogs, press releases and website content she has written in the past five years as a freelance writer, but a vast majority of them have required the use of keywords. She is typically asked to include a main keyword at about one percent to four percent density, being sure to include it in the title, meta description and first sentence. Supporting key phrases often accompany the main keyword.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Many of the blog and article assignments that Holly completes require keyword-rich titles and Meta descriptions. She understands that Meta descriptions are important for click-through rates. That's why Holly composes Meta descriptions that use keywords intelligently so searchers know when they have found the content they're looking for.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Holly's freelance writing experience consists primarily of blog posts. She has written thousands of blog posts for a wide variety of customers in the past five years working in the industry. She is well acquainted with ways to make a blog easy to read with bulleted lists, subheadings and short paragraphs to create the greatest impact on readers.

Press Release

During the past five years as a freelance writer, Holly has written approximately 175 press releases. These have all been published to PRWeb for the purpose of alerting the public to new offerings, company awards and recognitions, giveaways and contests. Each of these contains a boilerplate and company contact information, and many press releases also contain direct quotes from company leadership.


Holly has written thousands of articles for clients in a wide variety of categories in the past five years as a freelance writer. She is well acquainted with ways to make an article "skimmable" with bulleted lists, subheadings and short paragraphs, which create the greatest impact on readers.

Facebook Post

Holly has been responsible for writing Facebook post excerpts for various clients. These posts are short and catchy and engage Facebook fans by encouraging them to follow the link.

Twitter Post

In an effort to engage Twitter followers, clients have asked Holly to compose short and sweet Twitter posts that go along with an article published on the client's blog. The post encourages followers to click on the link and read the blog content.

Product Description

Holly has written a variety of successful product descriptions for different clients, including furniture and cutlery retailers. Holly understands that product descriptions can make or break a customer's decision to go through with a purchase, so she uses descriptive language to captivate the reader and help them visualize the product correctly.


Holly has written several script outlines for various clients. Topics have ranged from healthcare to fashion to the weather. Her experience involves crafting unique script outlines that are recorded by actors and published on the client's YouTube channel. The scripts cover topics customers find interesting, thereby increasing the client's online presence and exposure.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Most of the content Holly has written during her three-plus years as a freelance writer is research-based. She is accustomed to being given a resource or two to research and modify for the client’s needs. Holly always double checks her information before writing it as fact for a client’s project.

Script Writer

Holly has written approximately 30 script outlines for marketing videos posted on YouTube. Her outlines provide script writers with a skeleton on which to base the completed script. An actress then records a video in the studio and the finished product is uploaded on YouTube. The company Holly has written most of her script outlines for are Kate Reese, an online designer glasses retailer.

Projects by Writing Style

Most of the work Holly has done over the past three years as a freelance writer includes pieces written in a conversational tone. Since most of her experience lies in writing blog posts, this tone is commonly requested by her clients. The goal of this tone is to provide everyday language readers can understand without pressuring them to make a purchase.


Holly enjoys writing humorous blog posts when she gets the chance. Most of her clients prefer more serious posts, but if you want something that will make your readers laugh, Holly knows how to deliver. The client she has primarily written humorous posts for is HomeTeam Pest Defense, an extermination company.


Holly knows how to write convincingly so customers are inclined to invest in the products she promotes. Some of these include designer glasses, hotels, diamond jewelry, catering equipment, restaurants, Smartphone applications and many others. These clients ask Holly to write for them again and again, so she is confident she can promote your next product as well.


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