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Sharon W is both a bylined author and a ghostwriter of thousands of articles on management, finance, business, software, manufacturing, fitness, advertising, health, pets, medical procedures and home decorating, among many other topics. She's a skilled researcher who always impeccably researches and cites sources when required. With many years of marketing experience, she knows how to make products and ideas sound appealing and how to find a fresh take on any topic. Her writing style is engaging, and she excels at making technical facts understandable to non-technologists. She works hard to exceed every client's expectations.
She has more than 40 years of experience in the fields of manufacturing, ERP and software marketing, and has created compelling marketing collateral for some of the best known products in the world. Fortune Magazine featured her in an article on pioneering women in manufacturing in 2000. She is APICS CPIM and CSCP certified.

In addition to being an expert on manufacturing and enterprise applications, she is an AFAA certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor and a PADI certified Divemaster (scuba).
Sharon W specializes in making complex products and ideas understandable. She writes about the benefits, not the features, of technologies, products and services. Her writing style is usually engaging, comfortable and accessible.
She writes knowledgeably on a variety of topics, including business, finance, real estate, manufacturing, health, fitness and marketing.
Sharon W loves technology, and she has successfully sold and marketed a range of enterprise software applications. She has written numerous articles published in print and on the Internet. She holds CPIM and CSCP certifications from APICS, and she is a certified group exercise instructor, a personal trainer and a PADI certified Divemaster (scuba). When she's not writing for you, she canoes, kayaks, bicycles, walks her two miniature dachshunds and spends time with her family. She's been working on a novel for years, and she vows to finish it soon.
Northeastern University Business/Industrial Management, Bachelor's

Sharon W received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial Management from Northeastern University in Boston.

Association Memberships
APICS Sharon W joined APICS in 1975. She is CPIM and CSCP certified.

Personal Trainer AFAA
Sharon W had a full roster of personal training clients. She specialized in helping people achieve their fitness goals and was really strict about perfect form and ensuring that her clients modified moves to accommodate injuries or physical limitations.

Group Exercise Instructor AFAA
Sharon W led group exercise classes for many years. She specialized in modifying exercises and routines for individuals with bad backs, knees and shoulders or other body issues, including age and weight.

Divemaster PADI
Sharon W has been a PADI certified Divemaster for over 20 years. For some reason, people who can't actually swim sign up for scuba diving lessons. Those members of the class always gravitated to her group because they knew that she would save them. She can save you too with excellent writing that meets your needs for any format and almost any topic.

Sharon W is certified CSCP by APICS.

Sharon W is certified CPIM by APICS.

Projects by Industry

Sharon W has been recommending, selling, marketing and reviewing hardware for over 30 years. While selling enterprise level software, she was often called upon to make recommendations for computers for businesses that ranged from mainframes to PCs. As technology evolved, she began recommending mobile devices and telecommunications gear. As a gadget geek, she is knowledgeable about the latest tech toys, and has a room full of electronic devices and assorted chargers to prove it.


Sharon W writes about the latest treatments, the newest supplements and the best doctors for any condition. She is a certified expert on fitness, and she has done extensive research on medicine, medical technology, nutrition, dietary supplements and treatments for conditions ranging from dandruff to cancer. She has written articles on nutritional supplements, bariatric surgery, breast cancer, medical devices, ED and many more topics for her health-oriented clients.

High Tech

Sharon W worked in the high-tech manufacturing industry for many years, and she was the VP of high-tech industry strategy at a leading software company that sold to the industry. She has written numerous articles in trade press and for client blogs and marketing collateral. She understands key nuances of high-tech business processes and the industry's unique manufacturing needs. Short product life cycles and fickle consumer tastes make the ever-evolving high-tech industry fascinating to her.


Sharon W has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management and she began her career in manufacturing management. She is an expert in manufacturing and supply chain management and she has worked in marketing for several software companies focused on manufacturing. She is fluent in ERP, SCM, PLM and CRM concepts. She created most of the content for a large software company's "lean enterprise" campaign that was the most successful campaign in the company's history. She has presented at industry conferences, including the automotive industry's famed "Management Briefing." She taught inventory and manufacturing management at the college level and her bylined work has appeared in periodicals such as Industry Week, Start-IT and Supply Chain Logistics. She recently rewrote all the content for a 3PL and an international freight forwarder.


Sharon W is a long-term pet owner who has been owned by up to five dogs simultaneously. She has researched and written about topics from pet medical insurance to the best diet for specific breeds. Her dogs have undergone surgeries, had X-rays, tooth problems and other conditions, and they've had adventures that included kayaking and adjusting to doggie day care. Through it all, she worked with vets and caregivers to give her pets the very best. In turn, her pets gave back their very best to her.

She has ghostwritten articles on pet memorials, dog breeds, dog grooming and living with pets.


Sharon W has taught group fitness classes and had a roster of regular personal training clients for many years. She excels at understanding how to create or modify an exercise program to accommodate a client's specific fitness level or physical limitations, and also in helping people overcome their fitness fears.


Sharon W has been selling and marketing software since the early 1980s. She knows how to create a compelling message, and to simplify a product's complexities so that anyone can be comfortable understanding the benefits it provides. She excels at making complex ideas and products comprehensible to prospects and customers.

Home Living

Sharon W has been a home owner for over 30 years. She has lived in custom built homes, new spec homes, old homes, and condos, and lived through several kitchen and bath remodeling projects. She can wallpaper, paint, stencil, make curtains and coordinate colors in an open floor plan. She's also an engaging writer who can captivate your readers who are ready to undertake home projects.


Sharon W was a regular columnist for sites such as Tech Republic and Field Force Automation from 2000-2012. She has also published articles in Industry Week, Modern Materials Handling and Start-IT, among others. A white paper on ERP software she wrote for Oracle Corporation was used extensively by its sales team for several years after publication. She recently did a complete overhaul of all collateral for a well-known hedge fund management firm. The project included several white papers, presentations and new website copy.


Sharon W has worked in the technology industry for over thirty years. She has written about cloud computing, software trends, mobile apps and collaboration tools, among other topics. She is also a hardware junky and loves to read spec sheets and user manuals. She can write a white paper, a manual or marketing collateral that users will understand and actually enjoy reading.

She is also adept at product and software reviews.


Sharon W has been a manager of people and projects for 40 years. She knows how to motivate people to reach their full potential, and what demotivates and disengages workers and employees. She has hired and fired people. She was responsible for strategy and planning in several major companies. She understands business strategy, competitive differentiation, budgets and financial statements. Her work on the topic of business has in industry trade press, and she has ghostwritten even more articles about business for her

Real Estate

Sharon W has written many articles, blog posts, presentations and video scripts for real estate brokers, developers, industry organizations and property managers. She has also bought and sold many homes and rental properties so she can give first hand advice and hard earned wisdom. She researches local and regional market conditions to ensure that the work she does for clients reflects their local market conditions and provides excellent value.


Sharon W has worked with numerous clients in the finance industry, ranging from a companies specializing in placing temporary CFOs to personal financial managers to global hedge fund management firms. She has written white papers on many different topics, created corporate and symposia presentations and authored numerous blog posts, articles and other documents. She recently did a complete overhaul of all collateral for a well-known hedge fund management firm. The project included several white papers, presentations and new website copy. She's easy to work with and researches topics thoroughly.


Sharon W writes frequently on medical topics, including summarizing the latest research for medical professionals or writing for patients about what to expect during a planned procedure. She is a meticulous researcher who has taken graduate level courses at the Mass General Institute of Health Professions. Whether you are hoping to engage the interest of peers in the medical community or help patients understand a procedure in simple terms, Sharon W will work hard to provide exactly what you need.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Sharon W is adept at weaving SEO keywords into interesting, grammatically correct content. She has written articles on business, management, manufacturing, fashion, beauty, health, pets and other topics that showcase her skill at seamlessly weaving keywords into a coherent narrative.

Projects by Asset Type

Sharon W has written many articles published in print and on line. Topics range from business, manufacturing, and software to health and fitness. She has been a bylined contributor to several print periodicals and also has ghostwritten many blog and web articles. She has written marketing collateral and sales literature for a variety of companies.

Blog Post

Sharon W has written numerous blog posts on topics including fashion tips, medical procedures, home improvements and business. She is adept at SEO content and natural sounding keyword placement. She enjoys research to uncover and support leading edge ideas, and she works hard to ensure all her clients are happy with her work..

Product Description

Sharon W has written product descriptions for well known catalog and e-commerce sites. Categories include technology, hardware, auto parts, teas and beverages, nutritional supplements, e-cigarettes and juices, software, cookware, jewelry, industrial products, fashion, financial services offerings, plumbing fixtures, desktop items, office supplies, and many more.

Web Page

Sharon W has written or rewritten websites for companies engaged in logistics management, telecommunications, financial services, marketing services, real estate, industrial products, manufacturing, software, educational services and many more industries. She strives to ensure that her work captures the spirit and culture of the company.


Sharon W has written brochures for manufacturing, software, financial services, telecommunications, publishing, real estate, home inspection services, and many more types of companies. In addition to writing the text, she will help source pictures and provide recommended layouts.


Sharon W has created, written or scripted hundreds of presentations, used for industry keynotes, product presentations, company overviews or selling projects or products.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Sharon W was a semi-regular columnist for Tech Republic and Field Force Automation. She has had articles published in Industry Week, Modern Materials Handling and Start-IT, among others. She has written white papers and research reports on a variety of topics, all well supported with documented research from credible sites.

Projects by Writing Style

Sharon W is an expert in promoting products and ideas. One of her primary skills is helping readers understand the benefits of even highly technical products. She enjoys using words to create a picture in the mind of the reader so that they see themselves using a product and enjoying its benefits. She also enjoys writing articles that lead the reader through a sales funnel process that ends with the prospect getting the logical idea that they should buy the product under discussion.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Sharon W has written press releases, proposals and white papers for a variety of small businesses. Topics ranged from software to Tai Chi, and included such diverse products as unified communications system installations to medical devices.

Fortune 500

Sharon W wrote marketing collateral and white papers for some of the largest companies in the world, including Oracle, Microsoft and She excels in making complex ideas easy to understand. Her favorite kind of writing paints a picture in a customer's mind of the customer using the product or service she is describing. When the customer can see themselves using the product- and liking what they see, the article is a success.


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