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She has written articles and copy for many websites and print publications on diverse topics The topics she has covered are food, recipes, gardening, health, travel, science, history, and general interest topics. Joan wrote a book on Medicaid and Nursing Home Care that was also published as Kindle book. She has published two e-books with recipes on apples and seasonal produce. She is an excellent online researcher.

As part of her food writing she has written restaurant profiles, developed recipes articles, covered food history, and trends. She has written articles about local CT travel and travel in the United States. She has written press releases, news articles, copy, sales letters for for nonprofit organizations and corporations.

Her gardening writing includes articles for club newsletters, plant descriptions, press releases, and feature articles.
She has developed recipes for food articles and likes to write about healthy eating and cooking. When writing health articles she does extensive research to give consumers complete information on the topic. A generalist she specializes in food, health, travel, business, lifestyle, history, and science.
She enjoys reading, watching movies, walking, swimming, taking photos, eating out, and traveling to see interesting places.
Naugatuck Valley Technical Community College Sep 1996 – May 2000
A.S., Food Service Management

She learned to design and test recipes for small groups, about food safety and sanitation, nutrition, and how to design a menu for a special event. Hands on experience was offered in the kitchen ordering, preparing and cooking food for groups of 10 to 25 people. Joan learned about menu design, nutrition, and the importance of selling food and profits.

University of Bridgeport Sep 1972 – Jun 1976
Journalism/Communications, B.A. Communications

She learned the principles of writing news articles, copy, press releases, radio, photography, and basic design. Multimedia projects were slides, photography, audio, and video. The courses included creative writing, history, social sciences, languages, marketing, and sales.

Association Memberships
Writers Village An online community of writers that offers courses in all types of writing. They offer courses in comedy writing, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Courses have online classrooms and books where writers learn through practice and peer review.

International Womens's Writing Guild A professional organization that helps women in the publishing world. The organization puts out a monthly newsletter with publishing news and opportunities, sponsors professional workshops, and classes for writers. It has agents that help members get published and promotes opportunities for women around the world.

Projects by Industry

She has developed recipe articles for websites like E-How, So You Wanna, Man Made and Food Reference Website. Her writing experience includes writing profiles, restaurant reviews,marketing, and advertising copy, and industry trends. Joan has written for magazines like Cranberry Magazine, Home Cooking, IGA Grocergram, and The Griffin Report. She has an AS in Food Service Management from Naugatuck Valley Technical Community College.


She has written several articles on health topics for E-How, Man Made, So You Wanna, and websites. The topics covered were supplements, blood pressure, diabetic pyramids, allergies, treatments for high blood pressure, and other health topics. Joan wrote The Complete Guide to Medicaid and Nursing Home Care for the Atlantic Publishing Company. Other articles were about foods to eat and recipes for a healthy diet.


She has written travel articles for the Examiner about CT Travel, Trails, and Articles about CT Travel include hiking trails to enjoy the outdoors, restaurant reviews, entertainment, and place to go with children. Other travel articles include place to visit, restaurant and hotels to stay and special attractions in US states.


She has written articles for E-How, Travels, Trails, and The Examiner on restaurants, hotels, motels, supermarkets, and industry trends that affect them. Articles include restaurant reviews, short product descriptions, news articles, to features. Articles have appeared online and in print publications. She has several years experience in food marketing and product retrieval. Joan has an AS in Food Service Management from Naugatuck Valley Technical Community College which is part of the Hospitality Program.


She wrote supplemental lesson plans for elementary school and middle school students in science, history and language arts for E-How. Joan wrote a few articles for children for the Christian Science Monitor special section called Kid's Space. These articles covered the topics of sandwich history, apple pie, and interviews with children's authors. She believes that finding a way to engage a child's interest in learning is an important part of writing for them.


She has written educational supplemental lesson plans for E-How for elementary school children. Some of the topics covered were simple science experiments with baking soda, lemon juice, salt, and bubbles. Other articles covered creative poetry and internet research projects for children on the rain forest. She wrote a few articles for the Christian Science Monitor for Kids Space.


She has written many business articles over the years for trade magazines and online websites. Some of the publications were IGA Grocergram, Cranberry, Magazine, Yankee Food Service, and Food Reference site. The business topics covered were diverse food, reals estate, fashion, green products, marketing, sales and more. Online publications she has written for include E-How,, The Examiner, and many articles for Writers Access as a ghost writer. She has a B.A in Journalism Communciations and a A.S. in Food Service Management from Naugatuck Valley Community College.


She has written about antique auto restoration for a web design company. As a ghost writer she has written many auto reviews and promotional articles about cars for Writers Access and other companies. These articles include safety features, technology, luxury and economy cars, special features of cars, interior and exterior features, and pricing. She researches each article using several websites for accuracy.

Home Living

She has written several articles on home living topics that include decorating, gardening, simple cleaning solutions, food preparation, storage, and how to use kitchen appliances for online websites and magazines. She has a B.A in Journalism Communications and A.S. in Food Service Management. Some of the sites she has written for are E-How, The Examiner, and So You Wanna. She has written many ghost related articles.


She has written a book called The Complete Guide to Medicaid and Nursing Home Costs Care for seniors for Atlantic Publishing. It is about the health system in the United States. She has written many medical and health articles for E-How, and as a ghost writer about diseases, treatments, plastic surgery, dental health, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Her excellent research skills helps to shape an well rounded article.


She has an A.S. in Food Service Management from Naugatuck Valley Technical Community College. She has written many recipes article for websites and print publications that focused on nutrition. She has written about the diabetic food pyramid, recipes with less fat, the importance of exercise programs, and wheat free flours for baking. Her articles have appeared in the Examiner, E-How, Food Reference, and several print publications.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

She has written many SEO articles for websites that require a certain keyword density. Topics covered for SEO keywords are business, diet, fashion, health, food, travel, music, and fitness. Joan has written for E-How, Travels, Trails, Man Made, Life Tips, So You Wanna and others websites. Most article range from 300 to 500 words in length.

Projects by Asset Type

She writes articles on diverse topics. The topics are food, gardening, health, supplemental educations lesson plans, travel, cooking, diet, business, lifestyle and gardening.


She wrote a Book on Medicaid and Nursing Home Care for the Elderly for Atlantic Publishing Company. The book covers health care options and how to protect assets. It goes into state by state programs so readers can find programs to help their loved ones get good care. Elder lawyers are discussed and stay at home programs too. In addition she has written two e-books for Self Help Guides on Cooking With Apples and Seasonal Produce.


She has written copy for many websites about, food, vegetarian cooking, health, businesses, autos, lifestyle, travel and other general interest topics. She specializes in travel, food, and hospitality. Joan has a AS in Food Service Management from Naugatuck Valley Techncial Community College and BA in Journalism Communications from the University of Bridgeport.

News Story

She has written news articles for The Examiner, Yankee Food Service, Fine Foods Magazine, The Catholic Transcript and other publications over the years. Her work includes online and print publications.

Product Description

I have written product descriptions for food, gardening, appliances, health products, hotels, restaurants, and nutritional supplements for websites. I have B.A in Journalism/Communications from the University of Bridgeport and A.S. in Food Service Management from Naugatuck Valley Technical Community College.

Projects By Expertise

She have written web copy for many different businesses for their websites. Some of these businesses include: telecommunications, insurance, garden centers, diet products, consumer goods, grocery stores, food distributors, restaurants, auto restoration, and fashion. Other forms of writing include articles, press releases, and public service announcements. Joan has written news articles, and instructional material.


She has written many profiles and news articles for newspapers and magazines. Some of the topics include business profiles, industry news and trends and innovative programs for the community. Some of the topics covered were food industry, hospitals, gardening, religion, and other general interest topics. She has written for IGA Grocergram, Cranberry Magazine, Griffin Report, New England Entertainment Digest and Christian Science Monitor.

Projects by Writing Style

She has written new articles, profiles and copy for newspapers, websites and magazines. She researches topics completely using many web and print sources. When writing she looks for news trends and facts that deliver value to the reader. She tries to present information in an objective manner.


She has written promotional copy for many websites on different topics. Some of the topics include food, health, travel,
green living, beauty products, clothing and gardening. She tries to identify the key sales point when writing promotional pieces while finding news value for the customer.


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