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Ci'Monique has a diverse professional background that has contributed greatly to her creative work. A captivating composer of literary imagery, Ci'Monique wrote and illustrated the children's book Have You Ever Tasted A Rainbow?, published in April 2003. The unique collection of poems and short stories caught the attention of Carden of the Foothills School principal Diane Kieffaber in Monrovia, California and was used as a teaching tool for one of the classes. Ci'Monique had the honor of being present for the recitation of her poem "Butterfly On My Nose" by the excited group of young children. Along with other short stories and poetic anthologies, Ci'Monique maintains a regular online column with She recently published her debut novel, Love Is As Strong As Death in November 2012, and the sequel, Desperate Hope Arise, in September 2013. These first two books in a trilogy have readers devouring the riveting story that comes to vivid life with unpredictable (and sometimes unorthodox) plot twists.

Ci'Monique's travels as a flight attendant for nearly ten years further expanded her creative sensibility and deepened her passion to discover the unique story within every person. As a lover of words and the tremendous impact they bring, Ci'Monique holds flawlessly written and edited copy with the highest esteem. A true visionary, she is able to transform any raw idea into a literary masterpiece readers are unable to forget.

With an educational background in theology and criminal justice, Ci'Monique combines her scholastic knowledge with life experiences to allow her work to reach the masses and cross cultural boundaries. She enjoys being the "quiet crafter behind the curtain" to bring great ideas to life and let her creative work stand on its own.
With a chameleon-like writing style, Ci'Monique composes striking poetic prose, children's literature, journalistic pieces, argumentative copy, and memorable fiction with characters you want to meet in real life. She is known among longtime friends and family as remembering the smallest details from decades ago, such as the outfit she wore to her 8th birthday party at Skate King in Bellevue, Washington (a matching blue polyester ensemble with red piping).
Ci'Monique's love for books and reading goes without saying. But her love for adventure is evident with her grueling hikes dodging coyotes, 100-mile cycle ride endurance events, kickboxing, weight training, and taking up modern, jazz, and ballet dance training in her 30s.
University of Phoenix Criminal Justice,

Applying her passion for justice among mankind and inalienable rights protected by law, Ci'Monique pursued Criminal Justice to further her knowledge of our country's criminal judicial system and the unique nuances and challenges surrounding it. She was recognized by several lawyer/professors for performing work of the same caliber as high achieving law students.

International Seminary Practical Theology, Diploma of Practical Theology

Ci'Monique studied under the renowned tutelage of Dr. Larry J. Lloyd, PhD, former faculty for Fuller Theological Seminary and Loyola Marymount University. The practical theology college program provided teaching in various Christian doctrines and foundational truths of the faith. Ci'Monique gained timeless, practical training which equipped her for adult and children's ministry, evangelism, apologetics and spiritual outreach.

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Freelancer's Union As a member of the Freelancer's Union Ci'Monique has access to a wealth of resources specific to her craft in the growing freelance sector. Over 150,000 self-employed, independent workers in multiple fields gain support and invaluable information that fortifies their impact in the marketplace.

Projects by Industry

In April 2003 Ci'Monique published the children's book, Have You Ever Tasted A Rainbow?, which she wrote and illustrated. Since May 2011 she has been a paid contributor to the online publication and has been sought after for both print and online magazine publications. In November 2012 Ci'Monique published the compelling novel, "Love Is As Strong As Death", the first in a trilogy series being met with stellar reviews by reading audiences.


With theological training from International Seminary and a teaching background in children's ministry and evangelism, Ci'Monique is the Los Angeles Christian Inspiration Examiner for, a regional online publication with a diverse international reading audience.

Projects by Asset Type

Ci'Monique maintains a regular online column with as the Los Angeles Christian Inspiration Examiner. Her seminary training and myriad experiences with people from all walks of life and backgrounds lend a warm, engaging voice to her readers. Her articles are thought-provoking, jarring, encouraging, and poignant, written with a unique, authentic voice.


The children's book Have You Ever Tasted A Rainbow? is still stirring laughter and tears among readers nearly ten years later. This one-of-a-kind book of original poetry and illustrations by Ci'Monique was published in 2003, and has garnered praise from the youngest fans to parents and grandparents in their 70s. The adorable collection of poems shows Ci'Monique's diverse writing style and uncanny ability to craft prose with a cadence and rhythm essential to language learning.

Projects By Expertise

Ci'Monique had the pleasure of contributing to the 2012 inaugural issue of the "tween" magazine Soda Pop Girlz with her article "Why do girls travel everywhere in groups?" Revisiting the nostalgia of those unforgettable in-between years made this one of Ci'Monique's favorite writing projects to date.


Ci'Monique uholds tremendous journalistic integrity, while examining wrenching human interest stories affecting the U.S. and nations abroad.

Projects by Writing Style

As an authority on myriad matters concerning the Christian faith, Ci'Monique has written over 100 articles as the Los Angeles Christian Inspiration Examiner for


Ci'Monique's debut novel, Love Is As Strong As Death weaves a gripping story through the 1st person voice of the intriguing protagonist Sarai Jenkins. The dialogue is poignant, engaging, and so realistic readers feel as if they're walking through the tale alongside the main character.


With a striking sense of humor, Ci'Monique wrote the classic book of poems and short stories, Have You Ever Tasted A Rainbow?. This darling collection of children's literature contains 50 poems and ten lively illustrations, introducing thrilled readers to such memorable antics as Veronica and Her Harmonica, Snaggle-Toothed-Sammy, Reggie (the incorrigible goldfish), Howie the Polar Bear, and dozens of others. Ci'Monique's gift for inspiring laughter in even the saddest heart makes this addictive book one that both children and adults have read late into the night.


Ci'Monique maintains an intriguing column for that calls for a multifaceted voice. Her articles range from authoritative and journalistic, to uplifting and lighthearted. With topics covering such controversial issues as abortion, celibacy, extramarital affairs, and suicide, Ci'Monique's skilled expertise in exploring all layers of human interest stories are evidenced through her work.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Working as an independent contractor, Ci'Monique contributes copy to consisting of journalistic, authoritative, advice, religious, and practical living pieces.


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