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Ife A started his career in professional writing when he began contributing reviews for a shopping website. He's not looked back since. Enrolling in a Master's Degree program in Journalism at Georgetown University, he worked for the institution's online scientific research magazine as an associate editor. Since then he has penned or edited articles in a variety of subjects: from history and music to automobiles and electronics. He also taught himself web development tools and concepts like HTML, CSS, and SEO to set up his own movie review website. Ife currently works as a writer for a federal government agency. To him, choosing this career path has proved to be immeasurably fulfilling!
Politics, music, movies, health, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles, history.
Ife A enjoys drawing and painting, writing reviews, visiting museums, and reading (especially non-fiction).
Georgetown University Mass Communications and Journalism, Master of Professional Studies

Ife A took courses in areas such as digital and new media, computer-assisted reporting, feature writing and corporate communications at Georgetown's relatively news MPS in Journalism program.

University of Maryland Pre-Law, Bachelor of Arts

Ife A Studied Pre-Law with a concentration in history and political science.

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Projects by Industry

Ife A wrote a handful of articles for an online publication that focused on pharmaceutical information. Ife particularly drew from his experience as a scientific research editor on assignments mainly focused on the research of cure for diseases such as autism and cancer.


Ife A contributed electronic articles and reviews to two online publications for two years. Some of the subjects included automobiles, desktops and laptops, and mobile devices such as MP3 players and smartphones.


Ife A worked as a contributing features editor for a major Washington D.C. paper and a reviewer for a shopping website. His main genre of expertise is hip hop, although he has also written pieces on R&B, '60s-era rock, and Afrobeat.


While working as a Transcripts Editor for Congressional Quarterly, Ife A wrote summaries on House bills at U.S. congress. The purpose was to give a history and background of each bill, as well as estimate the chances of it becoming law.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Ife A helped in generating SEO keywords for every Bill Analysis report he filed for a political journalism company. He would usually pick the words most prominent in the piece, or the ones closely identified with the content.

Link Building

While working for an online media company, Ife A had to provide links to each story he wrote as a hip hop expert in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. scene. The links included major rap blogs and websites, book publishers, and online retail outlets: anything to give the story more credibility.

Projects by Asset Type
Technical Article

Ife A has written articles that focus on the specifications of certain personal computers for at least two online publications. The articles usually include type of operating system and microprocessor used, amount of data storage, type and speed of networking components, and type and number of inputs and outputs.

News Story

Ife A wrote news stories for a free daily from a major metropolitan publisher and an online media company. Most of the stories were focused on the local hip hop D.C. industry, as well as current rap music events on a national level.

Blog Post

Ife A wrote blog posts for the local news platform of a global media company. With as much as three posts per day, the articles focuses on profiling the business people of a Maryland suburb.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Ife A has written articles that focus on the specifications of certain electronics or electronic components. Most of them are on computers: from giving specifications on laptops and desktops to details on some of their components, such as CPU sockets and graphics cards.

Projects by Writing Style

Ife A wrote articles for a political journalism company that analyzed House bills. The purpose was to describe the historical context of legislation, and tell CQ readers the prospects for their passage.


For four years Ife A provided hundreds of reviews on hip hop, R&B, and Afrobeat for a shopping website. He wrote most of them in a lighthearted tone, mainly because he wanted to welcome readers who are not that familiar with the aforementioned genres.


Ife A wrote some articles for his grad school's scientific research paper as an associate editor. The purpose was to promote the sciences in an institution not particularly known for it.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

As managing editor for the political and financial departments of a newswire company, Ife A oversaw the editing and delivery of articles and transcripts from congressional hearings, financial interviews, and events at federal government agencies like the U.S. Department of State, the SEC, and the CFTC, etc. He also released transcripts of daily briefings from the White House and the United Nations.

Large Business

As a transcripts editor, Ife A edited and posted congressional, financial, teleconference, special events, and TV interview transcripts. He also wrote summaries on legislation that describe their historical context and tells magazine readers the prospects for their passage.


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