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Ben is a full time newspaper editor/assistant publisher, a post he's held for the past 18 years.

He has worked for newspapers in Nevada, Alabama, Florida and Georgia. He presently works at The Wiregrass Farmer, a small weekly newspaper in South Georgia. In working for these newspapers, he contributed many article to the Associated Press and other newspapers.

He has covered:

- Agriculture

- Politics at the local, regional, state and national levels

- Environment

- Outdoors

- Research

- Courts and law

- Law enforcement

- Society, culture and living

- Food and cooking

- Manufacturing and heavy industry

- Celebrities

- Banking and finance

- Technology and computers

- Professional, amateur, college and high school sports

- Other areas of feature writing

He has 28 years experience in the newspaper industry. His writing credits are in newspapers, magazines and websites across the globe. He has received more than 100 state, regional and national awards for his work in the communications field.

Experienced in the world of public relations, Mr. Baker often crafts PR for a variety of companies and publications.
Ben specializes in writing about the outdoors, children, parenting, politics, the law and agriculture. He has an abiding interest in hunting and fishing and prefers to write about this above all else.

He also writes fiction, philosophy and has a syndicated humor column.

He writes mostly Associated Press style, but does have some issues with AP so everything will not be exactly according to the manual.
Ben is a lifelong writer. He enjoys public speaking on a variety of topics. He attended Troy State University, graduating with a degree in journalism and political science. He has done some graduate-level work in writing and political science.

He has 5 books in print and several more in the final stages. He's produced books for a number of writers, the most celebrated to date being Marty Beckerman. He is presently editing several books written by other people.

He is a staff writer for Very High Power magazine where he reviews .50 BMG rifles. His weekly humor column is syndicated through Trib Publications. He runs the weekly newspaper "The Wiregrass Farmer" where is covers everything that happens in Turner County.

He is a former board member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), and has held all office except Secretary and Treasurer in the Georgia Outdoor Writer's Association (GOWA). His membership in GOWA is active. He is presently an on-air personality for the TV show Real Outdoors with Team No Prisoners.

He came to Christianity as an adult and is now a pentecostal evangelist. He volunteers at the local state prison as a minister.

As the father of a son with Down Syndrome, Ben is an advocate for people with disabilities.

His hobbies include:

Watching politics
Spending time with his children
Troy State U. Sep 1985 – May 1989
Jounalism-Poltical Science, Bachelor

Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a concentration in political science and a minor in creative writing.

Honors and Awards
Various Over the years Ben has received many awards from non-journalism outlets for his work on covering the activities of these organizations.

The awards came from various groups in the following fields: Agriculture, Education, Environmental, Civic, Communications

Best Coverage of the Peanut Indusrty for print publications This award used to be given annually to a print publication which did the most to cover and promote the peanut industry in Georgia. This was not an award which could be applied for; The Peanut Commission made the decision independently.

Best Coverage Of the Outdoors This is a national award given to Ben for his outstanding coverage of the outdoors in The Apalachicola Times and the Carrabelle Times newspapers.

Various Ben has received every company award given out at one time or another, including the general excellence in newspapers. Trib Publications is Georgia's largest newspaper chain, comprising some 40 newspapers across four states.

Best Outdoors Story This award was received for an outdoor sports story of a coon hunt with dogs. No coons were killed during the hunt.

Best Humor Column Ben received a First Place best humor column from the FPA for a piece he wrote about using a remote control boat to fish for sharks.

Apple Award for Newspapers under 10,000 circulation Ben received the Apple Award for newspapers under 10,000 circulation for best coverage of a a county educational system.

Various Ben has received some 20 awards over the years from the Georgia Press Association for:


Association Memberships
ABATE ABATE is American Bikers Active Toward Education. ABATE is a bikers' rights organization which lobbies the Georgia legislature for biker rights.

Former memberships Southeastern Outdoor Press Association
National Newspaper Association
Chairman Turner County Literacy Board
US Coast Guard Auxilliary
Georgia State Militia
Big Ben Saltwater Classic (fishing tournament)
Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce
Nevada Striped Bass club
Tifton Kiwanis Club
Ashburn Rotary Club

Ashburn Development Authority Ben serves on the Ashburn Development Authority and the Downtown Development Authority. Created by the Ashburn City Council, these two boards have community development abilities which a City Council does not.

Ashburn Historic Preservation Commission The HPC oversees construction, demolition and renovations within the federally defined Historic District of Ashburn. Ben is a board member.

Ashburn Community Relations Commission The CRC is a race and community relations board in Ashburn created by the Ashburn City Council. Ben B. is the chairman.

Greater Turner County Planning and Zoning Board The GTP&Z is an advisory board on planning and zoning issues in Turner County

Omicron Delta Kappa Professional Leadership fraternity

Southern Humorists Co-founder of Southern Humorists, executive board member. SoHum is a humor writers association for people who write about the South.

The Net Wits International humor writer's society

Georgia Department of Corrections Ministry Volunteer minister in the Georgia Department of Corrections

Fire Ant Festival Founding member of the Fire Ant Festival

Turner County Chamber of Commerce Board member

Kiwanis General member of the Turner County Kiwanis Club

Georgia Outdoor Writers Ben has held all offices in the Georgia Outdoor Writer's Association except treasurer and secretary.

Class B-P driver's license Georgia Department of Driver's Safety
A Class B-P driver's license in Georgia certifies the holder to drive any vehicle which is a single unit or with a trailer and gross vehicle weight of under 26,000 pounds. The P endorsement is for passenger and school bus drivers.

Volunteer Minister Georgia Department of Corrections
Mr. Baker is a state-certified volunteer for the Georgia Department of Corrections. He can enter a state prison to perform volunteer counseling and ministry duties

Projects by Industry

Ben is a hobby woodworker and a does regional tech support for Trib Publications.

His woodworking is sold under the name Architeuthis. He builds gun cabinets, ammunition chests, coffee tables and end tables with an outdoors theme.

He can also weld and repair automobiles.

On the computer side, Ben has been responsible for the direct purchase of nearly $100,000 in computer equipment for the South Georgia region of Trib Publications' newspaper network.


Ben has a combined degree in journalism and political science. He enjoys writing about the political scene from the local to the international.

His work has appeared in major newspapers across the United States, in the Associated Press and many, many smaller newspapers.

His blog covers a variety of topics, many political in nature.


Ben is a regular featured speaker at communications seminars. Some of his work is used in an Australia college. He has written one book on graphic arts.

He has produced a weekly newspaper as editor and assistant publisher for the past 18 years. Most of his career has been at weekly newspapers. He did work for 18 months on a daily paper and a year at a twice-weekly.

He has some experience in producing magazines and recently re-entered this field at the newspaper which now prints specialty niche-market magazines.

He has produced books for a number of authors.


Ben is an ordained minister in two denominations and Georgia Department of Corrections certified prison minister. He speaks at any church which will invite him to come.

A pentecostal evangelist, Mr. Baker preaches the Love of God which accepts anyone who will come to Him.

"Just because you sin differently than me does not give me the right to judge you," he said.


Ben is a lifelong outdoorsman and writes frequently about the outdoors for a number of publications. His first article appear in Alabama Game & Fish when he was in college. Over the years he has had many articles published by Game & Fish Publications.

He concentrates on hunting and fishing in the South and further specializes in predator and hog hunting and bass and catfish angling.

He is a staff writer for Very High Power magazine where he reviews and evaluates .50 BMG rifles.

He is also a longtime handloader and recently began casting his own bullets.


For the past 28 years Ben has covered politics at the local, regional, state and national level. He has interviewed realistic and non-realistic candidates for every office from President on down.

He routinely interviews government functionaries at all levels, local, state and federal elected representatives. He has the most experience in Judicial, Agriculture and Environmental government offices. He can write about any of the government's functions.

He particularly enjoys writing about state, national and international politics. His blog often concerns itself with politics.

On the political spectrum, Ben is an independent libertarian (small L) and does not identify with any major party.


Ben grew up on a farm and covers the ag industry for his newspaper. He has received awards from the agriculture industry for his communications work.

When working on the daily newspaper, The Tifton Gazette, Ben was the agriculture reporter. He has covered the Georgia Peanut Commission, the Georgia Tobacco Commission, the Georgia Cotton Commission, the Watermelon Commission and has written extensively about the state and the federal agricultural experiment stations in Tifton.

He is not an active row crop farmer today but does own some 300 acres in South Georgia. Two-thirds are leased for tilled cultivation and the other third is in timber.

He maintains close contact with AG R&D and Promotion Commissions in the state of Georgia.


Ben has covered a wide variety of industry from manufacturing giants like McElroy Metals to local firms.

In Nevada, he covered the solid rocket fuel manufacturing industry and marshmallow making. In Alabama he covered a lead foundry. In Florida he covered the commercial seafood industry from offshore fishing to inshore oyster harvesting.

In Georgia he covers every industry located in Turner County. They are: utility pole makers, agriculture, metal fabrication, lumber and custom wood support construction, metal fabrication and a few others.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Ben is new to the field of SEO writing and is building a base of articles for this.

The problem with SEO, as he sees it, is the search engines change their algorithms pretty regularly, so what works well now may not work as well in a few months. Staying on top of the SEO field is going to require constant diligence and work.

Projects by Asset Type

Ben has written thousands of articles on just about any subject imaginable. In the past three months he has written about: Black Forest cuckoo clocks, a Polish gun store, illegal immigration, beauty aids, a New York escort service, a fundraising drive for a woman needing a liver transplant, local and state government meetings and high school sports.


Ben has six books in print right now. Two are humor compilations. Two are religious commentary books and two are cartoon books which he illustrated.

He has several more books in the final stages of editing.

Ben has produced, edited and overseen printing of books for several other authors. He also edits other authors' manuscripts.


Ben has generated copy for and incorporated this into advertising and promotional materials for clients for the past 28 years. He has done some limited work in radio and is expanding into video now.

He has received numerous awards for his copywriting work from a variety of associations and agencies.

News Story

Ben has been a general assignment newspaper reported for the past 28 years. As such he's covered disasters, government meetings, festivals, schools, courts, law enforcement and just about everything else that can take place in a community.

So far he's never found a newspaper story he could not cover. Occasionally he gets an request over the internet for a story he can't write, but that's always because the pay does not merit the required research.

Press Release

Ben has written uncounted press releases for a variety of clients mostly in the United States. Thanks to the Internet, he is expanding his reach across the globe.

In the past three months, he's penned PR for companies in Germany, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Great Britain, Australia and Ireland.

His PR has appeared in newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio and TV.


Ben recently joined an outdoors TV show. He purchased broadcast-quality video equipment and has shot several episodes for the TV show. He has experience in front of and behind the camera and was a camera man for a weekly church service broadcast program for two years.

Ben does not do much video editing, but is learning this as well.


Ben is a regular speaker at communications, journalism and creative writing seminars around the South. He has spoken to colleagues, college professors, academic and agricultural researchers and public groups.

Ben is also a pentecostal evangelist and routinely speaks before churches and other similar groups.

Ben has spoken to many Civic Clubs over the years on a variety of topics ranging from local politics to writing and communications.


Ben is the chief designer for The Wiregrass Farmer newspaper. He is totally responsible for the look of Page 1, Page 4, interior news and sports pages. He oversees the layout of other interior pages.

He designs most of the ads sold by the ad staff and oversees production of other ads.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

At one time Ben had the largest file in Georgia on a Superfund cleanup site in Georgia. He was once quoted by Outside Magazine as a leading expert on the Floriday oyster industry.

Being a one-man newspaper reporting staff as well editor, publisher and chief photographer does make investigative work difficult, but Ben manages one or two pieces a year.

He knows how to dig through files, deal with bureaucrats and work sources to get deep information.

Creative Writer

Ben is a syndicated humor columnist. His weekly humor appears in more than 20 newspapers across the South. He has also written humor for magazines and various websites.

His humor concentrates on the outdoors and the South. He has been described as a combination of Jerry Clower and Jeff Foxworthy.


Ben has worked in newspapers for the past 28 years. He has magazine credits in a number of publications around the nation and his work has been picked up by the Associated Press which then transmitted the story to hundreds of papers around the nation.

A short list of well-known newspapers publishing his writing includes: The Detroit Free-Press, The Henderson Home News, The Atlanta Journal-Consitution, The Tallahassee Democrat, Today in Peachtree City, This Week in Fayette County, The Bessemer Star and The Las Vegas Sun.

His work on craft improvement has also appeared in trade publications


Ben has been a full time newspaper editor for the past 18 years. He has edited a humor magazine, several book manuscripts and more press releases than can be listed in the # of paid projects field above.

He is routinely called on by other editors and publishers in in Trib Publications to help with troublesome copy.

Projects by Writing Style

As an editor, Ben is expected to generate editorials for his newspaper. He also write editorials for other publications.

He has been regularly cited by the president of Trib Publications as an editor to study on editorial and commentary writing. His commentary work has appeared in dozens of newspapers across the South.


Ben is a syndicated humor columnist. His weekly column appears in more 20 newspapers across the South and is emailed each week to several hundred people on a subscriber-based list.

Ben is regularly sought after as a humor-writing coach and has conducted seminars and done one-on-one writing help for many writers.

At the Southern Humorists association, he is considered the best person to help a beginning writer improve the humor content of that writer's work.


Ben is a full time newspaper journalist and has been for the past 28 years. He started his career on the Troy State University newspaper The Tropolitan. By the time he graduated, he's amassed more than 500 article clips, a record which still stands.

He has worked for daily, twice-weekly and weekly newspapers. He prefers weekly papers, saying weekly newspapers are more respected than daily papers.

He regularly contributes news articles to the Trib Publications Group, the largest newspaper chain in the state of Georgia.


Ben writes ad copy for business and promotional PR for businesses around the globe. His work has covered everything from grand opening of news stores to catalogs item descriptions.

Given some basic details and a person to quote, Ben can generate a promotional article of under 400 words in about 30 minutes.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Nearly all of his communications work has been for small companies. He has written news, press releases and designed ad campaigns for businesses as small as one person up to industries employing several hundred at one site.

As he's lived most of his life in small towns, most of his work is for small business. Thanks to the Internet, more and larger firms are coming to him with requests for PR.


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