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Travis G

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Travis G has had a passion for writing ever since his Number 2 pencil first hit wide-ruled paper. He was instantly hooked for life. Once he discovered he could do freelance writing for a living, he quit his day job to follow his lifelong passion.

With a large field of expertise under his belt, he is able to create captivating content on almost any subject; from how to configure a dedicated server to creating a yoga routine to banish back pain. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies and small Mom N’ Pop shops. He has done everything from in-person sales, to over the phone tech support, to carpet installation. All of this experience has created a well-rounded writer.

He expertly creates content that educates, entertains, and persuades. Special attention is paid to all criteria he is given and provides high quality content. His experience in research has allowed him to accept work on topics that are foreign to him. He then quickly becomes an industry expert. He has knowledge of SEO tactics that are naturally built in to any article he creates. He is a copywriter, content marketer, and SEO writer all in one.

He lives by two words: honesty and integrity. As a full time freelance writer, he knows that always abiding by this philosophy will keep his clients happy. Client satisfaction is the most important aspect of everything he creates. In addition, he is completely committed to ensure that everything he writes has intrinsic value, and accomplishes the specific goal it was created for.
Travis G specializes in writing about health, fitness, and spirituality. He is also technically savvy and a skilled researcher, able to write about any industry. He creates professional copy that educates, entertains, and persuades. Content marketing/development, copywriting, and SEO writing are his primary specialities.
Travis G spends his time practicing yoga, kung fu, and meditating. He also enjoys reading books on a variety of topics. He is an avid cyclist and hikes as often as possible. He is technologically gifted, and has expert knowledge of dedicated servers, setting up websites, and other technical fields.
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Sep 2011 – May 2012
Yoga Teacher Training, Certified Yoga Teacher

Travis G attended the Yoga Teacher Training at the famous Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. During this program, he furthered his understanding of the human body. He was also formally trained in the chakra system, yoga asanas (poses), and pranayama (breathing). He graduated with high marks and is now a certified yoga teacher.

Arizona State University Aug 2005 – Jun 2009
Kinesiology, Theology, Journalism, B.A.

Travis G attended Arizona State University and studied the movement of the human body, prevailing theological ideals, and how to write at a professional level. This education has given him a thorough understanding of how the body relates to the Spirit, and how to convey these ideas through writing. During his study at ASU, he received a 3.7 GPA, developed close relationships with his professors, and was featured in the student paper.

Projects by Industry

Travis G is a certified yoga teacher, qi gong specialist, and kung fu practitioner. He was born with scoliosis and has successfully corrected it. He has had a passion for health for the past decade. He has studied and practiced a variety of methods of maintaining proper health. He has discovered what truly works, and what is a waste of time. He has written a multitude of articles on the subject.


Travis G has studied Yoga and Kung Fu for over five years. While each of these appear to only have physical applications, they both lead to an extremely fulfilling spiritual path. In addition to these studies, Travis G has read many spiritual texts with great understanding. He has written articles for other yoga teachers, spiritual counselors and narcotic recovery (spiritually focused).


Travis G has been a fitness buff ever since he was a teenager. He first used therapeutic fitness to rehabilitate a problematic knee, and his interest skyrocketed from there. As an expert Kung Fu practitioner, a certified Yoga teacher and regularly bicyclist he constantly strives to be his best. He has also explored Pilates, weight training and many other ways to express the human body. He actively trains others to bring out their best.


Travis has provided content to numerous tech companies ranging from social networking, IT security to cloud computing. He considers technology to be essential to the development of humanity.

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SEO Keyword Requirements

Travis G has been specifically trained in SEO techniques. Every article written takes into account the target keyword and ensures they are present in the title and throughout the content. These articles are not mere filler content for robots – they are designed to truly provide value to the reader and promote social sharing.


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