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Bryan is a freelance writer who specializes in marketing and marketing-related topics. He writes both marketing materials and articles about marketing, consistently pleasing his loyal clients. His success in these areas has led him to consistently rank among the top WriterAccess marketing writers.

In addition to writing about marketing, Bryan also writes about personal finance, parenting, sports and business topics. His status as a full-time working professional gives him unique insight into the corporate world and how his articles translate into reality.

Bryan holds a bachelor's degree in marketing and a MBA in quality management, both from Hofstra University. He lives in Long Island, NY with his wife and two children.
Bryan specializes in writing research articles, blogs, sales copy, direct marketing pieces and SEO-friendly copy. Bryan is also a skilled statistical analyst and is an advanced user of Microsoft Excel and Access.
Bryan is a huge sports fan, particularly football, soccer and hockey. He is also a father to two perfect little girls.
Hofstra University Jan 2010 – May 2013
Quality Management, Master of Business Administration

During the Quality Management MBA program, Bryan took courses in statistical analysis, process improvement and Six Sigma. He also took classes in marketing, finance, accounting and information technology.

GPA: 3.82

Hofstra University Sep 2001 – Dec 2003
Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration

Bryan earned a bachelor's degree in Marketing, which included courses in direct marketing, e-marketing, consumer behavior and sales management. Bryan's program also featured core courses in English, statistics and business computing.

GPA: 3.43

Nassau Community College Sep 1999 – May 2001
Liberal Arts, Associate of Arts

Bryan's collegiate career began at Nassau Community College, where he took a wide variety of courses, including the masterworks of English literature, English composition and psychology. Bryan also took four Sociology electives in this program.

GPA: 3.78

Inbound Marketing Certification HubSpot
May 2014
The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification demonstrates an advanced knowledge of inbound marketing, particularly HubSpot's methodologies and strategies.

Projects by Industry

Bryan wrote personal finance articles for various Web publishers for 18 months from 2010-2011. His work focused mainly on credit scores, credit reporting and how to manage debt responsibly. Having learned many personal finance lessons the hard way, Bryan is passionate about sharing his experiences and learned lessons with others.


As a full-time office worker during the day, Bryan has plenty of experience with common career issues. He has written many articles about resumes, cover letters, job hunting advice and salary negotiation.


From 2008 to 2010, Bryan wrote many articles about higher learning institutions, degree programs and online education. These articles were optimized for search engines and were done with extensive research and organization.


In 2002, Bryan began his writing career reviewing retro video games. By 2004, Bryan was one of the most influential video game writers in the entire industry. His articles helped gamers to understand the business of video gaming and become wise to the industry's various schemes.


Bryan is an involved parent who takes his responsibilities seriously. He has accumulated a wealth of information about parenting, which enables him to offer advice to new and experienced parents alike.


Bryan is an avid sports fan, and often writes his thoughts about his favorite teams on the Internet. Not content to merely rehash last night's game, Bryan enjoys taking a unique spins on the events of the sporting world.


As a marketing major, Bryan is well-versed in both old and new marketing strategies. Bryan is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of inbound marketing, email marketing, survey marketing, direct marketing and social media marketing. Marketing is the name of the game in any industry, and Bryan is able to analyze any marketing strategy and offer recommendations.


Bryan works full-time for a top health system on Long Island. He is constantly exposed to the latest in healthcare analytics and strategies, and he is able to incorporate these developments into his writing. He is also knowledgeable about mental health, nutrition and fitness.

Projects by Asset Type

Bryan wrote articles for various financial, wellness and education sites. These articles required SEO savvy, research, organization and expert knowledge in the field.

Blog Post

Bryan wrote a hockey blog that discussed the NHL teams in New York. The site had a couple of sponsored posts, but the purpose of the blog was to have fun and talk hockey. We did get in the press box at Nassau Coliseum couple of times, though.

Projects by Writing Style

Writing about personal finance is often a fact-based proposition that doesn't yield much humor or banter. Bryan is well-versed in this type of writing, and has written hundreds of articles in a straight-forward, authoritative manner.


While Bryan is capable of writing in any style, he is at his best when simply conversing with the reader. When the reader is on the same level as the writer, the reader is more involved and, by extension, learns more.


Though not a journalist by trade, Bryan has made use of his industry contacts to add to a story when necessary. One such example was a piece about the system used to rate video games, which resulted in that very rating system being changed.


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