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Renee G

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Renee G. is a person who has always had a love for words, first and foremost as a writer, since she was a child. In college, she majored in English Journalism and Creative Writing and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She worked in editorial for 10 years began doing unpaid freelance writing as a hobby in September 2010. This opened some doors for Renee's professional freelance work, and she began writing for several websites in December 2010. She possesses a sharp eye for detail and has had hundreds of articles on a variety of topics published online since then. She is experienced in SEO and strives to engage the reader, no matter what the topic of her writing. She is conscious of using her own voice so that the reader can relate, while telling a story simultaneously, which dates back to her elementary school days as she always loved reading to younger children. Renee has also written an as yet unpublished suspense novel. She has extensive writing experience that comes from diligent research and fact-checking, and at one of her previous places of employment, she performed some copywriting for a reference book.
Some of Renee's hobbies include bowling, art (drawing and digital design), writing, reading and fitness. She is also a member of the United States Bowling Congress and plays in sanctioned leagues and is a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers.
Baruch College, City University of New York Sep 1994 – Jan 2001
English Journalism, Bachelor of Arts

Renee G. attended Baruch College with the major of English Journalism and Creative Writing. She excelled in this field as she has always had a knack for writing and is a natural copy editor.

Association Memberships
USBC USBC is also known as the United States Bowlers' Conference. Renee has joined this association as she is a league bowler.

Projects by Industry

Renee G. has opted to write mostly or strictly about technology gadgets for two different freelance writing websites and frequents reading blogs and websites that discuss various products. She has a particular interest in Apple's iPhone and iPad but has also written about other brands of smartphones, such as those made by Nokia, Motorola and HTC. She has also written pieces about the best laptops of 2010, which was of particular interest for her personally because she was in the market for a new laptop.


Renee G. enjoys fashion topics and has plenty of experience in writing articles about hairstyles, accessories and clothing for men, women and kids. All of her work is done using research from various online sources, and she goes into extreme detail to describe the latest fashion trends as well as information specific to shopping for such items.


Money and Business is another area that Renee G. frequently writes for a freelance writing website she has been working for since last year. Her main topics of interest are credit and debit cards, divorce and what to do if you have become the victim of identity theft (or how to prevent it).


Home and Garden Ideas is the destination of the first area of interest Renee G. undertook when she started writing for one of the freelance writing sites she works for, and it has been very rewarding. She has never been a person who has a green thumb but has definitely become more aware of plants around her when she goes out for walks. All of her articles are written while performing research online.


While Renee G. has fewer articles published about hobbies, they are one of the most interesting topics on which to write. She have tried to focus writing mainly on subjects she has experience with, such as art, bowling and playing billiards/pool.


Beauty and Style is one of the specific topics Renee G. writes about for another freelance writing website. She does all of her work using references found online as well as using her own knowledge of beauty topics. Many of her articles have been about hair, skin and cosmetics. She have even written a piece about how to give yourself a makeover, of which she is quite proud.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

SEO is an area where Renee G. frequently performs the majority of her writing projects. Many of the articles she writes are for websites where products are being marketed for sale.

Projects by Asset Type

Renee G. has written many articles since December 2010 in many different areas. While she have not had any formal training, she have always excelled in writing in general and studied English Journalism and Creative Writing as her major in college. She also obtained a Bachelor's of Arts degree in this area.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Nearly all of Renee G.'s articles have been written thanks to research, which allowed her to gain knowledge of specific topics. She realizes the importance of performing the proper research and using other sources, without copying wording from them, to produce quality work.


Renee Gerber has a rich editorial background and has edited reference books, sports articles and other documents.

Projects by Writing Style

Renee G. has vast experience in composing articles in the conversational style. These works are formal at the same time and are meant to inform.


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