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Don B

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Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
Don has been writing for various websites since retirement in 2008. The services offered are characterized by knowledge as well as proficiency in the knowledge retained on a scale of 1-10 with 10 the most proficient.

Knowledge proficiency
10 10 Automotive
10 10 Aeronautical (flt. trng. and maint.)
6 10 Carpentry (all phases & finishing)
5 10 Marketing
7 8 Travel (extensive travels)
7 9 Culture profiles
7 8 Management
7 8 Human relations
8 10 Motorcycles and repair
7 10 RC aircraft
10 10 Auto drag racing engines & susp.
8 10 Gardening
8 10 Hunting & fishing
Automobile sales and management along with maintenance and repair experience on automobiles. Don is a master automobile technician and also carries an A&P and A&E, which are aircraft reciprocating and turbine repair certificates. Don also holds a Commercial Pilot's certificate for helicopters and fixed wing complex, and multi-engine aircraft along with an instructors rating. Don also has a degree in business administration. Don has traveled extensively through his military career. Presently Don restores classic cars and motorcycles.
Carpentry (cabinets, furniture, home building, masonry etc.) Commercial pilot, Automotive Master Tech, auto restoration, racing, motorcycles, hunting and fishing, gardening, business degree.
Penn State Business, Associates

In addition to his years at Penn State, Don has attended various military schools-aircraft associated maintenance as well as TI school. He has also attended several job related schools for military acquisition and administration.

Penn State Business, International trade, Associates in business

Business, military WOC (Warrant Officer Training), flight training, military aircraft maintenance school (turbine engine, airframe, hydraulics, technical inspector), military flight instructor school (flight instructor), air to ground combat and For-Stat (inventory and support.) Post military courses in Psycho Cybernetics and motivational management.

Honors and Awards
Customer Service Customer Service award/Texaco

Commercial Pilots license, A&P, airframe and powerplant, A&E, airframe and engine Federal Aviation Administration
Don was a military pilot with two tours in Viet-Nam with 6 awards of the Air Medal. His secondary job titles included:

For-Stat Officer, TO&E of the Unit
Historical Officer
Turbine engine tech inspector
Flight instructor
ASE, automotive Service Excellance Master

Projects by Industry

Don has written many automotive technical articles as well as articles related to flight both informative and instructional. He has an extensive background in these subjects. His experience began at a young age while still in high school. He exhibited a propensity for repairing automobiles which ultimately led to his proprietorship of several auto service related businesses for over 28 years.

His flight experience was first acquired while in high school where he where much of his spare time was spent at Carbon County airport. He joined the Army and attended flight school after becoming an officer. Two tours in Viet-Nam flying helicopters and 7 years later he was discharged. The next 8 years were spent flying commercially in fixed wing aircraft as well as helicopters. Some spare time was dedicated to commercial pilot instruction.


Don has the experience and profile for this topic, although have only written a few articles. Having been raised in the armed forces, he had the opportunity to travel extensively. His father was very active in hunting, fishing and skiing, and explored every possibility throughout Europe and the Orient with Don accompanying him whenever practical. This is not to mention the years spent in the Army as a pilot which offered an abundance of such opportunities. An example is enclosed.


Don has examples on this site related to marketing. This ties in with his Bachelor of Science degree in Business, not to mention all the years of experience advertising and marketing his products such as tires, service and parts related to his stores.


Don's written instructional text for construction projects. He's familiar with most aspects of construction due in most part to the fact that he was brought up in this environment. He is, you might say, the black sheep in the family. All his relatives are in construction and was involved in every aspect at one time or another. He built his own home, garage, patios, decks, concrete work and my favorite, finishing work. He enjoys building custom china cabinets and kitchen cabinets.

Home Living

Just hands-on experience - no writing experience. Don has built sheds and small barns for himself and neighbors. He also does home repairs and builds cabinetry. He has limited experience with appliance repair -- usually small things such as dryer belts, air conditioning condenser clogs and fixing switches on vacuums and other small appliances.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

SEO writing for other online content sites.

Don's writing is concentrated on requested articles from several sites. These include in order of concentration: Automotive technical, commercial pilot instructional, construction instructional, gardening as well as other diversified material.

Projects by Asset Type

Articles for various content sites and online magazines.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Don, now retired, has been writing professionally since 2009 on several sites. His experience as a multiple business owner as well as his background described in his profile has contributed to the information disseminated herein. Don has owned multiple auto-service facilities for over 28 years, a trucking company and has worked as a commercial pilot. A juggling act that required a certain amount of detail to time allocation and multitasking.

Projects by Writing Style

Don write articles for collegiate news papers, motorcycle events and travel as well as articles for the Porsche clubs. The collegiate writing is actually common knowledge or researched information on particular events. The articles for the Porsche clubs is from experience in travel or researched material.


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