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Alicia has produced white papers, inbound marketing copy, press releases, website landing pages, in-depth blog articles to build brand, FAQ lists, SEO posts, Facebook and Twitter posts, catalog copy and other content for a variety of websites. She has written for numerous print publications, including newspapers and magazines, and has worked in public relations for member organizations ranging from professional associations to churches and museums. In addition, she worked as an advertising and PR copywriter for clothing and natural food retailers as well as a refrigerated transport association.

In education, Alicia has worked at all grade levels from preschool through high school, particularly specializing in the primary level and instruction of second language learners. When writing about learning topics, she strives to achieve a voice that is appropriate for the intended audience.

Regarding her philosophy of writing, Alicia thinks that it should be accurate, clear, concise, eloquent, engaging, grammatically correct, well organized and well researched. It is her philosophy that assignments should meet client needs even if that means more than one rewrite. She believes in helping clients to fine tune copy. She is expert at writing to length, but makes sure that a topic is completely covered.


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Alicia has written hundreds of articles for both print media and online publishers covering topics including the arts, books, business, construction, digital technology, education, family life, food, gardening, health and you-name-it. For all her stories, Alicia strives to provide depth, clear explanation, dependable research and lively writing.

Industry Projects

  • Garden1,000+
  • Green Living100+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Education100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Health100+
  • Construction50+
  • High Tech20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Alicia is experienced at writing articles and catalog copy about home gardening and landscaping. She is knowledgeable about a broad range of garden subjects: Annuals, perennials, evergreens, shrubs and trees; composting and ecofriendly practices; cultural issues such as soil, drought tolerance, sun exposure and cold hardiness zones; garden design and planning; and pollinator migration and wildlife gardening. Alicia excels at making technical and scientific information accessible to a wide range of readers.

Green Living

Green living is one of Alicia's favorite topics in home gardening, horticulture and construction. She has written many articles on composting, avoiding pesticides and finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. She is proud of her efforts in simplifying complicated subjects, such as the impact of climate change on erosion and Monarch butterfly migration. She also enjoys writing about unusual repurposing projects, including use of old hubcaps to decorate Christmas trees and create art. Hundreds of her gardening articles focus on green issues, such as water conservation.


Alicia's entertainment topics have included book reviews, ticket sales for musical concerts and other performances, library programs and travel. These assignments have ranged from 150 to 2,000 words. Many are similar to pieces Alicia would write for print media and are not heavily focused on SEO. Alicia especially enjoys spreading the word about the many good things libraries do for all of us, including providing opportunities for entertainment.


Alicia wrote most of these articles for online publications and blogs. They include a variety of curricular topics -- including history, literacy, literature and math -- and ages ranging from preschool through college. Along with academics, they cover titles about diagnostic testing, GED testing, school grant projects, parent participation, field trips and student transportation. In the area of adult and industrial education, Alicia formerly edited an educational newsletter for members of a transportation association.

Real Estate

Alicia has written real estate articles both from the tenant and homeowner points of view and from the perspectives of landlords and brokers. She has produced numerous community and neighborhood descriptions -- including details about local history and amenities -- for real estate websites as well as simple apartment descriptions. Her real estate blog topics have ranged from locating architects to learning about zoning requirements for windmills.


Writing for blogs and online publications, Alicia has produced articles on nutrition, pregnancy, menopause, celiac disease and various food sensitivities, heart health and mental health. While working in public relations for a natural foods retailer, Alicia also edited a diabetes cookbook and wrote advertising, direct mail, newsletters, press releases and public service announcements.


Construction is a regular subject of conversation at home for Alicia, because her husband and daughter are architects. She has written a number of articles about asphalt, the construction permit process, concrete, foundation problems, LEED requirements and other construction-related topics. She also enjoys writing on whimsical topics, such as building a dog house to match a home's architectural style.

High Tech

Alicia has written articles about high tech topics including:
* accessing products and services online
* computer animation branding
* how cloud computing affects tradeshow organizers and attendees
* innovative uses of social media and
* women in cloud backup.
A careful researcher and writer, she strives to give clients more depth and style than they may be expecting.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Product Description500+
  • Press Release100+

Summary of Product Experience


Alicia has written hundreds of articles for both print media and online publishers covering topics including the arts, books, business, construction, digital technology, education, family life, food, gardening, health and you-name-it. For all her stories, Alicia strives to provide depth, clear explanation, dependable research and lively writing.

Blog Post

Alicia regularly blogs about gardening and horticulture. Her other topics have included book reviews, construction, high tech in daily home and business life, innovation, marketing, real estate, public libraries and wildlife conservation. She is a careful writer who can change style from formal to relaxed dependent on the needs of a website or publication. However, she is always careful about her research and attribution.

Product Description

Alicia regularly writes and edits product descriptions for the catalog of a horticultural company. She has also written catalog descriptions for goods sold by a large online sale distributor similar to Amazon.com. These posts have covered a broad range of items such as hardware, high heels and horror movie memorabilia.

Press Release

Alicia regularly writes press releases and story pitches to the media for a Northern California horticultural farm. She has also written press materials, including collateral and releases, for a natural foods company. Other press release clients have included an online marketer of bedding products, a website promoting exercise clothing and a healing arts specialist.

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