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Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
Jessica's writing background is quite comprehensive. Currently, she works full time as a content strategist and SEO copywriter for an internet publishing agency that specializes in medical content. She writes blog style articles as well as authoritative web pages on a variety of medical conditions and procedures including bariatric surgery, medical weight loss, acid reflux and vein conditions. Jessica holds a Master of Arts degree in Composition and Rhetoric where she specializes in political discourse and feminist rhetoric. Jessica has also worked in non-profit organizing and has published multiple articles on environmental policy, and specifically on nuclear science and energy issues. She also has experience in writing grants. Jessica is comfortable doing research and writing on a wide variety of topics including sales, legal concerns, and real estate, hat she was composed numerous articles on in the past. She also has a great deal of experience in writing press releases, as this was a large part of her position as a non-profit organizer.
Jessica specializes in conversational blog styled articles, in addition to academic style discourse. She also is experienced in crafting press releases, political talking points and authority web pages.
Jessica is interested in current events, especially those of the political and academic nature. Jessica's primary interest is writing, which is why she pursued a Master of Arts degree in composition. She writes on rhetoric, sports and everything in between, including sales pitches, item and travel reviews, real estate articles and medical topics.
University of North Florida Aug 2010 – May 2012
Rhetoric and Composition, English, Master of Arts

Jessica completed her Master of Arts degree in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition in the Spring of 2012.

University of Florida Jun 2005 – Dec 2008
English, Women's Studies, Bachelor of Arts

Jessica graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A in English in December of 2008.

Honors and Awards
Honor Society Inductee Sep 2011
In September of 2011 Jessica was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honor Society.

Association Memberships
Sigma Tau Delta Oct 2011
Jessica is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English Honor Society. Jessica received this distinction while completing her Master of Art's in Rhetoric and Composition.

Official Status of Teaching Elligability The State of Florida
May 2009
Jessica is certified to teach English to students in middle and high school in the state of Florida. Jessica does not teach English full-time, but instead works as a SEO copywriter and content strategist

Projects by Industry

Jessica has written several blogs and authority page articles for sale purposes regarding home appliances. She has also composed several pieces on dishwashers, air conditioner maintenance, and refrigerator sales.


Jessica writes on a variety of articles concerning education, including both early education, disability studies, secondary and post-secondary topics.


Jessica has written a number of articles in regards to food and restaurants, including reviews, recipes and nutrition advice.

Green Living

Jessica worked for a non-profit agency focused on environmentalism, and has composed many pieces on the state of energy policy and environmentalism in the United States. Jessica writes about energy, tips for going green, gardening and other aspects of sustainable living.

Green Products

As part of her work as a non-profit organizer for an environmental agency that focused on energy sustainability, Jessica wrote a number of pieces regarding products that helped in reducing energy costs.

Green Services

Green or environmental services were a core part of the industry that Jessica served when working for an environmental non profit agency as an organizer. Jessica wrote about services that helped people cut energy use, plant gardens and develop sustainable energy legislation.


Jessica is a full time medical writer, specializing in bariatric surgery, anti-aging services including hormone replacement therapy and cosmetic services, vein therapy, mental health and addiction.


Jessica writes medical content daily. She specializes in bariatric surgery and medical weight loss content as well as celiac disease and living gluten free. She also writes on gastrointestinal disorders, vein treatment and acid reflux disease.

Non Profit

Over the course of several years Jessica was highly involved with several non-profit agencies, and specifically worked for a non-profit agency as an organizer concerning environmental rights and energy sustainability issues.


Jessica has a cat and a dog, and writing about pets is one of her favorite topics. She writes about pet care, pet health, different breeds and training pets.


Politics is one of Jessica's primary writing interests. She writes about contemporary politics and past political issues in U.S history. For her Master's thesis, Jessica researched political and feminist rhetoric in the 2008 election.

Real Estate

Jessica has composed a variety of articles on real estate, including retirement and vacation properties.

Search Marketing

Jessica works full time as a content strategist and SEO copywriter. She writes articles on link building, updates with Google, email marketing and keyword strategy.


Jessica writes on everything from ballet to football. An athlete herself, Jessica is aware of proper form, rules and habits that athletes need to stay aware of.


Traveling is one of Jessica's greatest joys. She has traveled through Europe and across the United States, writing every step of the way.


As part of her academic career Jessica have written a great deal of articles concerning women, including women in politics, influential women in the media, and feminist culture and literature. Jessica also writes on more mainstream topics concerning women, including beauty tips, women's health and relationship advice.


Fitness is a large part of Jessica's lifestyle. She runs every morning, and also does yoga daily. Jessica writes on everything from proper running and weight lifting form, developing fitness regimens and more specialized forms of fitness.


Jessica has written on a variety of topics concerning relationships, including romance, dating tips and divorce advice.


As part of her full time content editing position, Jessica writes regularly on medical health concerns in addition to diet and nutrition.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Jessica understands that search engines aren't the only client a piece of web content is written for. While keywords need to be used efficiently and effectively for search engine placement, they also need to be natural so that readability remains high.

Link Building

As a content strategist and SEO copywriter, Jessica works regularly developing link building strategy for companies. She understands the importance of effective keyword use in developing proper link building strategy.

Projects by Asset Type

Jessica has written a wide variety of articles, including those that have been published online and in print in several magazines.

Blog Post

Jessica writes blogs everyday. She has published over 500 blogs on over 200 different websites. She has written blogs on a wide variety of subjects, including health, fitness, nutrition, fashion, cooking, pets, travel and many more subjects.


Jessica is academically trained in writing grants for non-profit agencies.

Press Release

While working as a non-profit organizer, Jessica composed a great deal of press releases and also has a good deal of experience communicating with the media.

Projects By Expertise

Jessica is a content strategist and SEO copywriter, working full-time in the web development industry. She understands how to use keywords effectively and naturally to develop high quality content that pleases the search engines and the average reader.

Projects by Writing Style

As a web writer specialized in medical content, Jessica writes authoritative content regularly that is developed so that readers can learn what they need to know about a health condition or medical procedure.


Being conversational is a crucial component of being a talented web writer. Jessica writes conversational style articles that still deliver the content and keyword use necessary with SEO.


Jessica writes regularly for a wide variety of clients providing promotional material, including real estate and travel agencies articles, as well as restaurants and product reviews.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Jessica has experience writing for a variety of business purposes, including small businesses, marketing, SEO, internet marking, and finance.


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