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Stephanie began her writing efforts seven years ago for extra income while pursuing a Masters in Social Work. Because the work is enjoyable and is an exceptional way to continue learning about new subjects, she now pursues writing full-time as opposed to utilizing her degree.

Her writing experience encompasses a broad spectrum of articles, essays, blogs, brochures, web content, email copy, product descriptions and business promotions. With the ability to seamlessly insert keywords and a passion for thorough research of every topic pursued, Stephanie is only happy with her work when her clients are.
Stephanie's strongest areas of composition include health and wellness, senior living, social work, education, real estate topics, construction, travel and green living. She has experience penning articles of all styles including descriptive, narrative, news, casual, informative, and reviews. As a regular guest blogger for numerous companies in a wide variety of subjects, many of her private clients specialize in alternate and organic living, construction work, real estate, science, elderly care, and service industries including travel, hotels, and restaurants.
As a former social worker with a specialty the field of hospice care, Stephanie finds people to be fascinating and enjoys discussing anything related to the psychology and well-being of individuals and community interests. Primary topics of interest include metaphysical concepts, Eco-friendly living, pets, real estate, entertainment, and outdoor life. Stephanie also appreciates traveling extensively both domestically and internationally for leisure, some of the more fascinating places she has visited are Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Australia, and the Marshall Islands.
University of Houston Social Work, Humanities, B.S.S.W.

Attending college as a non-traditional student later in life, was an amazing experience that has changed my life.

Projects by Industry

It is essential to make readers understand the value of obtaining a solid education, regardless of age. As a non-traditional student, Stephanie enjoys writing about the experience as a whole. Much of her writing is industry specific education including on-line schools, traditional universities and vocational programs that are widely available to students today.


Stephanie has composed several hundred promotional pages for a variety of ticket sellers across the nation. This experience includes approximately 500 articles promoting, informing, and describing various events including concerts, theater, and festivals. She has plenty of experience discussing television series, movies, and DVD releases.


Food is the staple of life, and who doesn't enjoy writing about the plethora of tasty treats that await the palate? Stephanie has a number of years of experience working in restaurants including positions on the waitstaff, cooking, and lower-level management. She enjoy writing articles and blogs about food reviews, what to look for in a dining establishment, and trends withing the industry.

Green Living

Living green makes good sense, and everyone should do their part to keep Mother Earth in pristine condition. Stephanie and her family participate in recycling, freecycling, and also do our part to educate the public locally concerning the proper disposal of chemicals and paints. Many of her articles involve green lodging, supporting local farming, and green living products on the market today.

Green Services

Living green makes good sense, and everyone should do their part to keep Mother Earth in pristine condition. We participate in recycling, free-cycling, and also do our part to educate the public locally concerning the proper disposal of chemicals and paints. Many of my articles involve green lodging, supporting local farming, and green living products on the market today.


For resort and hotel descriptions and vacation packages that show rather than tell, you've found the right author. Need a video script, property description, or a special promoted? Want to talk about fine cigars, wine, craft beers, your new restaurant opening, etc? Add Stephanie to your Love List for all things hospitality and travel related - from luxurious travel to eco-friendly getaways.


As a mother with a teenager, there is not many aspects of parenting that Stephanie has not experienced. Certainly, many more adventures in this department await her family., and was her own child did not encounter, was at least touched on by her numerous volunteer experiences over the years with PTA and as a committee volunteer with Cub and Boy Scouts. Other experience working with children includes working for two years at a youth ranch for displaced children in the foster care system.


As a classical musician, Stephanie has a good deal of experience within the industry and feels comfortable discussing the benefits, trials, and issues concerning the subject. Specifically, she plays the French horn, clarinet, and saxophone, so these are her specialties if you are seeking instrument specific writing. She also writes a number articles for concerts venues and ticket resellers for all genres of music from country to heavy metal.

Real Estate

Stephanie has composed an entire project for a realtor involving each city, school, and zip code for the Phoenix, Arizona area. This project allowed her to recognize that she could handle an in-depth project of this caliber.

Other projects she has enjoyed involved discussing the technical and human aspects of foreclosures and real estate short sales. Stephanie regularly contributes to a few blogs concerning these topics.


College and professional football are Stephanie's areas of expertise, but she can write about most sporting events with ease. Specific teams and player highlights are often the topic of her articles, and she also writes a number of articles promoting ticket sales for the industry as a whole.


As an avid traveler, Stephanie has had the pleasure of visiting many countries in Eastern and Central Europe, including Budapest, Austria, Belgium and a few others. Often, she stays in Europe for a month at a time to explore remote regions in-depth. Her travels have additionally included the beautiful continents of Australia and South America. Although she has not visited all of the states yet, she is avidly working on it.


As a woman and a social worker, Stephanie posseses extensive knowledge concerning the tribulations and blessings of being among the female population. Women stay busy, and taking care of the home is no longer their primary function. Women do much more than raise children and their husbands, they often maintain careers, hobbies, and provide a support system for the entire family unit.


Believing that both allopathic and holistic medicine both have much to contribute to modern society, the author excels in a variety of health topics. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, herbal remedies, organic eating, essential oils, detox, mineralization of the body, energy healing, and other natural wellness topics are her specialty.

Stephanie also uses her knowledge and education as a social worker specializing in hospice care to contribute to a number of senior care and wellness blogs. Having endured such issues on a personal level gives her an edge on capturing the essence of these troubling and confusing times for families and caregivers.


Experience within the field includes working with contractor's to build their web presence through informative blogs pertaining to services both residential and commercial. Flooring, roofing, siding, paving, decking - Stephanie has experience in how-to in many fields, and has constructed complete web sites and geo targeted construction pages.


Stephanie writes a steady stream of health and wellness blogs with a focus on natural and organic solutions. Highly experienced in the field of geophagy, or eating clay, she works and manages content on several well-ranked and respected sites for the benefits of clay, diatomaceous earth, and other natural forms of mineralization. Such efforts include pieces for Myonesource, SpiritDetox, and the upcoming Diatomde.


Pets have always been a staple part of Stephanie's life, and she promotes articles for their natural health and wellness on several blogs monthly. Specializing in organic recipes for cats and dogs both cooked and raw, she offers an insight into the world of animals and how we can keep them healthy for a long life.


As a travel writer, Stephanie understands how outdoor recreation is a natural part of any journey. Specializing in the Texas region, her writing includes pieces about hiking, mountain biking, camping, horseback riding, scenic drives, rock climbing, para-sailing, skydiving, zip lining, outdoor safety - anything that nature has to offer.

Stephanie's travels and outdoor adventures have included Washington state, Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, European countries and many other adventurous places.


Beer - its creation, crafting, brewing, and bottling - a romantic beverage passed along through the ages. Beer has brought many a culture through many hard times, and beer will continue to do just that. Stephanie enjoys beer and was introduced to the art by a relative who is a brew master working in the Seattle area.

Home Living

Home decorating and remodeling can be as minimal or as extensive as one has the time or money to invest. As a mother and homemaker that loves tinkering around the house with some type of home improvement project, there's not much about maintaining a home that she doesn't know or is eager to learn. Stephanie will work with you to create ideal text for your target customer base.

Regular postings within the construction industry both commercial and residential, allow this author to successfully implement Geo-targeted SEO into consumer friendly postings and articles for clients nationwide. Roofing construction, siding installation, exterior painting, wood work, etc. are her specialties.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Stephanie researches all articles, regardless of her prior knowledge. Information can change on a daily basis, and precautions are necessary to stay current when writing web content. Part of what make writing such a joy is learning about new things that one may not have been exposed to in any other circumstances. Knowledge of what the keywords mean and having an understanding of how to make them applicable for your purposes is one of key ingredients to a great article or blog.

Projects by Asset Type

With more than 1,000 articles completed to the satisfaction of clients, this area is one of Stephanie's strongest. Whether they are to be narrative, descriptive, or review style, she feels confident in her abilities to get the job done. Whether you need a formal article or a casual 2nd person posting, she can handle the job. Writing from the company perspective is also a style she enjoys undertaking.

Blog Post

Blogging is an essential part of success on the Internet, whether it be for business purposes, information, or pleasure. Stephanie currently guest blogs for health, travel, entertainment, reputation management, pet care, and many other topics.


Writing copy is one of her favorite styles of writing. Working with clients to make their websites look spectacular is a blast, and Stephanie is proficient at creating copy that will work well with any existing site. Additionally, she has worked with a number of clients on their sites from start to finish and often contribute to their updates with fresh, new content.

Projects by Writing Style

One must speak with authority in pieces attempting to direct the reader to a certain choice or when giving them solid advice.


Conversational writing is Stephanie's specialty. As a published author on several blogs and websites, keeping the tone conversational, relevant, and engaging is the key to success with these types of pieces. She can bring a true 'voice' to your articles and create unique headers that grab reader's attention while giving them solid content to keep them reading.


Experience entails hotels, health products, educational programs, concerts and many more topics. Stephanie feels confident enough in her diligent research skills to grasp the concepts and feel for writing in most any category for promotional purposes.


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