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CeLeste C

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Location Madisonville, TN
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CeLeste C currently works as a lead freelance marketing ghostwriter. She has been working as a freelancer for one company online, from home for almost 4 years as of the spring of 2012. She also currently host several of her own websites and blogs.

CeLeste C has a natural writing ability and always excelled in school in grammar, writing and in all language arts. She is proof that plenty of life experience and a talent for research and writing is equal to any college degree though she intends to change that.

CeLeste C has taken one semester of college and always made use of the written word from writing letters and short stories for her family to freelancing for businesses, blog owners and miscellaneous friends and acquaintances.

Much of what CeLeste C learned about research and writing came from paralegal studies where she graduated with a certificate in legal assisting. CeLeste C graduated with a 4.0 GPA and excelled in persuasive argument writing as well as other legal writing. This course helped hone her already existing talent for writing and her research skills.

CeLeste C writes informative, unique article content as per the client's needs. She also has experience in proofreading and editing upon occasion on an as-needed basis with the company for which she currently writes.

CeLeste C does not consider herself an expert at SEO, but she does know how to use content, write relevant content and can expertly research keywords as needed for various articles.
CeLeste C is a retired singer/songwriter of 25 years and an expert in music-related software, MIDI and music editing.

Due to nearly four years of research and writing she has also become quite the expert in home improvement, health and fitness, PC software, industrial equipment, flooring, home interior decor, PC games, Green living and a variety of other subjects.

Since CeLeste C had a seizure disorder (epilepsy) she also has expertise in writing about the disorder and all the mental, emotional and physical issues that surround this "invisible" disability. Her research in this area encompasses more than 30 years as she fought to find a natural way to stop her seizures. CeLeste C is no longer on medication and has been seizure-free for over 7 years.

CeLeste C was the caretaker of her mother with dementia in the final 2 years of her mother's life. She has expertise in caring for a loved one with this condition and general expertise in care giving and all the emotions and challenges that go with it.
CeLeste C writes a lot, but also takes time out for watching certain Sci-Fi series and movies. She is an avid hidden object, time management, word and mahjong gamer with mad skills. Other than taking care of her family, writing, watching TV and playing games, CeLeste C is down-to-earth, possess a very positive attitude about life and is dedicated to making sure she pleases those for whom she writes.
National Notary Association Jan 2008 – Jan 2012
Notary Signing Agent - NSA, Certification

CeLeste C became a Florida notary in 2008 (commission now expired and soon to be renewed) and took the NSA course to become a mortgage signing agent.

National Notary Association Jun 2008 – Jun 2008
TEA - Trusted Enrollment Agent, Certification

CeLeste C took the Notary Trusted Enrollment Agent class through the National Notary Association to further her notarial duties.

Florida College of Temple Terrace Jan 1981 – May 1981
General, None

CeLeste C attended one semester at this college in Florida, but due to illness (epilepsy) that affected her grades and class attendance she had to return home.

South Central Community College Paralegal/Legal Assisting, Certificate in Paralegal Studies

CeLeste C took this course in North Little Rock, Arkansas and the school has since been closed. A lot of her technical, informational and business writing was developed in these classes. She only received a diploma for this course and due to the timing was never able to obtain a job in this industry.

Honors and Awards
None Yet CeLeste C has no awards other than a few employee of the month awards from her retail days.

Association Memberships
National Notary Association Jun 2008
Until 2011 CeLeste C was an NNA (National Notary Association) member which expired her Florida Notary commission expired.

Notary Signing Agent National Notary Association
Jun 2008
CeLeste C is no longer a Florida Notary, though she plans to renew in the near future. Her NSA certification does not expire, though it can only be used with her active Notary commission.

Projects by Industry

CeLeste loves writing about health-related issues. Her research and knowledge has allowed her to write health projects from drug-related side effects to diet and exercise. She has written hundreds of these kinds of articles for many different clients in the past 4 years and has many different reliable and credible research resources used for this writing genre.


CeLeste C was born and raised as a preacher's daughter with a non-denominational church. She was raised to believe that spirituality is more important that the concept of "religion". She seldom writes in this genre, yet she has a vast knowledge and experience for this kind of writing.

Her passion for spirituality and the concept of the body, mind and spirit connection in part comes from her partial mixed American Indian heritage which has been passed down from her parents and grandparents.

Green Living

CeLeste C writes hundreds of articles about green jobs, solar panels, wind turbines, green weddings and many other aspects of "going green" and has for more than 3 years. It is an arena for which she carries a great passion.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

CeLeste C has been writing on a platform that allows the articles she writes to be built upon certain keywords chosen by the clients. She has also done plenty of keyword research and writing for these clients as well as her own websites and blogs. She can find the best keywords for various arenas as long as she has an idea of what the client needs from the content.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

CeLeste C has written countless blog posts in her current lead writer position, though not for this platform as of yet. She writes on-topic, relevant blog posts from 100 to 500 words (and more) and has for more than four years for clients and for her own personal blogs and websites/


CeLeste C has been writing for many years and has freelanced for around 4 years. She has been writing consistently and can cover a variety of article projects on a variety of subjects. Her ability to research is one of her best assets and rivals her writing skills for which she has such passion.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

CeLeste C has been a freelance writer for 4 years and has worked on thousands of articles that required light to extensive research. She attributes her early paralegal training as a huge asset towards her research abilities on various types of subject matter.

Projects by Writing Style

CeLeste C written thousands of conversational as well as informative and promotional articles for many different clients. She has been writing these articles for more 4 years and has a lot of experience in many different writing venues, genres and industries.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

CeLeste C has written articles for several different types of clients in various venues and on different subjects. The businesses range from small to large according to the clients that request work from writers on the current platform for which she freelances as a lead writer. Some clients are promoting products while others require informational articles only.


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