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Mary L

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Mary has been a ghostwriter and freelance writer for 13 years. She has is contributing writer for eHow as a generalist and has written for WiseGeek. She also writes for The Daily Puppy, The Nest Pets, Paw Nation Animals, Modern Mom Gardening and San Francisco Gate Gardening. She also does special niche writing for, Answerbag,, Daily Puppy, eHow, eHow Mechanics, eHow Crafts, eHow Culture and Society, eHow Food and Drink, eHow Gardening, eHow Hobbies and Games, eHow Home, eHow Home Décor, eHow Pets, eHow Sports and Recreation, eHow Style and Beauty, eHow Technical, Essortment, Garden and Flowers, Geeks on Cars, Geeks on Food, Geeks on Garden, Geeks on Pets, Info Garden Guides,, Modern Mom Gardening, PawNation animals, SF Gate Gardening, TechWalla, The Daily Puppy, The Nest Pets, Winged Media and

Her areas of expertise include subjects that she has hands-on knowledge in to write from her extensive experience. Subjects include, but are not limited to accounting, finance, business, education, home and family, law, automobiles, electronics, sports, medical, fashion, farming, animals, gardening, landscaping, computer technology, home appliance repair, home improvement, small engine and automotive repairs.
Mary has written product reviews, technical writing, product promotions and composed webpages for websites.
Mary has a large area of interests including gardening, pets and livestock, camping, appiance repair, automotive repair, landscaping and home improvement including plumbing, electrical, framing, painting and flooring.
Sam Houston State University Aug 1981 – Jan 1986
Business, Bachelors

Mary L holds a bachelor's degree in business with a major in management and a double minor in accounting and computer science. She worked her way through college and paid for all of her courses, books and transportation on her own.

Projects by Industry

Mary L actively repairs many home appliances from toasters to dishwashers, washer and dryers and microwave ovens. She has learned many tips, tricks and shortcuts to make appliance repair easier and quicker. She passes this knowledge on to a reader so they too can be sucessful in their home repair projects.


Mary L performs many automotive repairs herself including replacing brakes, radiators, tires, alternators and the refrigeration system. She writes articles on diagnosing a problem area, finding the faulty part and repairing it. She is no stranger to working on vehicles and often does repairs for friends and family for nominal, if any fees.


Mary L has written several articles on fashion, beauty and accessories. Some of the subjects include clothing and fashion trends. She discusses proper use of skin and haircare products are the key to smooth skin and beautiful hair. Many home use products that are purchased in a beauty supply store do not include specific directions. A home user needs this information to suceed in their task.


Mary is an avid gardener that starts with composting products for good soil. She is knowledgeable in all natural pest control and fertilizers to produce organic vegetables, fruits and citrus. She has written articles on these facts plus gardening tools and their uses. She has informative tips on gardening for people with disabilities that help them perform tasks easily.


Mary has a small farm and writes articles on health, fitness, and feeding farm animals as well as pets. She cares for horses, cows, pigs, goats and rabbits as well as her canine and feline friends. She also writes articles on disease prevention and flea and tick control for pets. She makes homemade dog food and bones for the nutrition requirements of her pets.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Mary L has written a large array of articles using SEO through searching keywords to provide the most views for clients. SEO top rankings can be the key to raising sales and keeping a company in business. Searching for top ranking keywords before creating an article can make or break a company.

Projects by Asset Type

Mary L has written over 2000 articles on a wide variety of subjects. She enjoys doing thorough research to point a reader in a distinct direction on their search for information. She can engage readers to read on with great introductions to keep the readers intrested in her specific articles. Her articles do not leave a reader with additional questions but answer all of their concerns.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Mary has written many technical articles on different subjects. She writes on subjects that she has first-hand knowlege of for a well-rounded view. She will also do extensive research on subjects that she is less familar with to provide a reader with all of the information they are seeking. She writes technical projects for readers to learn how an item works and be able to use it.

Projects by Writing Style

Mary L has written many articles on subjects that she has years of experience in. This includes pets, gardening, home improvement, mechanics and landscaping among many others. There is no substitute for experience in writing. Many tasks are easily done with tips and tricks to shorten the length of the task.


Mary L appreciates the chance to write in a conversational style to draw a reader into an article. Using warm words that are written as she is in the same room with an old friend keeps the attention of a reader, so they continue to read an article. The inclusion of the reader in second person gives a personal touch to conversational articles.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Mary L has done extensive reseach on thousands of subjects to form an interesting article around a title. She finds interesting tips to add that are not well known to give the reader a well-rounded article full of information they are seeking. She answers the need of a user searching on the internet for credible information on subjects.

Small Business

Mary L writes web pages for company websites. This includes the home page or landing page, about us page, item descriptions and each page on the website. Multiple pages of content are created with the services that the company provides, pricing, locations and guarantees. Pricing for a service company is included and a contact page.


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