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Location Canton, MI
Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
Catherine has been a professional writer since 2005, working on several print newspaper publications in Michigan. After moving from the newspaper world, she spent time writing press releases for a politician and now does public relations work for a small business. In addition, she has spent five years as a freelance writer working for online publications, specifically focusing on SEO articles, blog posts, press releases and business website copy.
AP Style, professional writing, technical writing, journalistic writing
Writing is one of her main interests, but she also is an avid reader. She spends her free time taking photographs and scrapbooking, and loves to travel with her husband when she can. She also is an animal lover, with two cats and a dog at her house.
Michigan State University Aug 2006 – Dec 2008
Journalism, Political Science, Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism

She completed her Bachelor's degree a semester early. While at MSU, she worked full-time at the student newspaper, at the same time maintaining her status on the Dean's List. In addition, she participated in a study abroad program where she reported overseas in 2007.

Honors and Awards
Dean's List Dec 2008

Projects by Industry

She has written 100 or more craft titles for online freelancing agents, including those about sewing, woodworking, bead work and scrapbooking. She enjoys sharing new and creative craft ideas with the readers.


Catherine has written hundreds of education articles for various websites, including those on curriculum, teaching trends and activities for students. In addition, she has written on the education beat for newspapers in Michigan, covering Board of Education meetings and writing features on the local school districts.


She has written hundreds of articles on pets, as it is a passion and level of expertise for her. She has written articles about dog breeds, pet training, pet grooming and pet nutrition and health.


Many of her favorite articles to write are travel articles, as it is a passion of hers to learn about new places and share them with others. She has written about hotels and accommodations, restaurants and local attractions. She also has worked with travel professionals in order to develop biographies of their professional experience for their business websites.


She specializes in creating content targeted toward women and women's interests. She has written about a variety of topics that are geared toward women, including business, pregnancy, plastic surgery, wedding planning, nutrition and beauty products. As a versatile writer, she is able to write pieces that are strictly informational in nature to content that women will enjoy reading in their spare time.


Throughout the past several years, she has developed a passion for business writing. With about 1000 business articles published, she has the ability to make business topics understandable for the average reader. She is particularly passionate about small business writing. Topics she frequently writes about include marketing techniques, small business development and technology in business.

Green Living

Both in her personal life and professional life, she is interested in green living. Through her work with many different eco-friendly and sustainable clients, she has been able to promote green products and green choices through accurate reporting and solid writing. She has written about green cleaning products, cloth diapers, tips for a sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly business practices.


She has developed an expertise in the health industry, in particular writing for doctors and health professionals who want accurate, quality content for their business websites. With about 1500 articles published in the health industry, clients have found her to produce work that is informative and easy to understand. She has written for many different health industries, including plastic surgery, pharmaceuticals, chiropractic care, general surgery, obstetric and gynecological care, urological care and home care.

Real Estate

With hundreds of topics published in this industry, she has developed an expertise about the real estate industry in many different areas of the country. She specializes in creating content that highlights a particular area while incorporating high-impact keywords to make the content relevant in the search results. It helps real estate agents provide their clients with accurate information while promoting their services at the same time.


She has developed an expertise in the beauty industry by writing extensively about cosmetic surgery procedures and beauty products for both women and men. She has written about topics including cosmetic surgery, makeup, hair, accessories and general fashion.


She has written blogs, press releases and website copy about the fashion industry. Specific aspects of fashion that she has covered include seasonal fashion trends, wedding fashions and general fashion advice. She works to ensure that all of her fashion content is relevant and up-to-date with current trends, and she greatly enjoys writing about this industry.


She has produced copy related to kids and family for many different clients. She particularly enjoys writing about pregnancy, childbirth, and child development. She has an interest in writing about children and a passion for family life. She writes blog posts about parenthood and education, and she also has created content for businesses that create products for families and young children.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

She has more than five years experience utilizing SEO keywords. She feels it is important to utilize the keywords in a natural way, so that it flows well with the article yet still performs its function as an SEO keyword.

Projects by Asset Type

She has written more than 3,500 articles for online freelance organizations.

News Story

She has written many articles for newspapers.

Projects By Expertise

As a professional journalist, she has written hundreds of articles for local and state newspapers, as well as newspaper websites. In addition, she has written hundreds of SEO articles and blog posts for freelancing organizations online.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

She spent two years writing for an online content company creating SEO articles for various clients.

Small Business

She spent two years working for a small business in her local community, writing press releases and maintaining the website with SEO articles.


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