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Laura is a versatile writer with 10 years of professional experience. She is an award-winning alumna of the government-journalism program at Sacramento State University, which is the only such program in the nation.

Laura's news, feature and review articles have been published in business, lifestyle, music and parenting magazines. She's also written for trade publications, newspapers, real estate companies and a variety of websites.

An experienced health writer, Laura has ghostwritten for doctors, as well as provided informative articles for,, and many others.

Laura has crafted hundreds of beauty and style articles for online newspapers, celebrity websites and for a medical spa.

She's ran blogs for private clients, provided ad copy for major retailers and written on behalf of many law practices.

Laura has experience in the record industry as a scout for Warner Records and has written concert reviews, CD reviews, band profiles and breaking news for a variety of arts and entertainment publications.

Laura follows A.P. Style, unless otherwise indicated by the client.
Laura specializes in news, features, reviews, content articles and blogs. Her areas of expertise include politics, music, parenting, health, fitness, beauty, fashion, weddings and etiquette. Her love of rock music, weddings, gymnastics and all things pop culture is evident in the hundreds of articles she has published on these interests.
Laura's interests range from punk rock to princess movies. She takes pride in being a woman who defies stereotypes. She hopes to one day use her head full of trivia knowledge to win lots and lots of money.
California State University, Sacramento Aug 2002 – Dec 2007
Government, Journalism, Government-Journalism

Laura studied both political science and journalism at Sacramento State for the institution's unique combined degree.

Laura wrote for Sacramento State publications, covering local and state politics.

Laura's coursework in subjects including nutrition, environmental science, music history, family issues, social issues and psychology help her write informative articles on these topics.

Projects by Industry

As a hobbyist crafter, Laura enjoys writing craft articles for online publishers. She focuses on educational crafts, crafts for decoration and crafts for holiday presents. She works with a variety of mediums and loves taking around-the-house objects and turning them into art. Laura has written both step-by-step how-to articles and more broad craft idea articles. She has also taught craft projects to children.


Laura's educational articles for web consumption focus on lesson plan ideas for teachers, homework ideas for children and educational projects for the whole family. Most of Laura's articles are geared toward preschool and elementary school levels. Laura has also written education-related features for "Sacramento Parent Magazine" and "Prosper Magazine."


Using her fashion knowledge and slight obsession with celebrities and trends, Laura's work was featured on, and she later helped launch Tyra Banks' website. Her friendly, fun and informative, fashion-forward articles have been featured on a number of websites and blogs. She has written on everything from the latest trends to wedding fashion. She specializes in body-positive articles that help women of all ages, shapes and sizes look fabulous in flattering fashions.


Laura loves writing articles that help people make smart nutritional choices. Her food articles have appeared on the health and nutrition channels for major newspapers and on leading health websites. She has also blogged about nutrition for a medical spa website. Laura's expertise is in food safety, preparation, and in baby, child, teen and elderly nutrition. Laura has many articles published on sports nutrition for athletes, particularly gymnasts as Laura is a former gymnast.

Green Living

Laura cares deeply about making a positive change on the environment and her green living articles appear leading websites. Laura has written on recycling, plastic bags, reusable bags, alternatives to plastic foam, cloth diapering and more. As part of her coursework at Sacramento State University, she studied environmental science.


As an experienced health writer, Laura has ghostwritten for doctors' offices and written for online publishers and newspaper websites, such as and Her expertise includes diseases, chronic conditions, pregnancy, baby health, child health, teen health, natural remedies and home treatments. Laura wrote daily blogs for a doctor's medical spa. The blogs focused on weight loss, skincare, fitness and new medical technologies. She also works in the health industry, providing in-home care for the disabled.


Laura has written numerous kids content articles for leading websites. Most of her articles focus on indoor activities, outdoor games and educational projects. Laura has also written hundreds of parenting and child health articles for She has freelanced for "Sacramento Parent Magazine."


Laura's experience includes ghostwriting for medical practices across the United States and Canada, as well creating supplemental content for major newspapers and health websites. Laura has written on everything including pregnancy health, elderly care and fitness. Laura ran a blog for a Sacramento-area medical spa. The blog promoted the med spa's services, while offering valuable medical, beauty and fitness advice. Laura also works as a medical caregiver for the elderly and disabled.


Laura uses her rock music expertise as a former scout for Warner Records to write hundreds of music articles for publications including "Sacramento News & Review," "The Music & Sound Retailer," "Richohet Magazine," "LoCal MuSac" and She has experience writing album reviews, show reviews, band profiles and breaking news articles.


As a former athlete, Laura has written countless sports articles for and With eight years experience as a gymnast, gymnastics training, rules and coaching articles are her specialty. Laura is also a former dancer, with training in ballet, modern dance, hip hop and even clogging. In addition to dance and gymnastics articles, Laura has written articles on basketball, baseball, soccer, football, hockey, snowboarding and skateboarding.


Laura's travel articles appear on leading content websites. Laura loves writing family-fun travel articles. Laura can produce romance copy or straight-forward content articles. As a Sacramento native, Laura's specialty is articles on Northern California's most popular locations and well-kept secrets. She has provided web pages and blogs for real estate websites, including


Laura is a fitness writer for Laura uses her background in gymnastics, dance, basketball and competitive jump rope to add expert knowledge to these how-to and informative articles. She loves writing about new fitness trends, such as hula hooping and plyometrics. Laura has also written fitness articles for a Sacramento-area med spa and for


Laura's relationship articles appear on Her published articles include everything from romantic, unique and themed date ideas to expertly researched pieces on communication, dealing with conflict and cheating. As part of her education, Laura studied psychology, family issues and social issues at the college level.


Laura's nutrition articles appear on a variety of websites, including newspapers, health and medical businesses. Laura is passionate about infant, child and teen nutrition. Laura also wrote nutrition content that promoted losing weight and/or maintain a healthy weight for a Sacramento-area medical spa. Laura also works as a caregiver for the elderly and disabled, where she is responsible for providing proper nutrition for her clients' needs.


Laura's training is in government-journalism. Laura covered the Sacramento City Council as her beat in college and covered politics in her civic journalism internship with "The Voice of Sacramento." Laura's government/political science content articles appear on leading content websites. Laura has a library of political science text books to use for research.


With an educational background in government-journalism, Laura has covered Sacramento and California state politics for years. She was a staff writer for the non-profit Make A Difference Project publication, "The Voice of Sacramento." Laura writes journalistic, news-based articles and educational, content articles. Political science is her passion and it shows in her articles.


Laura is a music journalist, writing on both national and local music. She was a scout for the Reprise Records division of Warner Records. Laura has had her own music column in three Sacramento publications, and has written on music for a major trade magazine and a popular alternative newspaper. As a pop culture junkie, Laura has also written on celebrities for "Celebrity Magazine" and on celebrity fashion for Tyra Banks'


Laura ghostwrites blogs for law firms across the United States. With a training in government-journalism, Laura has a strong legal research background. She has written for legal practices in the fields of personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, employment discrimination and debt relief.


Laura has written dozens of beauty articles for Tyra Banks' and Lance Armstrong's She has also written countless beauty blogs for a Sacramento med-spa. She is an expert in both natural remedies for skincare and medical aesthetic procedures. Laura targets her makeup advice to specific complexes. She writes both step-by-step how to articles and informative content articles.

Projects by Asset Type

Laura's articles are published on content sites, business websites and blogs, and in newspapers and magazines. She has written feature articles for a variety of print publications, including the "Prosper Magazine" (business), "Sacramento Parent Magazine," "Sacramento News & Review" and "The Music and Sound Retailer."

Laura's content articles appear on websites including,,, and

Blog Post

Laura has blogged for a variety of companies. She ran blog for a Sacramento-area medical spa, where she wrote micro-blogs five days a week and wrote longer blogs several times a month -- topics focused on health, beauty and fitness. She also blogged about Sacramento for

Laura has also blogged for a skateboarding retailer, various law offices, a general medical practice and a construction/home maintenance company.

News Story

Laura is a journalist specializing in magazine features with work in a business magazine, parent magazine, weekly alternative newspaper, college lifestyle magazine and various music publications. Laura is comfortable interviewing sources and writing everything from long features to short breaking news posts.


Laura has provided copy for medical offices, online retailers, real estate companies and small businesses. Her copywriting experience includes blogs, newsletters, product descriptions, press releases and advertisements. She's promoted concert tickets, medical procedures, home maintenance services, radio programs and more.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Laura writes research-based content articles for a variety of online publishers and private clients. Laura has extensive experience as a health writer. She has ghostwritten for physicians and written content articles for some of the web's top health sites.

Laura uses custom Google searches for the various industries in which she writes and knows how to tell a quality source from a junk one. Laura also turns to her library of academic books in topics such as media, political science and nutrition.

Projects by Writing Style

Laura's authoritative articles inform readers on a myriad of topics, including medical information, craft instructions, fashion advice, makeup tutorials, fitness form, party planning and etiquette. Laura strongly believes in writing what you know. She uses an authoritative, but friendly tone in her articles to engage and inform.


Laura has literally written hundreds of conversational content articles on more topics than she cares to remember. Laura excels at taking dry and wordy medical research and breaking it down using a friendly and conversational tone. Laura specializes in health and fitness, beauty and fashion, parenting and pregnancy, weddings and parties, and anything music or pop culture. Laura's articles appear on newspaper websites and business blogs.


Laura fancies herself quite the funny gal. Luckily, her editors agree. Laura inserts her humor and wit in both her print and online work, whenever appropriate. Laura has written humorous reviews and articles for publishers including "Ricochet Magazine," and One of Laura's favorite funny pieces was a review of guitar stores, told as a spy story for "The Music and Sound Retailer."


Laura has written news, features and reviews for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs. She has covered everything from city council meetings to elementary school events. She has profiled politicians, rock stars and even business-savvy children. Her body of work includes countless music reviews on both the local and national levels. Laura has also written breaking news for online publications.


Laura has written promotional material for various business blogs and websites. Laura's body of work includes promotional material for a construction company, real estate website, ticket retailer, law office, medical office and medical spa. In addition to running a blog for a med spa, she managed the med spa's social networking site, writing captivating Tweets and Facebook posts.


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