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Location Paso Robles, CA
Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
Tammie began a career in freelance writing in 2007 after earning a Master's of Fine Arts degree from Goddard College. Looking for a way to earn money as a writer she began marketing herself as a proofreader to local businesses. After learning about content writing she expanded her business to include Internet-friendly instructional articles, SEO articles, blog posts and copywriting.

Tammie's favorite topics to write about are the same things she enjoys doing: Travel, Home Improvement, Entertaining, Organic Gardening, Cooking and Crafts. Tammie has a skill for colorful and engaging writing that is particularly suited for writing lifestyle pieces. Reading one of her articles is like sitting down for a chat with a good friend.

Tammie also has a serious side, an academic side that enjoys conducting in-depth research. She provides reliable, well-structured text based on reputable resources.

Tammie works diligently to maintain a reputation as a reliable writer who provides clean, engaging copy that meets or exceeds her clients' expectations.
Tammie specializes in blogs, instructional articles and copywriting. She enjoys using her writing skills as a way to help people improve the quality of their lives and build confidence in their abilities. She is especially interested in green-living and budget-friendly topics.
Tammie enjoys spending time in her organic garden, playing with her rescue dogs and reenacting world myths with her acting troupe, The Silver Rose Players. She is also a visual artist currently working on a series of miniature chalk paintings titled "50 Lessons."
Goddard College Jun 2006 – Nov 2008
Creative Writing, Master of Fine Arts

In 2008 Tammie completed a master's program in creative writing. The demanding curriculum at Goddard College included both a traditional academic thesis and a creative thesis to qualify for graduation. With a foot in both writing worlds she learned to write clean, critical text supported by strong research and lively, original fiction with strong structure, intriguing plot points and relatable characters.

Columbia College Oct 2003 – Jul 2005
General, BA English Literature, Minor in Psychology

The accelerated pace of Columbia College’s format allowed Tammie to complete a four-year degree in less than three years. Her focus on English Studies informed her writing style and desire to build a career as a writer.

Central Coast Massage School May 1994 – Aug 1994
Massage Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist

At CCMS Tammie studied anatomy, Polarity therapy, aromatherapy, massage business and many styles of massage therapy.

Honors and Awards
Writer's Choice Award Tammie earned the Writer's Choice Award due to her excellence as a content provider for Demand Studios.

First Runner-up: Annual Fiction Contest Tammie was awarded the award for first runner-up for her short story "Jane."

First Place: Best Short Story Submission for 2006 Central Coast Writer's Conference Tammie was awarded the prestigious Lillian Dean Award for her short story "The Closet" during the 22nd annual Central Coast Writers' Conference.

Association Memberships
SLO Nightwriters Oct 2013
Tammie is proud to be a new member of SLO Nightwriters, the premier writing group on the Central Coast. SLONW hosts many writing events across San Luis Obispo County, and supports is members through networking, critical feedback and mentoring.

Off-Highway Writer's Group Oct 2005
Tammie is a co-founder of Off-Highway Writer's Group. The group serves to provide networking and practical support for local writers seeking publication.

Clockhouse West Writers Clockhouse West Writers is an alumni group for students who've attended Goddard College satellite campus in Port Townsend, WA.

Projects by Industry

Tammie enjoys writing craft articles on many topics including simple crafts to do with children and involved projects that take many steps to complete. Her favorite craft articles are the ones that instruct a reader on how to repurpose an old item to make something useful and attractive.

Published articles appear on sites for Demand Media Studios, Writers Network, Yahoo!, Craftbits, her blog and for many Writers Access clients.


Whether sharing original recipes, putting a new twist on a standard dish or exploring a specific style of cuisine, food articles are one of Tammie's favorite things to write.

Tammie grew up in a family of enthusiastic cooks. She learned to make pancakes at the age of five while "working" in her grandparent's restaurant. Her food-related content appears on many well-traveled Internet sites including Livestrong and Yahoo. She's currently co-writing a cookbook dedicated to healthier versions of traditional American comfort food.


Tammie was born into a family of backyard gardeners, which may explain why she asked for a new tumbling composter for her last birthday. To keep her skills sharp she regularly attends gardening courses taught by a local Master Gardener. Tammie is especially proud of her recent crop of pickling cucumbers and loves to grow herbs for culinary and medicinal use. In the pioneering spirit of a U.S. mail carrier neither drought, deer or gophers shall stay this gardener from her appointed rounds. Organic? Of course.


Tammie shares her life with four pets and frequently fosters dogs for a local rescue organization. She is knowledgeable in aspects of training, nutrition and and bonding with dogs and cats.


As a spiritual seeker, Tammie is interested in many different spiritual traditions and enjoys researching belief systems without a need to judge them. She brings a natural curiousity to her writings about spirituality and seeks to answer the questions readers would ask if they could.


DIY? YES. Tammie and her husband bought their home based on the number of projects they could complete with it. She's installed tile, painted walls, demolitioned and rennovated a kitchen, built a deck and laid a new flagstone patio. She understands that home improvement can be intimidating, but because of her hands-on experience Tammie can break down complex tasks for readers who like to get their hands dirty.

Green Living

Tammie's interest in writing articles about green living comes from her own efforts to "live green." She has direct experience with organic gardening, recycling and upcycling and remodeling a home with green materials. She especially enjoys writing articles that teach without preaching -- those that help people who are still unsure about getting started with green practices that can improve the quality of their life and the environment.


Ten years of working as a massage therapist in a private practice taught Tammie the value of a healthy lifestyle. To stay competitive in her field Tammie studied many forms of holistic health care such as herbal medicine, aromatherapy, Polarity therapy and restorative yoga. She enjoys writing health-related content that encourages self-care and real food. Health-related articles of Tammie's have been published by a variety of Writers Access clients, as well as Livestrong and Non-Pretzel Yoga (print).

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

More than half the content Tammie's provided over the past 5 years has been written with best SEO practices in mind. Fitting tricky keywords seamlessly into an article or blog takes creativity and a solid knowledge of keyword density and placement. Tammie's background in fiction and experience as a freelancer provides her with all the necessary skills for SEO-rich writing.

Projects by Asset Type

The backbone of Tammie's freelance career is instructional article writing. Her skills as a researcher allow her to write as a generalist; accessing her vast collection of reliable resources to supplement any gaps in her personal experience. Tammie's academic background enforced the importance of proper research and she's developed her own search engines filled with direct sources. Whether the topic is how to be healthy, how to make a career change or how to improve your landscape, Tammie is already prepared to write an engaging and trustworthy article on it.

Blog Post

In addition to maintaining her own blog, Tammie provides blog posts for many clients on a variety of topics including astrology, travel, green living, gardening, career and fine living. She's a long-time contributor to the Entirely Shih Tzu blog and provides guest blogs through Blogger.


Tammie has written ad copy for large national chains and growing companies both local and Internet-based. She brings the same sense of approachability and interest to catalog content, product descriptions, press releases and other types of copywriting as she does to blogs and articles. No content should ever be boring, and Tammie finds a way to make even the most mundane ad copy fun to read while keeping it effective.

Product Description

Product descriptions are often the first piece of information a potential customer reads about an item for sale. To be most effective, the description needs to appeal to the consumer on a practical and emotional level.Through Writer Access and private clients, Tammie's honed her product-description writing skills and is as adept at providing, concise, factual descriptions as she is at more enticing, engaging descriptions.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

As a writer with an academic background, Tammie considers almost every project a research project. Even when writing about a topic in which she has great personal experience, Tammie begins the assignment with research. Over the years she’s collected a number of reliable government and educational sites to rely on when fact checking and deeper examination are required. By knowing how and where to conduct research Tammie is able to write as a generalist, branching out on topics beyond her scope of personal knowledge to deliver accurate and informative text to her clients.

Creative Writer

Tammie is a trained creative writer, having earned a MFA in creative writing from Goddard College. She is the author of several short stories and essays, many of which have been published in magazines and literary journals. When appropriate, Tammie enjoys bringing creativity to every assignment and believes that all types of text is more engaging when some creativity is applied.

Projects by Writing Style

The majority of articles Tammie has written are instructional in nature. She draws on her own experience and relies are reputable resources to write on a variety of topics with an authoritative voice.


Tammie enjoys using a friendly, conversational writing tone for articles about entertaining, holidays, travel and leisure activities. Though she is trained in a formal, academic style of writing, the less formal approach of conversational writing fits her natural style. Tammie finds is easy to sound like the helpful neighbor down the street because in real life, that's exactly what she is.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

Tammie spent two years writing in the trenches for large content mills such as Demand Studios. There she learned the finer points of instructional writing and how to use white space to optimize text for Internet readers.

Small Business

Tammie began her freelancing career by editing and writing for small local businesses -- everything from proofreading menus to creating print and online newsletters. Today she especially enjoys writing blog posts and product descriptions for small business people who are trying to draw traffic to their websites.


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