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Sue has almost 15 years of writing, editing, and proofreading experience working with articles, weblogs and TV/Book/Movie reviews. She is currently a travel writer for Demand Studios/USA Today Travel Tips and Internet Brands Publishing. Additionally, Sue writes monthly articles for Examiner.com in the entertainment fields of movies, music and travel, as well as BioGamerGirl Magazine, specializing in video game reviews and horror-related articles.

Sue formerly wrote for sites such as Pretty-Scary.net, Realitybug.com, horror.about.com and Horror.com where she assisted her friend/mentor Staci Wilson (horror author, reviewer and reporter) review books, movies and TV shows exclusively in the horror, supernatural, and sci-fi genre's.


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Sue reviews a variety of album releases throughout the year, in addition to reviewing many local rock music concerts she attends. She also writes press releases for numerous rock music bands and artists, newsworthy articles about their upcoming albums, limited-edition concerts, TV show appearances, song debuts, awards ceremonies and more.

Industry Projects

  • Travel1,000+
  • Entertainment500+
  • Music100+
  • Pets100+
  • Sports100+
  • Women100+
  • Outdoor/Recreation100+
  • Hospitality100+
  • Auto50+
  • Health50+
  • Fashion50+
  • Food50+
  • Gaming50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Sue's primary experience as a writer, is in travel-related writing. She's produced hundreds of articles on hotels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, vacation homes, vacation timeshare locations, cruise lines, cruise destinations, port guides, top-rated beaches and European castles. She's also touched on summer travel destinations, winter travel locations, spring break destinations, popular honeymoon locations and budget-related travel for families.


Sue has the most experience in the entertainment field, writing articles, press releases and blog entries about movies, TV shows, music artists, celebrities, awards events and travel. She reviews movies and TV shows on a weekly to monthly basis, and frequently reports on concerts she attends in her area. She is also an avid travel writer, reviewing locations she's visited, as well as researching and writing about locations she intends to visit.


Sue reviews a variety of album releases throughout the year, in addition to reviewing many local rock music concerts she attends. She also writes press releases for numerous rock music bands and artists, newsworthy articles about their upcoming albums, limited-edition concerts, TV show appearances, song debuts, awards ceremonies and more.


Sue is an animal advocate and volunteers with various pet rescue organizations in her area. She's been a foster home for animals in need of care, and through her experiences, has written a number of articles and blog entries pertaining to pet care, safety precautions for pets, pet breeds and pet training. She also writes about areas of the United States that are pet-friendly, including accommodations, hiking trails, cruises, tours and more.


Sue writes a variety of sports-related articles and blog entries pertaining to surfing, and top surfing locations throughout the world. She's also written articles about the history of skateboarding, top skateboarding locations in California, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and its superstars, and her favorite teams and players in both the NFL and NHL.


Sue has a long history in the beauty products and skin care industry. She's written numerous articles reviewing the latest beauty products, skin care products, and fragrances. She also writes informational articles on women's health, the best foods for a woman's diet, exercise routines, and herbal supplements and remedies that are known to have a positive impact.


Sue has written a number of articles and blog posts regarding top-rated campgrounds and what to bring on a camping trip. She also writes articles on outdoor and recreational activities such as hiking, kayaking, zip lining, horseback riding, river rafting, water-skiing, surfing, kite-boarding and beach-combing. She's also knowledgeable about a variety of wildlife tours, including whale watching, snorkeling with marine wildlife, and wolf park tours.


Sue has written informational articles and reviews of various cruise lines, cruise ports, cruise ships and cruise destinations. Her articles have been used as a guides for a number of travel publications and major travel news sites. She's also written about a number of particular cruises, what they offer to travelers, available on-board activities, and shore excursions in port.


Sue has written a variety of informational and list articles about classic car shows, the most popular muscle cars, and classic Chevrolet and Ford models. Other automobile-related articles she's written include the best safety-rated cars of 2011, as well as the worst intersections for accidents in certain areas of the country.


Sue writes informational and how-to articles, as well as blog entries on different forms of exercise, exercise equipment, and how to eat healthy to lose weight. She's also written about ways to stay fit in various parts of the country by engaging in different outdoor activities, such as walking, rollerblading, hiking, surfing, swimming and kayaking.


Sue has written reviews and blog entries regarding a variety of celebrity-related clothing lines that include vintage clothing, and newer clothing line launches like Sheri Moon Zombie's Total Skull. She has also written articles about the types of fashion items celebrities are wearing at red carpet awards shows, movie premieres and festivals.


Sue writes a number of restaurant reviews for locations she's visited, including Italian restaurants, seafood restaurants, romantic establishments, and more. Additionally, she compiles "best" or "top-rated" restaurant lists for various cities and regions of the United States and in parts of Europe. Sue has also written articles regarding unique types of cuisine that can be found at certain restaurants - ie....gluten-free dishes.


Sue writes reviews and press release articles for a variety of video games. She's also written reviews for movies based on various video games, such as Resident Evil, Doom, Max Payne and more. Many of the video games she plays are first-person shooter, as well as horror-themed like Rock of the Dead, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, House of the Dead, Resident Evil, Halo, and more.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Articles, blog entries, interviews, movie/book/TV reviews

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Blog entries regarding pets, entertainment, music, video games, awards ceremonies, and more.

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