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Location Lexington, NC
Education College Diploma
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Summary of Experience
Brittany is a dedicated, outspoken freelancer who specializes in articles, blogs, web pages, product descriptions, and e-books. With more than seven years of experience in the field of writing, Brittany has written for many fortune 500 companies and small businesses. She is a writer who does not create content solely to meet the word count, but to convey different ideas and beneficial information to the reader in its entirety.
As a proud mommy of five children, Brittany brings a unique and experienced approach to the parenting niche. As a wife, she exceeds many client's expectations with her humorous yet truthful approach to the relationship niche. Although Brittany is fairly new to the adult niche, her product descriptions are spot-on.
A true hard, dedicated worker, Brittany enjoys creating content for a wide range of niches. She is always looking for ways to improve and thrive as a writer. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys playing cooking and baking simulation games, some of which include Bakery Story and Ramsay Dash. Brittany is a current student at Penn Foster pursuing a degree in business marketing.
Penn Foster Business, Business Certificate

Brittany enrolled at Penn Foster to explore the dynamics of the business world. Here, she learned how to compose a business plan and the logic behind the plan.

Penn Foster Business, Diploma

Brittany left the classroom behind to pick up the pace and attend an online high school. Through Penn Foster, Brittany was able to make new friends, focus more, and graduate early to get a head start on her business career.

Association Memberships
National Association of Professional Women Feb 2015
Brittany is a current member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). This association empowers women and shares success across the globe with professional women.

Expert Author Ezine Articles
Feb 2015
Brittany received the expert author certification from Ezine articles for adhering to the content writing guidelines and creating quality articles for readers.

Projects by Industry

Financial planning is one of many topics Brittany covers in the finance niche. Brittany has completed articles that pertain to many different aspects of finance, including budgeting, investing, banking, mobile banking, savings, checking accounts and retirement.


Brittany creates content in the health niche on a regular basis and has created many different articles and blogs regarding the health niche. A few popular topics include diseases and diagnosis, caring for diseases and symptoms of diseases. Other topics in the health niche include tips and daily living information from a health perspective.


Brittany has extensive knowledge in the kids and family niche and it is one niche she possesses first-hand experience in. As kids and family are one of her favorite niches, she creates content that ranges from newborns, toddlers, children, etc., to teenagers. Popular articles in this niche are how-to articles, product reviews and advice.


As a pet lover, Brittany enjoys creating content for the pet niche. She has completed articles in this niche that involve top 10 articles, how-to content and articles that give advice for pets, including cats, dogs, birds, fish and reptiles.

Real Estate

Brittany is a guru in the real estate niche. She has beginner real estate training the gives her insight on how to sell a home, factors that need to be considered to sell a home, how to increase the value of a home and beneficial information regarding how to purchase a home. Other content that Brittany creates in the real estate industry are neighborhood guides.


Brittany is a Top 5, 10, 20, etc. travel article guru. Travel articles are one of her strong suits. These top travel articles are generally about top hotels, restaurants and popular travel destinations. These articles include the name of the facility and a brief description of what is offered, such as amenities, surrounding areas and activities.


Brittany is familiar with writing content that pertains to women's issues, including pregnancy, menopause, cervical cancer and other issues that concern women. These articles are thoroughly researched and include beneficial information, such as statistics.


As a relationship article writing guru, Brittany has extensive knowledge in this niche. Many of the articles she creates are Top 5, 10, 20 etc. articles, how-to guides, do's and don't articles and articles that give tips and advice.


Beauty is a broad content niche that Brittany possesses extensive knowledge. The beauty industry includes popular topics Brittany is comfortable writing about, including makeup tutorials, advice and tips and how-to guides.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

This travel blog post has required keywords: Hotel Near Palo Alto CA and Menlo Park CA Hotel

This content discusses hotels that are near Palo Alto, CA and Menlo Park, CA. The article further discusses each hotel's amenities and most beneficial and popular features.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Meta Title: Be Safe This Fourth of July!
Meta Description: This article discusses safety tips for the Fourth of July

The meta title is another title that search engines can index to generate traffic to a particular site. The meta description of this content is a simple, one sentence description summarizing what the article entails.

Projects by Asset Type

This article is formatted with H1, H2, and H3 subheadings for appearance and organization. This article discusses how to create an anti-bullying campaign and other aspects of the campaign that need to be acknowledged.

Blog Post

This blog post discusses five essential lifestyle tips that parents and caregivers can use to ensure a healthy life and overall great health for themselves and their children.

Product Description

This product description discusses a video projector and many of its features and benefits. This is a soft-sell product description that entices the customer to purchase the product without blatantly saying so.


Brittany is an awesome copywriter who pays close attention to details. Popular assignments in this niche are product descriptions.

Web Page

Brittany has completed web page content that includes hyperlinks on many projects. Her web page content is of high quality and includes many different niches. Brittany optimizes her web page content with the reader in mind. She prepares her content for visual stimulation by arranging the content for the web page in paragraphs and subheadings instead of a wall of text.

Projects by Writing Style

Many of these projects that Brittany has completed pertained to pregnancy and dealing with a family while you're pregnant. In these articles, she expressed how stressful family life can be when you're pregnant, and how to maintain the household, while still getting things done and staying motivated.


Many of these articles Brittany wrote were in the financial niche about budgeting and saving money. Brittany wrote several articles, providing tips and methods to use in order to save money on gas, utility bills, groceries, and other household bills. These articles were 500 words each and SEO


Brittany has completed several projects that required her to write promotional content involving many different sites. With these projects, Brittany wrote promotional content and added a few pictures to make the article interesting and nice to look at. Many clients provided Brittany with a website that contained all of the products that were to be promoted.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Brittany has worked with 10 people in one company to complete an 1000 article project with a strict deadline. For this project, she completed 250 of these articles in a month's time in order to meet the deadline. Brittany finished other writers work that were not able to finish their assignments in order for the whole project to be completed on time.

Large Business

Brittany has worked with many large business to complete very large projects. She was assigned the job to complete 200 articles in a month's time. Her duties were to hire a team of writers and get the job completed in a reasonable amount of time. Brittany hired 4 writers and provided contact information for all of them. The job required 200 articles of 500 words to be completed. Fortunately, the writers Brittany chose were just as dedicated as she was, and the project was completed on time.


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