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Location Campbellsville, KY
Education Bachelors Degree
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Sheena has been a professional freelance writer for more than seven years and during this time has gained experience and trust in various fields with her clients. She holds a degree in Psychology, is currently completing her Masters in Psychology with a minor in Family and Consumer Sciences, and has been recognized for her writing in various publications. Additionally, Sheena has a strong background in consumer marketing, having held positions in online retail, big business, and even her own small business marketing firm. She is dedicated to helping her clients obtain content that is interesting and informative with a creative spin, which means her works stand out above the rest.
Sheena specializes in health, lifestyle, and home articles, but also holds rge experience and knowledge to tackle projects from a myriad of other niche industries. Some other niche industries that she has written on include:

- pet health and care
- general contractors and construction
- automotive repair and maintenance
- legal topics
- trending entertainment and political news
- industrial topics
- technical information
- home and garden
- How to's
- real estate sales and marketing
- online marketing
- small business
- landscaping
- lifestyle and relationships
Sheena believes that everything sounds better in written form. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family outdoors. She has a special interest in adolescent behavior and helping children learn to grow into healthy adults. Some of Sheena's favorite ways to pass time include fishing, traveling, repairing old computers, cooking, and painting.
Western Kentucky University Psychology/Consumer and Family Sciences, Bachelor's Degree

Sheena completed her Bachelor's degree in consumer and family sciences/psychology in the 2015, graduating with distinction and a Dean's recommendation.

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Psychology, Associate in Science

Sheena graduated from ECTC with honors in May 2014. She is a highly regarded member of the prestigious Phi Thetta Kappa honor society, holds certifications in Mental Health, English Composition, and Bilingual Studies.

Honors and Awards
Rising Star Talent Recognition Apr 2013
The Rising Star Talent Recognition Award is a prestigious award offered to two-year college students who maintain consistent star-worthy achievements and accomplishments throughout their two-year tenure at a given school.

Association Memberships
Phi Thetta Kappa Honor Society Oct 2011
Sheena is a member of the highly-recognized Phi Thetta Kappa Honor Society, which is a prestigious organization for two-year colleges. She became an eligible member in 2011 due to her achievements in college.

Projects by Industry

Sheena worked in a retail bakery for over a decade, has a great deal of experience in the food service industry, and has written numerous pieces pertaining to food and food service for various clients. Additionally, culinary cuisine and soul food cooking is an ongoing topic of conversation in her home. Sheena is experienced with compiling content relative to the food industry associated with

- cake decorating
- recipes
- food marketing
- food safety practices
- event catering
- alternative foods for healthy eating


Sheena holds a certification in behavioral health, has worked in mental health facilities for the past two years, and has great experience with writing on a variety of health topics. Some of her more recent work has included content pertaining to:

-Behavioral health
-Addiction and addiction treatment
-Chiropractic care
-Pediatric diseases
-Chronic pain
-Nutrition and health


Sheena has great experience in business writing. She has written everything from press releases to product descriptions in the business and industrial field. She prides herself on the ability to create interesting, fact-filled content about otherwise mundane information.

Consumer Goods

Sheena is highly skilled with producing informative and interesting topics relative to consumer goods. Whether it is constructing elaborate and direct product descriptions or landing pages for specific types of service offerings, Sheena can do so in a timely professional manner that will always please the customers who come across the content.


Working with numerous clients in the building and construction industry, Sheena has gained a great insight into this industry. From web pages to attract customer attention and traffic to blog entries for informational purposes, Sheena has crafted quality content for construction and building business owners by the thousands.


With a background in small business management, Sheena has a great deal of knowledge about marketing, both in the real world and via online platforms. From vamping up websites with content that customers will not only find informational, but enjoyable, she has helped accomplish many goals for other business owners.

Real Estate

Sheena is skilled in writing content for various levels of the real estate industry. She has spent a great deal of time crafting blog posts for real estate agents and creating useful and alluring property descriptions to be used in marketing. A few of the areas of real estate Sheena is skilled in include:

-real estate sales and marketing
-perspective real estate agents education
-commercial real estate investment
-residential real estate improvement
-residential real estate investment
-informational content for prospective home buyers
-financial aspects of real estate


With three children of her own and a degree in family sciences, Sheena has the insight to create interesting pieces related to kids and family living. From creating content about caring for children and keeping them entertained to more serious pieces about family planning, Sheena has the experience necessary to offer you the informational written work that you need.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Fulfilling SEO keyword requirements is one of Sheena's specialties. Regardless of what type of keyword it is, she can use it to create content that is attractive to consumers and informational. As a freelance writer for more than seven years, Sheena has used SEO to create thousands of articles.

Link Building

Sheena has spent a great deal of her writing career working with clients to build back links within their web pages to help direct traffic flow. She is skilled with incorporating links, internal and external, and knows how to make link building look as seamless and natural as possible. Whether it is linking to authoritative sites for professional and authoritative appeal or building links within blog pieces to generate interest in other site pages, Sheena can cater to any link-building need with her clients.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Over eight years of writing professionally, Sheena has worked to create blog entries for a variety of clients. From high-end business websites to small-scale blogs targeted at the average consumer, her work can be found across the Internet on numerous websites and pages. Additionally, Sheena upholds and updates her own blog regularly and has a nice flow of monthly traffic. She has a high level of experience with creating blog entries for clients in various fields including:

-construction and home improvement
-psychology and relative topics
-health and medical
-marketing, both consumer and B2B
-small business management and entrepreneurship
-finances, both business and personal
-real estate
-senior life
-lifestyle and travel
-family sciences


Sheena has worked hand-in-hand with businesses, both top-end and lesser known, to create catalog and brochure information for product informational purposes. From home improvement items to medical necessities, she can create content to perfectly advertise and inform the consumer.


Sheena has many years of crafting articles for various different clients on a variety of topics. From white pages to product announcements, her content flows well, with a logical tone and informative voice.

Web Page

Having composed hundreds of web pages for clients, Sheena has the skill and knowledge necessary to provide quality web pages to help create a comprehensive web site that is just as attractive as it is informative. She is proficient at incorporating SEO, both localized and business-relative, to help clients boost customer traffic to their website. A few web page types she focuses on include:

-FAQ Pages
-Product and Service Listings
-Blog Pieces
-Website Landing Pages
-About Us and Contact Us Pages

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

With a educational interest and focus in English composition, Sheena has taken special interest in creative writing. Over the years, she has helped to compile books for several clients and enjoys writing material for her own short fiction e-books. From pure fiction pieces to creative non-fiction, her creative style has an obvious voice, but she also has the ability to place herself in the perspective of different people without compromising the sincerity of her work.


Sheena has worked with several local publications, including the award-winning Central Kentucky News Journal, to provide guest editorials on local events and happenings. She has also provided pieces for Yahoo Contributor Network on various news topics in the genre of celebrity announcements and health and medical announcements.


Working hand-in-hand with clients in the legal industry was Sheena's primary focus in the beginning of her career, and she has continued a working relationship with many of these same clients for more than eight years. She is familiar with the expected formatting and language for legal-related posts and takes a great interest in creating content that is educational, reliable, and SEO friendly.


Sheena brings your business or product to life in written form by providing highly effective copywritten material. She has had years of experience in the copywriting field and during this time she has worked with everyone from small business owners working on building? their brand to large corporations needing help with B2B marketing strategies.

Projects by Writing Style

Sheena has great experience with providing content that is authoritative in tone. Her years in the freelance writing industry have allowed her in-depth experience that leaves her knowledgeable about many topics.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Sheena has worked hand-in-hand with several small business owners looking for content. From product descriptions on their websites to web pages that are richly incorporated with local SEO, Sheena has the skill and experience to help bring your small business to life in the eyes of a reader.


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