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George is an experienced writer that has been producing published content since 1985. His fields of expertise include business management, career development, marketing, sales, advertising, entertainment and sports. He has appeared in such publications as the Buffalo News, Lockport Union Sun and Journal, Niagara Falls Gazette, Watertown Daily Times, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and Tonawanda News. He has also been published on websites such as the Houston Chronicle Chron Small Business site,,, and Yahoo! Featured Contributors.
George specializes in writing Internet content articles, blog posts, product description, bios, marketing letters, website directory content, press releases and print format articles.
George has a broad range of interests that include playing music, engaging in sports and taking part in community writing projects.
State University of New York at Buffalo Sep 1985 – May 1989
English and Communication, Bachelor of Arts

George has a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Buffalo that includes concentrations in journalism, creative writing and communication.

Projects by Industry

George started his career writing music, concert and movie reviews. Since then, he has expanded to include in-depth investigations of movie history and pieces on finding success in the music business. He has also written several pieces on helping fans find new products pertaining to their favorite artist.


George's articles on finance incorporate his more than 20 years of corporate management experience into creating insightful and interesting articles. His range of finance articles include business finance, personal finance, debt management, credit repair, securing business funding, investing and credit card debt consolidation to name only a few.


George began his writing career reviewing new album releases and live concerts. He has since expanded his experience to include over 20 years of experience in playing live music and working in the music industry. Some of the fields he can comfortably write in include music marketing, stage lighting, music management, advertising and live music production.


George has many years of first-hand experience in running an office as well as setting up an efficient home office. His advice applies to the corporate world as well as to anyone who is looking to start their own business from home. He has written on topics such as setting up an office, office personnel management, office equipment, office expansion procedures and office moving methods.


George has been writing sports features and articles since he first started being published in 1985. Some of the common topics he writes about are game and season previews, betting odds discussions and sports feature articles. The sports he has covered in the past include professional ice hockey, professional football, professional baseball, golf, stock car racing and Olympic competitions.


George has extensive experience in corporate and business marketing that includes developing product catalogs, market research, developing marketing plans, sales letters and trade show marketing. He uses his experience to give his articles a unique point of view that can be helpful to the marketing professional as well as sales and other business professionals.


George has written articles in the field of career development for both job hunters and managers that include interview tips for managers and candidates, developing an effective recruiting system, enhancing the interview process and developing a career path for future development.


In his professional career, George has been a licensed life insurance, health insurance and securities sales representative in the state of New York. He uses his past experience in insurance sales to create engaging articles about life insurance, business insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and liability insurance.

Real Estate

George has been a featured home and garden writer on several websites. His most popular topics include home remodeling, holiday decorating, interior design and landscape design. He has also written articles on home remodeling budgets, ideas for remodeling projects and suggestions on the most effective ways to create efficient home remodeling drawings and plans.

Consumer Goods

George has first-hand experience in developing product descriptions for print catalogs and online product listings as well. He can deliver concise product descriptions that are to the point, or he can elaborate on product features to create a sales description. He has also done product reviews.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

George has been helping Internet marketing companies and other clients create keyword articles for many years. He has thousands of SEO keyword articles to his credit and the number continues to grow. He understands the importance of keyword densities and also has a comprehensive understanding of keyword placement within an article.

Title/Meta Descriptions

George has helped clients create powerful titles and meta tags to improve website traffic for years. He works every day with clients that are attempting to push their websites to the top of search engine results pages. He has helped clients in industries such as sports betting, retail products and personal finance.

Link Building

George has been involved in hundreds of projects that involve using external and internal links to boost website traffic. He understands the importance of good links and he also understands the importance of creating good content that make the anchor text look natural and pertinent.

Projects by Asset Type

George has written thousands of titles for Internet articles that include topics such as business management, advertising, marketing, career development, entertainment and sports. He is able to write from his own experience or he can cultivate information from researched sources to create a piece with traceable citations.

Blog Post

George has managed several blogs and has written thousands of blog posts as a featured and special contributor. He has written on topics such as personal finance, movie reviews, sports previews, music reviews and current events. He is capable of writing on just about any topic a blog may need in a manner that is engaging and entertaining.

Press Release

George has amassed experience in writing press releases for a variety of professional organizations. His clients have included online application developers, musical groups, pharmaceutical corporations and theaters. He understands the critical structure of a press release that assures the client that all of the important information is picked up by media outlets to help get the essential point across.

News Story

George graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a degree that had a concentration in journalism. Since then, he has written feature articles and current events pieces for print and online publications. He has also been a featured columnist in an Upstate New York newspaper since 2010.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

George has been involved in hundreds of research projects that have resulted in published content. Some of the projects have been as part of a group but most of the research work he has done has been on his own. He is able to generate quality work by using cited sources and reliable information.


George has been responsible for creating marketing and sales content as well as website content in his ongoing role as a professional copywriter. He has helped to create content for brand new websites as well as update content for websites that were expanding. He has been called on to create product reviews, product descriptions and vast amount of marketing content for a variety of projects.

Projects by Writing Style

George has been able to develop an authoritative tone that is also accessible. He is able to create content that allows the reader to feel confident in the information being presented but also feels as though the information is being presented by someone who is sitting in the room.


George has extensive experience in creating conversation content in such arenas as blog posts, informational Internet articles and marketing materials. It is important to understand when to use a conversational style. George relies on his years of experience to determine when that style is appropriate and how to present it effectively.


Humor is something that many websites and print publications use to try and engage the reader and get an important point across. George has hundreds of published articles that utilize humor, but not in a excessive or shallow way. His humor is designed to help illustrate a point and encourage the reader to stay interested in the topic.


Journalistic writing styles include current events articles and press releases. In his studies in college and subsequent professional experience upon graduation, George has developed a comprehensive understanding of the structure of a good press release. He knows what content to include and how the press release or journalistic article is perceived by the media outlets and the readers.


George's promotional content experience includes hundreds of product descriptions, catalog entries, marketing letters and website promotional pieces. He has developed a style that is both engaging and entertaining. He can write product descriptions or product reviews, depending on the needs of the client. His work has appeared on the Internet as well as in print.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

George has extensive experience in creating a wide array of content for small business. He has also been a small business owner himself and understands the challenges of running a business first hand. Topics he has written about include business management, delegation of responsibility, hiring and retaining employees, advertising, marketing on a budget and maximizing the Internet for your small business.

Medium Business

George understands the special challenges of being a medium-sized business from his over 20 years of corporate management experience. His writing experience for medium-sized businesses includes attracting the right talent, carving out a niche in the market place and using the Internet to enhance your company's appearance.

Large Business

George has worked as part of a large business management team and has created marketing content for large companies. He understands the challenges of trying to manage a company of considerable size. Some of his published work on the subject includes topics such as developing effective management structures, streamlining processes, retaining employees and employee morale issues.

Fortune 500

Fortune 500 companies require a professional and detailed style of writing. George has been able to provide Fortune 500 companies the content they need in areas such as marketing letters, newsletter content, automatic response emails and corporate policy for several years now.


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