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Adam has been writing professionally in one form or another for the past several years.

Trained as a print journalist at the University of Montana, Adam left the University to pursue opportunities writing for multimedia and the web using the research skills he honed in his studies. During this time, he has gained experience in writing not only articles, but product copy, blogs and even short fiction.

Adam spent four years a staff writer for a small online electronics and outdoor gear company, slinging words for everything from toaster ovens to tents, creating informative and humorous blog posts and videos, writing articles, and managing social media accounts.

Adam subscribes to the philosophy is that writing needs to engage a potential customer, not just be visible. To that end he creates content that not only focuses on SEO best practices, but on providing real value to the reader, and therefore to the client.
Adam's writing focuses on feature length articles, short blog posts, product copy, and writing geared towards social media. His focus is to not only drive potential customers, but to engage them with high quality content. This is done with a combination of research, dedication, and tightly created copy made while keeping the customer and client in mind, as well as hefty amounts of blood, sweat, and caffeine.
Adam is mainly interested in writing, and (geeky as he is) spends much of his time learning about it. When he's not either learning about or actually writing, he also likes to play with the latest electronic gadgets, bike in the sun (when it's available), play video games with friends, bake bread and pastries, and try to keep up with his favorite bands.
University of Montana Sep 2002 – Jun 2005
Journalism, Japanese language, None

Adam enrolled at the University of Montana in the fall of 2002, seeking a major in Print Journalism, and a minor in Japanese. After studying for 3 years, it became obvious that print journalism as it currently existed was a rapidly disappearing field. Adam left in 2005 to pursue his interest in writing for multimedia and the web.

Projects by Industry

Adam was the lead copywriter and editor for an online electronics and appliance store. His knowledge of appliances ranges from the technical (how a range, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. works, what the current technology trends are) to the practical (how to use an oven, dishwasher, washing machine, etc., common user mistakes, how new technology affects the everyday user). His work includes product copy and articles for a retail websites, sales catalogs, print advertisements, and blogs.


Adam was the lead copywriter and editor for an online electronics and appliance store. His work includes product copy and articles for a retail website, sales copy, headlines, and technical copy for print catalogs and newspaper advertisements, as well as blog content and videos. His knowledge ranges from the mainstream (tablet computers, laptops, gaming systems, audio systems) to the esoteric (integrated home control systems, personal grooming devices). Adam is able to blend an understanding of technical details with a knack for explaining them to the uninitiated.


Adam was a staff writer and editor for an outdoor clothing and equipment company, creating articles about current clothing and equipment technology, helping to craft unique brand relationship stories, and writing website copy for products that range from undergarments to camp stoves. Adam draws on not only his research and analysis skills, but also personal experience living and playing in the Pacific Northwest, lending an authenticity to his writing.

Consumer Goods

Adam was the lead writer and editor for a diverse company that provided consumer goods including electronics, appliances, and outdoor clothing and equipment. He created copy for a wide range of products, from Apple and Sony tablets, to refrigerators and dishwashers, to sleeping bags and performance fleece. Adam created high-quality copy for websites, catalogs, newspaper advertisements, radio scripts, and more with a quick turnaround time using his broad base of knowledge and research and analysis skills.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Adam approaches most projects with an eye towards optimizing work for SEO. However, keywords are always used in service of the goal of getting eyes onto content via search without compromising the flow and engagement of a piece. Nothing turns a reader off faster than realizing they're reading something optimized for SEO, rather than something optimized for giving them information. The key is never writing around keywords, but working with them. Skill with inserting keywords and not make people realize they're reading them is the key to optimizing for SEO.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Adam has been a featured author on multiple blogs, and has written on topics as diverse as electronics and appliance to mattresses and sleep. His focus is on content that's interesting and timely, while still being accessible and fun to readers. Adam has also spent time as the editor of a blog for an electronics retailer, working with and mentoring writers to produce steady content that appeals to consumers.


Adam spent 2 years as a copywriter, and 6-months as the lead copywriter, for a medium-sized retail company, producing product copy for the web, newspaper advertisements, brochures, catalogs, radio, social media, and even signs appearing in local bathrooms. Adam's focus is on creating copy that grabs reader attention, holds it, and then directs them to action. His goal is to turn passive consumers into active customers, whether it's through short, direct copy or longer, persuasive copy.


Adam was responsible for writing, conceptualizing, and proofing advertisements for a medium-sized electronics company. In addition to weekly print ads for three markets, he also worked on web banners, Facebook covers for three companies, quarterly catalogs, mailers, and trade show flyers. His goal was eye-catching and informative copy that got customers to click-through to their website or come through their door.


Adam spent several years training as a journalist, honing his writing to produce both straight news articles as well as more complicated feature pieces. Adam has had articles appear in newspapers, and has written feature pieces for online publications. In addition, Adam has written smaller catalogs for a medium-sized electronics and appliance company, including several articles on topics from hooking up your washer and dryer to choosing and connecting the best home theater systems.

Banner Ad

Adam produced copy for banner ads for a medium-sized electronics company, focused on driving sales through affiliate sites. While most of the banner ads were created to be general, many were for specific product lines or categories. Because of the small space provided in most banner ads, the challenge in copy is creating enough impact to grab reader attention, while still being clear about the benefits they'll receive by clicking through to your site.


Adam created copy for a quarterly catalog for a medium-sized electronics and appliance company. In addition to creating headline copy for each section, Adam also wrote articles on new product technology and gift guides. He created and edited product descriptions for over 100 products included in each catalog, and was responsible for final copy editing passes.

Facebook Post

Adam updated and created content for three Facebook pages for a medium-sized electronics, appliance, and outdoor sports company. In addition to promoting sales and original blog content, he created posts that were meant to engage customers, with the goal of creating viral content to raise brand awareness. He was responsible for creating daily content, and maintaining a regular content calender.

News Story

Adam is a trained journalist, and has been crafting news articles alongside his marketing work. He's had articles published in newspapers, creating straight news stories and feature articles. Adam has also had experience creating news releases for small and medium-sized businesses, focused on generating buzz among both journalists and customers.

Press Release

Adam has written several press releases for a medium-sized electronics company to announce new products, changes in leadership, and events. Whether it's to create buzz around a product release, to announce an event, or even to control messaging around a major change, Adam understands communicating with the press is a major part of communicating with your customer.

Radio Spot

Adam has written radio spots for a medium-sized electronics company. His goal is to make sure that even casual listeners remember the name of the company and their services, as well as to promote current deals and promotions. Adam is also able to customize messages for specific markets, keeping the core of the message the same, but changing details and language of promotions or events so that they better fit in with the locale they're being broadcast in.

Twitter Post

Twitter is one of the premiere ways to promote a brand and connect with highly active, engaged customers. Adam has managed the Twitter accounts for a medium-sized electronics company, as well as managing several other streams for smaller clients. Adam attempts to track and respond to chatter related to the clients interests to build dialogue with potential customers, as well as curating interesting links and relevant content to keep an existing audience engaged.


Adam has written and produced videos for an electronics and appliance company, as well as videos for a game review site, and short comedy pieces. Adam's focus has largely been on short form videos meant to be easily digestible online. This means tight editing and rapid, snappy scripting that gets to the point quickly.

Projects By Expertise

Adam worked as a staff copywriter for an online electronics, appliance, and sporting goods retailer. He can provide you high-quality copy for everything from website product pages, press releases, radio ads, television commercials, printed and online catalogs, newspaper advertistments, and more on tight deadlines, optimized for SEO and conversion.

Technical Writer

While technical writing is often seen as "boring," Adam holds that, while being concise and straightforward are key, technical writing doesn't have to be dull. In writing for business proposals, software instructions, and a host of other technical documents, Adam uses techniques employed by teachers to make learning interesting.


Adam's skills as an editor have been honed over years of working not only to improve his own writing, but in mentoring other writers. Adam spent time as Lead Copywriter for an electronics and appliance company, acting as the final editor for a daily blog, weekly ad proofs, catalogs, radio scripts, web copy, and more. During this time, he established style guidelines for both the web and print for three different businesses. He's familiar with standard editing practices and most style guides, including CMoS, AP, and MLA.

Projects by Writing Style

Adam has written articles on topics ranging from electronics and appliances to exercise and sleep. When a project calls for an authoritative voice, Adam makes sure back his writing with the research necessary to create an ironclad presentation. Adam also understands that authoritative copy needs to be present in both long and short-form mediums, but just because an assignment is authoritative, it doesn't have to be devoid of personality. After all: what is more authoritative than authenticity?


Adam's second most common style (after journalistic) tends to be conversational. And why not? After all, a conversational style tends to put people at ease, and really does fall under the simplest definition of SEO: writing the way people speak and search. Plus, a conversational style invites... well, conversation. Engagement in today's business world is paramount, and making sure that your content is something that people can relate to is exactly what Adam wants to do for you.


While Adam would never describe himself as a comedian, he would also very rarely attempt to describe himself. After all, he's him. He doesn't need to. He's his own visual aid. Joking aside, Adam has found humor to be a powerful tool. Whether he's spinning puns (also known as headlines), telling a 5-minute long joke, or just adding a smile into an otherwise serious topic, Adam knows that a smile or laugh can go a long way towards making the world (and an article) better.


Adam trained as a journalist, and has spent over a decade honing his skills in this writing style. In addition to straight news stories, Adam has worked on feature-style articles on a variety of subjects. Adam is also an accomplished copy-editor, acting as the editor for a small publication, as well as a blog. Adam is also familiar with crafting press releases for small and medium-sized companies.


Adam was the lead copywriter for a medium-sized electronics and appliance company, creating copy for a wide variety of promotional materials including weekly print ads, catalogs, web banners, blogs, social media networks, and more. His goal is to bring your company to the front of people's minds, tongues, and keyboards.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Adam was the lead copywriter for a medium-sized electronics and appliance company. His work included creating content for and editing weekly print ads, banner advertisements, blog posts, social media updates, radio advertisements, catalogs, promotional flyers and booklets, and more. During his time there, he managed a team of four writers, as well as several freelance writers. His major achievements in his role there were instituting writing and voice style guides, crafting and implementing a social media plan, and creating content guidelines for future use among three different brands.

Small Business

Adam created a social media response plan for a newly formed local business, worked on grand opening flyers, and advised on potential marketing avenues. His expertise allowed the business to connect with the community and created building blocks to allow later customer expansion.


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