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"Perfectly done." "High quality work." "Thorough." "Impeccable." - client feedback

Steven has a Juris Doctor, a Master's Degree, more than 1,500 legal articles and a 100% perfect "Exceeded My Expectations" client rating in 2015 for ALL L6 Solo assignments. He specializes in meticulous personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal law articles, blogs and website pages for law firm websites.


2015 was a year of extraordinary accomplishment for Steven and his wonderful WriterAccess clients:

Not only did Steven attain all Exceeds in all his 6-Star legal content, he attained all Exceeds in ALL the 6-Star industry categories he wrote in 2015. This is a unique attainment at WriterAccess and Steven is the only writer to accomplish such ratings.

Further, Steven has an extremely high client return rate. Almost every single law firm client orders additional articles and website pages after being so happy with their first ones.


Steven is here to write great content for you and to help you get results. Steven's perfect client ratings are a confirmation of his effectiveness as a writer. He cares. Steven writes potent and HIGH QUALITY website content that thoroughly and accurately explains your legal services. Please scroll down to see a sampling of over 200 topics Steven has written.



Most attorneys are so busy practicing law and attending to their never-ending duties that they have little or no time to write their own website content. Not only will you get superior results, but it is more cost-effective and time-efficient to hire a professional legal content writer than to try to write it yourself. Further, few lawyers have the time to develop the specialized skills required to write effective SEO content.


Many attorneys are uncomfortable writing their own website content, especially when writing about their personal achievements and accomplishments. It can be very difficult for any individual to write objectively under these circumstances. On the other hand, a professional writer will be able to hail the attorney's accomplishments and skills with a balance of zeal and objectivity.


Steven has a knack for explaining, clarifying and simplifying complex legal topics for lay readers. Steven frequently includes examples in his pieces to help readers better understand topics. Steven is an experienced and trained teacher with a teaching degree - a Master's in Educational Psychology - and has taught at the college level. He is a natural teacher who writes content that readers relate to.


In order for legal website content to be most effective, every article, blog and website page must cover very specific points. Each piece must be written in a certain manner, order and voice. Articles and individual paragraphs should contain a certain number of words. Headers and subheads must convey specific information. Pages should be designed so the eyes flow effortlessly. Steven is highly experienced and skilled in crafting effective, visually pleasing and compelling legal content.


It is essential to create and maintain a robust website presence, for your website is often the first and only contact clients have with you. Whether you are adding additional content to your present website or building a new one, Steven can help you succeed in this important investment. Clients often hire Steven for long term projects, including writing or revamping entire websites.



Steven crafts meticulous, thoroughly researched SEO articles, blogs and practice area pages for law firm websites. All content is optimized for search, which means your content is written in a manner that is designed to obtain higher search engine page rankings (SERPS). An important goal is for your website link to appear on the first page of a Google, Bing or other search engine search.


The immediate goal is for searchers who are looking for an attorney with your areas of expertise and within your geographical areas to see your website link and click on it. This is called a "click-through" because it clicks through the link to your website. This will instantly allow searchers to review your website, read about you and study your practice areas, such as personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal law, etc.


In addition to hiring Steven to write superior content for your website, there are steps you can take to increase your response rate, including:

+Offer a free case review. This is the single most effective step to encourage reader response.
+Install a chat option on your website so you can respond immediately to inquiries.
+Provide a 24/7 phone contact number where inquirers can speak to someone or leave a message.


Steven chooses to write for a small number of select clients. In this way each client's orders receive his undivided attention, time and care. Steven has an extremely high repeat client rate and almost every law firm client returns for additional orders. Clients are happy to pay for Steven's exacting content because they know it will be of the highest possible quality and enrich their website.

Steven writes for WriterAccess legal clients as well as for his own private clients and does not mass produce content. Do not make the mistake of hiring a less experienced writer or a less qualified one without a law degree - you need the highest quality content written by a professional.


If your website does not rank high on a Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine, it is almost impossible for new clients to discover your website.


This is why "SEO Best Practices" are so important. By writing superior content, and by adhering to Google's complex paradigms, your website link will tend to organically rank higher and higher.


1. Instantly appear in a Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine;
2. Immediately engage the searcher in relevant, helpful information so they will click on your website link;
3. Provide solutions to the object of their inquiry and answers to their questions;
4. Motivate the searcher to contact you to discuss their situation by providing a compelling call to action.


The latest data reveals that Google controls over 71% of website searches globally.* Google repeatedly tells us that high quality, well-written, original, informative, interesting, topical and frequently posted content is essential to attain desirable rankings. Gone are the days where average writing and cheap tactics such as keyword stuffing gets results. Consistent, superior content is the key.


• Professional, Experienced, HIghly Qualified Writer with a Juris Doctor and Master's Degree
• Impeccably Written Elite 6-Star Legal Content
• Client Owns Copyright
• Copyscape Guaranteed for Original Content
• Personalized, Responsive Client Attention and Communication from Steven


1. Do you get first page Google rankings? Occasionally? Frequently? Consistently?
2. Does every one of your practice areas have its own individual page? Yes, this costs more, but it is crucial in order to attract new clients. Practice area pages are vital to explain your services.
3. Is your content mass produced? Or is each article written specifically for you - as it should be?
4. Are you able to communicate with your writer directly and discuss your goals and needs with him?
5. Does your content convey exactly what you do as an attorney and how you can help new and existing clients?
6. Does your writer effectively motivate searchers to contact you with a persuasive call to action? Searchers must contact you so you can offer your services to them.
7. Does your present content writer Exceed Your Expectations? Steven received 100% "Exceeded My Expectations" client ratings on ALL his 6 Star legal and other industry content in 2015.

Please contact Steven to discuss how he may serve you and help you attain your website goals.

Thank you,
Steven H.
Profile content (c) Steven H. 2016
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• Steven is happy to help you select and plan your website content - at no additional charge.
• Google emphasizes that is vital to regularly add new, original, relevant and high quality content to improve website visibility and rankings.
• Steven has helped many clients develop their website content.
• Do you need articles? Blogs? Practice area pages? A combination of these? Other content?
• Simply message Steven H. through the WriterAccess message system to discuss your needs.


What kind of content do you need for your website? Below is a sampling of over 200 article, blog and practice area website topics that Steven has written for personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal defense firms:

1. Accident Causes - car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, slip and fall accidents, etc.
2. Aggressive Driving Accidents
3. Amputation Injuries
4. Anesthetic Errors - and other medical malpractice issues
5. Annulments
6. Appeals
7. Assault - aggravated assault, enhanced penalties, etc.
8. Avoiding a Car Crash
9. Battery, Felony Battery, Aggravated Battery
10. Bicycle Accidents
11. Big-Rig and 18-Wheeler Accidents
12. Birth Injuries - medical malpractice-related birth injuries
13. Blood Tests
14. Boating Accidents
15. Boating DUI
16. Brain Injuries
17. Breathalyzer Test - breath and chemical test defense, etc., implied consent
18. Broken Bones
19. Business Crimes
20. Campus Crimes
21. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
22. Carjacking
23. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
24. Carrying a Concealed Weapon
25. Catastrophic Injuries
26. Causes of Truck Accidents
27. Chemical Burns
28. Child Abuse
29. Child Custody
30. Child Sex Offenses
31. Child Visitation
32. Children's Injuries
33. Coal Mining Accidents
34. Commercial Truck Accidents
35. Commercial Vehicle Accidents and Liability
36. Common Causes of Auto Accidents
37. Common Injuries from Car Accidents
38. Community Property
39. Compensation for Personal Injuries
40. Complex Regional Plan
41. Construction Accidents
42. Damages
43. Date Rape
44. Dealing in Stolen Property
45. Dealing with Insurance Company After an Accident
46. Defamation
47. Defective Brakes
48. Defective Drugs
49. Defective Tires
50. Delivery Truck Accidents
51. Denial of Claims
52. Disorderly Conduct
53. Distracted Driving
54. Distracted Driving's Gruesome Statistics
55. Division of Community Property
56. Divorce
57. Divorce Laws within different states
58. Divorce Laws and Matters Pertaining to Various Topics
59. Dog Bites
60. Domestic Partnerships
61. Domestic Violence
62. Driver's License Revocation
63. Driver's License Suspension
64. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol - DUI, DWI
65. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs - DUI, DWI
66. Drug Crimes - Possession, Trafficking, Manufacturing, etc.
67. Drug Crimes for All Drugs - E.g., Marijuana, Cocaine, etc.
68. Drunk Driving Accidents
69. DUI
70. Elder Abuse
71. Embezzlement
72. Employment Law
73. Environmental Crimes
74. Equity Skimming
75. Explosions
76. Facts and Statistics about Texting While Driving
77. Falling Asleep at the Wheel
78. Family Law
79. Fatal Car Accidents
80. Father's Rights
81. Felonies
82. Fender Bender Accidents
83. Field Sobriety Tests
84. Fraud
85. Gifts and Inheritances
86. Grand Theft
87. Grocery Store Slip and Fall Accidents
88. Guardianship
89. Hazardous Building Accidents
90. Hazards on Roadway
91. Head Injuries, Head Injuries from Car Accidents
92. Head-on Collisions
93. Healthcare Fraud
94. Heroin, Meth, Etc. Possession, Sales, Trafficking
95. Highway Accidents
96. Hit and Run Accidents
97. Home Depot Accidents
98. Homicide, Murder, Manslaughter, etc.
99. Identity Theft
100. If You Witness a Car Accident
101. Ignition Interlock Devices
102. Impact of DUI on Insurance
103. Improperly Loaded Cargo
104. Industrial Accidents
105. Insurance Bad Faith
106. Insurance Claims
107. Juvenile Offenses
108. Kidnapping
109. Legal Separation
110. Liability
111. Loss of Consortium
112. Loss of Enjoyment of Life
113. Lost Income from Personal Injuries
114. Marital Property
115. Maritime, Offshore, Boating Accidents
116. Mediation
117. Medical Malpractice - Steven has written hundreds of medical malpractice articles, blogs and practice area website pages. Please message Steven to discuss your medical malpractice needs.
118. Mesothelioma
119. Misdemeanors
120. Mother's Rights
121. Motorcycle Accidents
122. Negligence - all personal injury and negligence matters, issues and cases
123. Nursing Home Abuse - personal injury, medical malpractice, negligence
124. Oil and Gas Explosions
125. Oil Field Injuries
126. Orders of Protection
127. Overloaded Trucks
128. Pain and Suffering
129. Parentage, Paternity
130. Pedestrian Accidents
131. Penalties for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Subsequent DUI's
132. Personal Injury
133. Pileup Accidents
134. Ponzi Schemes
135. Post-Judgment Modifications
136. Post-Marital Agreements
137. Premarital Agreements
138. Premises Liability - e.g., slip and fall, inadequate security, unsafe property
139. Product Liability
140. Proper Truck Maintenance
141. Prostitution
142. Proving Liability in Truck Accidents
143. Racketeering
144. Rape
145. Rear End Collisions
146. Reckless Driving
147. Refusing to Take a Breath Test
148. Registered Sex Offenders
149. Repetitive Motion Injuries
150. Resisting Arrest With and Without Violence
151. Restaurant Accidents
152. RICO
153. Rollover Accidents
154. Romeo and Juliette Laws
155. Securities Fraud
156. Security Negligence
157. Separate Property
158. Serious Injuries
159. Sex offenses
160. Shoplifting
161. Should You Speak to an Insurance Company After an Accident?
162. Slip and Fall
163. Slip, Trip and Fall
164. Slippery Floor
165. Solicitation of Prostitution
166. Speeding Accidents
167. Spinal Injuries
168. Spousal Support
169. Statute of Limitations
170. Stepparent Adoption
171. Surgical Errors
172. Swimming Pool Accidents
173. Taxicab Accidents
174. Texting While Driving
175. The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Lawsuits
176. Theft
177. Thermal Burns
178. Top 10 Causes of (your state) Car Crashes
179. Top 10 Causes of Car Crashes
180. Torts
181. Toxic Exposure
182. Tractor-trailer Accidents
183. Trade Secrets Theft
184. Trespass
185. Truck Accidents
186. Truck Company Negligence
187. Truck Driver Negligence
188. Truck Drivers Under the Influence
189. Types of Car and Truck Accidents
190. U.S. Supreme Court Cases Explained
191. Uncontested Divorce
192. Underage DUI
193. Underinsured Drivers
194. Uneven Surface - causing slip and fall injuries
195. Uninsured Drivers
196. Unsafe Products
197. Vehicular Manslaughter
198. Violent Crimes
199. Walmart Accidents
200. Weapons Crimes
201. What to Do After an Accident
202. Whiplash Injuries
203. White Collar Crimes
204. Why it is Important/Essential to Obtain an Attorney After an Injury
205. Why it is Important/Essential to Obtain an Attorney After Being Charged with a Criminal Offense
206. Work Injuries
207. Workmans' Compensation
208. Wrongful Death

Steven specializes in articles, blogs, practice area descriptions and website pages primarily for personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal law practices. He writes in many other areas as well. Steven will gladly help you select topics for your website. There is no fee for this service.

(c) Steven H. 2016

*Search Engine Worldwide Market Share as of September 2016:
Google: 73.02%, Bing: 9.26%. Yahoo 7.07%
(Please contact Steven for more information)
Steven holds a Juris Doctor and Master's Degree and specializes in meticulous, thoroughly researched, high quality personal injury and criminal law content for law firm websites.

100% of Steven's L6 articles, blogs and practice area pages - those of the highest possible level - were rated "Exceeded My Expectations" by his WriterAccess clients in 2015. This remarkable accomplishment is a clear indication of Steven's effectiveness as a writer.

Make no mistake about it - it makes a huge difference which writer you choose. Your writer must be able to communicate your message to searchers, for they are your potential clients.

Every article is extensively researched before it is written, even when Steven is thoroughly familiar with the topic and has written on it dozens of times before (which often happens in personal injury, medical malpractice and criminal law articles). Steven writes clear, concise and compelling SEO content on virtually all legal topics.

In addition to his J.D., Steven has a Master's level teaching degree. Steven is a natural teacher and has a knack for explaining even the most complex legal topics and statutes to searchers and readers. This is essential for searchers because they must be able to understand your practice areas and your services in order to have a reason to contact you.

As one client commented about Steven:

"He is thorough and accurate, and he writes in a way that is professional in tone yet eminently readable."

Steven's content clearly explains the legal subject matter at hand and motivates searchers to contact you via a compelling call to action.

Are you in need of adding new practice area pages? Steven can help you with this. Each practice area page is:

1. Carefully thought out
2. Thoroughly researched
3. Meticulously written and edited
4. Professionally and attractively formatted

Contact Steven to see how he can help you develop and improve your website with the goal of attracting new clients.
Steven is a highly skilled photographer who was practically born with a Nikon in one hand and a Polaroid in the other. For many years Steven had his own studio and specialized in fashion and portraiture. He loves creating gorgeous black and white, sepia toned images. Steven shoots practically everything, including fashion, advertising, portraiture, nature, pets and basically anything he finds interesting.

Steven's favorite lens is a classic, manual focus Nikon 300mm f 2.8. This lens consistently results in the sharpest and most gorgeous images he's ever created with any lens. As well, he loves the way the lens causes the background to softly melt and merge into surreal blends and pastels.

Steven is a Polaroid aficionado and loves his old Polaroid cameras. He is forever in pursuit of another Polaroid 600SE! As long as there's still some Fuji 100C film available, Steven will enjoy his Polaroids.

Other interests include swimming in the ocean and taking long walks under the sun in the warm, soft sand, right at the shoreline. Steven loves eating great, healthy macrobiotic food. And he enjoys watching great comedy and talented, brilliant comedians.

Steven is a meditator. He first became interested in meditation years ago after reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" and "Be Here Now," two of his all-time favorite books.

Steven's pursuit of enlightenment is his most important and worthwhile endeavor. Steven is both a practitioner and teacher of meditation. He knows he is extremely fortunate as he pursues the ultimate goal: attainment of moksha - liberation.
Thurgood Marshall School of Law Juris Doctor

Steven graduated from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, a fully accredited American Bar Association Law School.

Steven was honored with the American Jurisprudence Book Award in Advanced Real Property for earning the highest grade in his class. The course was taught by esteemed Professor George Washington Jr.

Steven draws on the knowledge gleaned from his legal education as he researches and writes clients' legal articles, blogs and specialized content.

Contact Steven to discuss how he may be of service to you in your legal content and other writing needs.

University of Florida Master's Degree, Educational Psychology - Psychological Foundations

Taught seminars and classes to graduate level students:
- Human Growth and Development
- The Young Child

Manager of Student Learning Lab for Special Needs Students
- Taught students various learning skills

Independent Study and Academic Research Paper
- Behavior Modification and White Noise to Treat Hallucinations in Schizophrenic Patients

University of Florida Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, Psychology

Studied psychology in depth, specializing in
- Clinical Psychology
- Behavior Modification

Completed two internships at V.A. Hospital and wrote two research papers based on relevant research:

+ "Behavior Modification Techniques to Treat Hallucinations in Schizophrenic Patients"
+ "The Use of White Noise to Treat Auditory Hallucinations in Schizophrenic Patients."

Honors and Awards
President's Honor Roll Steven was placed on The President's Honor Roll numerous times for a perfect 4.0 scholastic average.

American Jurisprudence Book Award Steven earned the American Jurisprudence Book Award in Real Property 2, for outstanding scholastic performance, graduating first in his class.

Magna Cum Laude While pursuing his Juris Doctor, Steven was part of an advanced Constitutional-rights ACLU internship that successfully overturned a Texas statute that erroneously allowed detainees to be held more than 24 hours. One of Steven's particular roles was to conduct interviews and collect and interpret data from defense attorneys pertaining to their experiences with pre-trial practices. That information was vital to the success of the case.

Steven graduated with Honors, Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, from the University of Florida.

Steven earned the distinction of being placed on The President's Honor Roll three times in succession for a perfect 4.0 scholastic average.

As a supervising graduate student at the University of Florida's Educational Learning Laboratory, Steven was able to help numerous learning-challenged students.

Association Memberships
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Steven's educational accomplishments gave him entry into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, a respected and highly regarded tradition established in 1897 to "recognize and encourage superior scholarship" and to promote the "unity and democracy of education." Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest all-discipline honor society.

Juris Doctor Texas Southern University
Steven earned a Juris Doctor Law Degree, or J.D., for completing the scholastic regimen at Texas Southern University, which included both standard and individualized courses of study.

Steven was awarded the highly coveted American Jurisprudence Book Award for scholastic excellence and academic achievement in Advanced Real Property.

Projects by Industry

Steven has a Juris Doctor and a Master's Degree, more than 1,500 legal articles, and a 100% perfect "Exceeded My Expectations" client rating in 2015 for L6 Solo assignments. He specializes in meticulous personal injury and criminal law articles, blogs and website pages for law firm websites.

Steven's perfect client ratings are a unique accomplishment at WriterAccess and a testament to his effectiveness as a writer. Most notably, they are a reflection of his wonderful clients' satisfaction of his work.

Steven focuses on helping his clients attain their goals, including:

+ Higher Google page rankings
+ Greater visibility
+ Increased client inquiries
+ Improved earnings

In addition to his J.D., Steven has a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and has a natural talent for explaining complex legal topics to website searchers and readers. Steven's articles, blogs and web pages are detailed, thorough and accurate, yet easy for readers to understand. Steven writes in a wide array of topics, including personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal law and family law. To see a list of 200 topic examples, please review Steven's profile.

Client feedback:

"Thorough and impeccable..."

"Perfectly done..."

"High quality work..."

Steven is committed to excellence and client satisfaction. Every article is extensively researched and written with great care and attention to detail.

Clients often hire Steven for long term projects, including writing entire websites. One of Steven's clients is a well known national attorney marketing firm, for whom he has written over 100 attorney website pages.

Please contact Steven to discuss your website goals and how he can help you attain them.

(c) Steven H. 2016


Steven's life is devoted to spiritual attainment and inner peace. He is extremely fortunate - throughout his life he has studied under wise, loving and highly evolved meditation teachers.

As a volunteer, Steven taught healing meditation at The Cancer Support Group of the Macrobiotic Foundation. He also volunteered teaching meditation to inmates at correctional institutions.

Steven authored and voiced two meditation and healing recordings:

1) "How To Meditate" - With Three Guided Meditation Techniques
2) "Healing Meditation" - A Mind-Body Guided Visualization for Self Healing

Steven wrote and published numerous instructional meditation articles. Steven explains the fundamentals of meditation and provides meditation instructions for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student.


Steven has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's in Educational Psychology. He worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor and staff psychologist. He is also a teacher and practitioner of meditation and stress management.

Steven wrote and published numerous meditation articles, including, "Beginner's Guide: How to Meditate." In this article Steven teaches the beginner the basics of meditation, focusing on the breath, inner focus, awareness, and basic technique.

Steven has a profound interest in and knowledge of natural healing, supported by years of studying natural foods and diet. He is a student of macrobiotics and was fortunate enough to have studied with noted author and Smithsonian-award winner Michio Kushi, the "grandfather" of American macrobiotics.

Also, Steven took cooking classes with Aveline Kushi and learned about the profound healing effect that properly selected and prepared foods have upon the body, mind and soul.

Steven also worked as a staff psychologist at a correctional facility and wrote over 1,200 psychological profiles based on interviews and MMPI psychological inventories. His work there inspired Steven to go to law school, where he was interested in civil rights and the rights of the incarcerated.

Steven worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, helping physically and mentally challenged clients attain gainful employment.

Steven has worked with psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in various settings, including:

+Veterans Administration Hospital Psychiatric Ward - two internships managing patients and conducting research
+State correctional facility - in conjunction with psychiatric staff
+State Vocational Rehabilitation Services - consulting with clinical psychologists
+University of Florida Dept. of Education - teaching internships in graduate school in Human Growth and Development, with psychologists

Steven can help you with your health and mental health projects. Please contact him for availability and pricing.


With more than thirty years of experience studying, cooking and enjoying natural foods, Steven is an avid macrobiotic enthusiast. "Macrobiotic" translates into "large, long life," and thanks to this healthy diet, Steven experiences robust health. Steven was fortunate enough to have studied macrobiotics with Michio Kushi. He has taken cooking lessons with Aveline Kushi and others.


Steven spent several years working in the comedy and entertainment fields, developing his wit and sense of humor. He performed stand up comedy at open mike nights at a major comedy club. He also met and interviewed numerous comics, including George Carlin. Steven can lighten up even the driest content.


With a Master's Level Teaching Degree in Educational Psychology, a Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Steven is a well-rounded writer who combines practical knowledge with wisdom. He writes masterful content pertaining to the process of learning.

Steven taught Master's level internship courses to graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Florida, including "Human Growth and Development."

Steven wrote numerous undergraduate and graduate curriculum course descriptions for university catalogs. Steven writes on a wide variety of topics, ranging from human growth and development to the process of quieting the mind.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Virtually every article Steven has written at WriterAccess is an SEO article that requires the careful use and placement of keywords.

SEO is of particular importance in almost all of the legal articles Steven writes at WriterAccess, because the primary purpose of legal websites (and perhaps all websites, to various degrees) is to increase page ranking and search engine results for the WriterAccess clients.

Of course, the immediate goal is for Google and the other search engines to find the site.

To clarify, Steven utilizes SEO techniques in virtually all legal content and other writing. He can help any client in this manner.

Projects by Asset Type

Steven has written well over a thousand articles on a variety of topics. Most of his articles pertain to personal injury, criminal law and family law topics. Article topics range from "Causes of Car Accidents" to "Swimming Pool Accidents" to "White Collar Crime" to "Identity Theft" to "Miranda Rights" to countless others. Articles must be written in such a manner that they accomplish two goals. Firstly, they must convey the client's message. Secondly, they must be optimized for search so that clients will see them in Google's search results.

Web Page

The web page is the heart of every website, and Steven has written well over 1,500 of them, mostly for law firm websites. Steven crafts meticulous web page content using organic, naturally-flowing keywords and engaging, concise wording. The web page conveys the client's most essential information - the website's message - and must be written with great clarity, focus and skill.

Blog Post

Steven has a J.D. and writes compelling, meticulous, authoritative, thoroughly researched and well-developed blog posts that enhance his clients' websites. All of Steven's attorney clients rated 100% of Steven's blogs with "Exceeded My Expectations" ratings in 2015. Some of the titles of Steven's recent blogs include:

- Understanding Your Miranda Rights
- Distracted Driving and Texting While Driving
- Excessive Use of Force
- 25 Potential Consequences Resulting from a Criminal Conviction
- The Principle of Reasonable Doubt and the Presumption of Innocence

Steven has a Master's Level Teaching Degree and has a knack for explaining complex legal content to readers who are otherwise unfamiliar with these topics.

Steven is available to discuss writing blogs for your website. Contact him through the WriterAccess message system.

Projects By Expertise

Steven has a J.D. and has written well over 1,500 legal articles, blogs and website pages for lawyers in jurisdictions across the country. While Steven specializes in personal injury and criminal law SEO content, he has extensive experience writing in virtually all areas.

He has written on virtually every conceivable personal injury topic, ranging from basic negligence and tort cases to complex medical malpractice, defective product and wrongful death cases.

As well, Steven has written on virtually every criminal law topic. Steven has a special gift for clarifying, simplifying and explaining complex legal topics and statutes so that they are understandable to searchers.

In 2015, Steven wrote all the practice area pages and blogs for a prominent criminal defense attorney's website.

Steven blogs regularly for some of the country's most respected criminal law, personal injury and medical malpractice firms.

Steven has written on hundreds of legal topics, some of them dozens of times. Please see the extensive list of topic examples in this profile.

Please contact Steven via the WriterAccess message system to discuss your website needs. He is more than happy to help you select article topics.


Steven has a J.D. and a Master's Degree, has written well over 1000 legal articles, and specializes in crafting meticulous personal injury and criminal law SEO content. 2015 was a year of extraordinary success, for 100% of Steven's solo legal articles were rated "Exceeded My Expectations" by his clients. Steven writes for law firms and solo practitioners across the country.

Steven enjoys cultivating long term professional relationships with his clients and they often hire him to write practice area pages and blogs on a continual weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Contact Steven through the WriterAccess message system to inquire about your website projects.

Research Writer

Steven conducts extensive research on every one of his legal articles. His ability to accurately and thoroughly research is one of his greatest strengths and has resulted in "Exceeded My Expectations" ratings in 100% of his L6 orders by his clients in 2015 and 2016.

As every attorney knows, accurate, up-to-date information is essential in all legal matters, for statutes and holdings are constantly changing. Steven understands how important it is for your website to convey accurate information. This is why he researches every legal topic, no matter how many times he has written on it previously.

Steven recently conducted intensive research on more than 50 complex Florida criminal law statutes for a client's website. He also researched the Florida Standard Jury Instructions and potential defenses for these topics.

Steven conducts extensive research in articles and blogs pertaining to personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death and all other negligence and tort issues.

As well, family law topics such as divorce, custody, paternity and a myriad of other issues are researched extensively for clients in states throughout the country.

Steven researches state and federal laws pertaining to all legal topics.

Projects by Writing Style

Legal articles in particular should be written in an authoritative manner - yet without frightening the reader off the page. An article should be authoritative in order to convey that the attorney is confident, secure, knowledgeable and an expert in his or her field - without using the word "expert," which goes against most states' bar rules unless the attorney is so certified. Steven's articles are written in an authoritative, yet friendly manner.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Steven writes content for clients and firms of all sizes:

- Solo practitioners
- Small firms
- Medium firms
- Large firms

The majority of Steven's clients are solo practitioners and small and medium size firms.

It is far more cost effective and efficient to hire an offsite legal content writer on a per-assignment basis than it is to hire a full time in-house writer.

Steven fills that niche for clients by writing:

- Website pages - most website pages are practice area topics that describe the attorney's services
- Blogs - regularly scheduled weekly and biweekly blog posting is essential to keep website content current and to improve Google rankings.
- Case reviews - analysis of new case law and holdings
- Statutory interpretation - explaining statutes for readers
- Other - whatever the client desires to improve, add to or clarify their website

- Website content - Steven writes everything from individual website pages to entire websites.

For example, Steven recently completed an entire 59 topic criminal law website for a highly successful, respected and well-known criminal defense solo practitioner.

Whatever size your practice is, Steven's meticulous attention to detail can help you.


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