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Location O'Fallon, MO
Education Associates Degree
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Missy has spent the last 13 years working as a web content writer. Previous and current clients include Nextag,, LiveSTRONG,, Xobebe, and several doctors and lawyers. She specializes in creative content, but she can match any style or tone that you need.
Missy specializes in articles, blog posts, marketing copy, and product descriptions. She prefers to use a creative approach and a conversational tone for her projects, but she can easily adapt to any style that you need.
Missy loves reading, writing, walking, and playing basketball. She also enjoys spending time with her children and significant other. She never fails to notice the little things in life and believes that anything is fun if you do it with the right people.
St. Louis Community College Nursing, Education, AA

Missy is a former nursing major who realized that she enjoys working in a classroom setting just as much as a medical office.

Projects by Industry

Missy has written numerous career articles for sites such as Contently and EHow. She also helps customers across the country write creative cover letters and resumes. No job is too big for this talented writer; one of Missy's clients recently landed an interview for a position with an annual salary of $120,000.


Missy enjoys writing about college degrees, online learning, GED prep, and the many different scholarships available. An article on education is actually what helped launch her career as a freelance writer. About 10 years ago, Ms. Nolan wrote an essay about how getting her GED after dropping out of high school was very important. The essay was published in Teen Ink and won the What Matters award.


Missy was hesitant to write about electronics at first, but has recently grown comfortable writing in this area. She primarily writes product reviews of things like printers and laptops, but has also written quite a few articles about the iPhone. As an iPhone owner, she is quite familiar with all of the latest apps and updates.


Finance is a topic that Missy enjoys reading and writing about. She has written numerous articles about saving money, improving your FICO score, and applying for a loan. Last year, she was a featured Finance Expert on Contently. Her well-written finance articles can be found on established sites such as She also writes articles for a few different loan companies.


Missy loves cooking and baking in her free time, so it's no surprise that she also enjoys writing about food. She has extensive experience writing about nutrition, a subject that she is passionate about. Her previous career as a chiropractic assistant required her to learn quite a bit about food and the way it affects our bodies.

Green Products

Missy has some experience writing reviews and articles about green products. They have "gone green" at her house, so she feels good writing about something that she actively practices. She often gets teased by her friends for recycling everything, including toothpaste boxes and shampoo bottles. Missy even makes her own Eco-friendly laundry detergent and dish soap.


A former health care worker, Missy is very comfortable writing about health-related topics. She specializes in topics related to nutrition, mental illness, and chiropractic care. She is not limited to these areas and is happy to write about anything and everything related to the health field. She has written for LiveSTRONG since 2010.


Creative writing comes naturally for Missy, and she has written several humorous pieces over the last few years. She is a copywriter for, a position that frequently requires her to write entertaining marketing copy and articles about a wide variety of topics. A former client once praised her for her ability to make any topic interesting, even drab financial matters.


Writing about parenting and family-related topics is fairly easy for this devoted mother. Missy's adorable children range in age from 16 months to 9 years, and she looks forward to welcoming another son to her family this summer. She enjoys writing about nutrition, time management, and numerous other issues and concerns that affect parents.


Missy has written numerous articles on topics of interest to women, including cosmetics, parenting, and careers. She is a mom who loves makeup, so writing about topics that relate to women is something that comes naturally to her. Recent projects include several articles for cosmetic surgeons, as well as an eBook about dating tips for women.


A former promotional model, Missy is quite familiar with the world of marketing. She enjoys writing landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, and marketing copy. She has helped market everything from weight loss supplements to plastic surgery. Her advanced knowledge of SEO helps her bring visitors to your website. Her strong sales skills help ensure that those same visitors purchase your products or services while they are there.


Missy leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys writing articles about nutrition. Recent projects include articles about My Plate, healthy desserts, and kid-friendly snacks. As a writer for LiveSTRONG, Missy consistently produces high-quality articles on vitamins, minerals, and healthy meals. She can also write recipes with step-by-step photos.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Missy is an SEO expert who first learned how to find and use keywords for her own residual income sites. She later discovered that most clients place a heavy emphasis on using keywords effectively. Missy keeps up with all of the latest algorithm changes that Google makes, from Panda to Penguin, and can help make sure that your articles conform to the latest guidelines.

Projects by Asset Type

Missy has been writing articles for more than 8 years. She can write articles on any topic, but her specialties include health, marketing, and business. Ms. Nolan can match any tone or style, and is most comfortable writing in 2nd or 3rd person. Previous and current clients include Patch, Xobebe, and LiveSTRONG.

Projects by Writing Style

Missy has written everything from press releases to blog posts, but there's one thing that keeps customers and readers coming back: Her conversational style. She has the ability to make boring topics fun and fun topics, well, more fun. Hire Missy today if you are looking for a writer who knows how to talk to, rather than at, your readers.


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