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Location Hartfield, VA
Education College Diploma
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Rebecca is a full time high school English teacher. She is looking for part-time work as a free lance writer to supplement her income. She has been writing SEO keyword content articles since June of 2010. She also has great proofreading, grammar and research skills. She is able to research and write creatively and accurately about many different topics.
Rebecca has a variety of interests and with her extensive research skills she can write on almost any topic. This includes real estate, home improvement, crafting, gardening and many more.
Rebecca's interests include reading and writing. She also spends time scrapbooking and watching home improvement shows on television. She reads a variety of magazines and enjoys listening to contemporary Christian music.
University of North Carolina - Wilmington English Education, B.A.

I studied English Education and received my license to teach in North Carolina and later in Virginia.

Association Memberships
NEA Rebecca is a teacher and she has been a member of the National Education Association for many years. She is enthusiastic about staying up to date with her education and continuing the learning process throughout her life.

Projects by Industry

People search the internet every day to find quick information about auto insurance and where to find the best rates. Making sure to research the information carefully before writing is the key to attracting consumers. Offering the information is in a creative way and building the keyword count gets the job done.


Financial planning is important in today's economy to prepare for the future. Researching the latest trends in financial planning is the key to making sure the information is accurate and up to date. Readers are looking for ways to save money and spend money responsibly. Encouraging readers to do this is the responsibility of a good writer.


Rebecca has experience writing all types of articles in the insurance industry. This includes automobile, life, home and condo insurance.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Most of Rebecca's early experience came from SEO word requirements. She wrote articles about auto insurance, home insurance, financial planning, retirement homes and a number of other topics. Rebecca understands the importance of exact key word content to make sure your articles do not turn into spam.

Link Building

Although link building is not an area Rebecca has had a lot of experience, she is able to do almost anything. Give her a topic and what you are looking for in the project and Rebecca will take the job to the next level.

Projects by Asset Type
News Story

Writing news stories whether new or a summary of another topic in breaking news is a specialty for Rebecca. Although some may find it difficult to write the who, what, when, where and how important for news releases, as an English major, Rebecca does not have a problem.

Blog Post

Writing blog posts is a simple task for Rebecca. Since she keeps up to date with what is going on in the world - it is easy to write about almost any topic. Since research is quick to complete on the internet, writing blogs is a lot of fun.

Web Page

Writing content for web pages takes organization and concise information. Rebecca has written web content for attorneys, vets and doctor offices. Making sure the company is reflected in the best possible light is easy for Rebecca.


With lots of experience writing articles about automobile insurance, Rebecca can make even the most mundane topics seem important and interesting. It is all in how you present the information.


Rebecca has extensive experience writing product descriptions for apartments and other products. Once the information has been researched, it is easy to make the information interesting and convince people to buy the products.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

As an English teacher, Rebecca is a pro at research. No matter what the topic, she can find the information and give credit to the proper sources. Whether the article needs to be written in MLA or APA style, Rebecca is your girl.

Creative Writer

Creative writing is a passion more than a profession for Rebecca. Since she was a small child, she has always enjoyed writing creatively about topics that interest her. Depending on the project, Rebecca can crank out a creative writing piece in no time.


Copy writing is a gift. Rebecca can write copy for almost any subject with very little direction. Once she gets an assignment, it takes only a short time to research the information and formulate an interesting article.

Projects by Writing Style

Writing articles to educate people on important topics is another of Rebecca's unique abilities. She has written articles about different types of law, business systems, and educational programs.


Convincing people to buy things is the goal of many writers. Rebecca could probably sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. Many clients are looking for basic information about their product with a plug to check out quotes online. Rebecca can write the information you need and get customers knocking on your door.


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