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Chris K

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Location Millersville, MD
Education College Diploma
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Chris has been creating high quality SEO content for the past four years. He works for various clients ranging from professionals in the industry to colleagues needing assistance with their websites.
Chris has written a variety of different types of articles including how-to, lists, product reviews, and travel articles.
His interests include sports, outdoor activities, computer games, board games, and cooking. He has hosted a monthly game night for my group of friends from college for the past ten years.
University of Maryland- University College Business Administration, Bacherlor's Degree In Business and Public Admin.

Chris attended the University of Maryland while working full-time. He found this was very beneficial as he was able to apply the ideas he learned in school to his business tasks on a daily basis. Learning at night and online, he also benefited from the knowledge of his fellow classmates who had been in the professional workplace for years.

Projects by Industry

Chris has written many different reviews of GPS devices. He has analyzed how reliable they are, as well as the features that each offer. GPS devices have improved over the years even offering digital representation of the lane you should be in for the road you are driving on. The more improvements that become common among them, the greater the competition for buyers of vehicle GPS systems.


Chris has written many articles guiding individuals and families with financial management tips. These range from how to save for vacation to reducing costs for meals in their hometowns. He has also written tips for parents on how to save for expenses associated with raising a child and reducing those costs wherever possible.


Chris and his family enjoy attending many different entertainment events. These can range from local dinner theaters to new restaurants in his area. As a former catering manager he offers insight into not only the menu, but the decisions behind them by the restaurant. His experience helps see behind those kitchen doors.


Before making financial decisions in individual's personal lives, they need the proper tools. Chris has written articles discussing various financial ratios individuals, businesses and families must consider before making financial decisions. He takes these ratios and formulas and describes them in a way that even someone without a financial background can understand.


Chris managed a catering hall, and knows what it takes to create an appealing menu. This is something he looks for when reviewing local restaurants as well as those in various vacation destinations. Without an appealing menu, the restaurant may never get the opportunity to show off the skills of the chef behind the kitchen doors.


Chris has written a large volume of articles reviewing board and card games. He has also written many on poker variations for home poker games. Chris finds that the interest in gaming ranging from board games to card games is expanding as the mechanics of the games have changed. They include mechanics such as auctions, card deck building and card trading.


Shopping these days for kids is like going on a scavenger hunt. Chris realizes people need to take the clues they have gathered from their kids or others children shoppers are purchasing gifts for and find the perfect match.Chris knows that not everyone is experienced in this area, so he writes articles about gifts that match well with certain types of interests.


Sports have always been a part and a major influence in Chris' life. He has participated in sports as both an athlete and a fan. As he has gotten older, he has worked on coming up with creative ways to include sports in family gatherings and cookouts for his friends and family members.


Chris loves to travel. He has traveled both for business purposes and pleasure. He realizes that readers are looking for different things from different destinations based on the reason they are traveling. He provides tips not only for where to stay and dine, but also for activities to do for family and business trips.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

On the Internet today, it's important to generate an audience based on the words used in an article. These articles are created to generate traffic for websites. Search engines realize that some articles are just created by filling an article with keywords with little concern for grammar and substance. This is something Chris avoids in his articles, as the trend in the interest is for search engines to lower the ranking of websites without both keyword content and high quality material.

Projects by Asset Type

Chris has been writing for over five years. He has published over 2,500 articles during this time. The articles range from those that teach people how to perform specific tasks to ideas for activities for families to share together. Formats have ranged from how-to articles to list formats.

Projects By Expertise

Chris has written many different types of articles for various publications. Some of these articles are written for small audiences such as a group of employees. Others are written for thousands that are looking for ideas for entertainment, dining or family activities by researching the Internet.

Research Writer

Writing is more than just providing information from your own personal knowledge and experience. Sometimes you have to do research to expand on your knowledge or meet the needs of a client. Chris does this regularly for clients in areas that he doesn't have enough personal experience to complete his article with the knowledge clients deserve.

Projects by Writing Style

Chris has experience in a large variety of different areas. His experience ranges from professional to personal. When writing an article for a client, he realizes they don't just want information from others repeated in a different format. Instead, he provides his experience and insight as a supplement to the research he conducts.


Chris realizes it's important to avoid talking at your audience. Instead, he attempts to talk with them through his writing. He creates a bond with his audience in his writing. This conversational tone makes the reader wish to keep reading and find additional articles of his to read in the future.


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