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Pamella N has written professionally for over two decades for a variety of audiences. Her writing experience includes direct mail, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, website content, sales copy, email autoresponders, books, blogs, short stories and even poetry. She had fifteen poems published before she graduated high school, and won a 3rd place award for a feature story from the New York Press Association before she graduated college. In addition to her awards, Pam has BA from Sarah Lawrence and a Masters of Science from New York University for Direct and Interactive Marketing.

To be honest, Pam thinks that's all well and good. But what matters to her is how well she understands what you want to say to your readers and how well she can convey that message so it is understood. She is a results-oriented writer. Part of that means that she is always encouraging clients to test her writing - she will give you a couple of headlines, just for testing purposes. And she may ask a lot of questions about who your audience is and what makes them tick.
Pam specializes in web content, sales letters, email newsletters and autoresponders, blog posts, and short books. She also has a lot of experience with direct mail (especially catalogs), business plans and marketing plans.
Her interests are varied, from gardening and planted aquariums, to hiking, food, weight loss and even etiquette. She is currently writing a lot about crowdfunding, personal finance, and getting rid of clutter.
New York University Sep 2002 – May 2004
Direct and Interactive Marketing, Master of Science

Pam earned her Master's Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University. Her coursework involved advanced statistics, including "bootstrapping" to be able to see patterns in customer behavior, financial analysis including how to calculate lifetime value, creative management and media buys and advanced direct marketing techniques, including how to run a continuity program. She continues to use and expand on the skills she learned at NYU.

Sarah Lawrence College writing, Bachelor of Arts

Pam finished the last two years of her undergraduate work at Sarah Lawrence. Her primary focus was on writing. Sarah Lawrence is blessed with having not one but two Noble Prize winners in Literature as graduates.

Honors and Awards
3rd Place for Feature Article This was a piece Pam wrote for the Peekskill Herald as part of her job as a beat reporter for the village of Buchanon, New York (and the hamlet of Verplankt). Buchanon does not have anything too terribly interesting about it except that it is home to Indian Point nuclear power plant, which is less than two miles from New York City. The feature story that won the award is about the amusements parks that used to sit on the land now occupied by the Indian Point Power Plant.

Advanced SEO Planet Ocean
Sep 2012
This Advanced SEO course involves seven online training segments, plus additional downloadable materials and a lengthy question and answer session at the end. It is an ideal way to learn from top SEOs in the industry about what is working now and how to give any website an edge. The latest algorithm changes by Google were covered in detail.

Here is the outline of content that was covered in the course:

* vocabulary
* marking up a product page
* marking up a location
* event markup
* Combining multiple items on a page
* Troubleshooting Markup Problems

Video Optimization
* Youtube Video Optimization
* Universal Search Video
* Facebook Video and Power of Tagging
* Open Graph and Microformat Markup
* Video Sitemaps

301 Redirects
* When & Why to use a 301 Redirect
* Simple Redirects with .htaccess
* www / non www Redirects
* Windows 301 Redirects and their limitations
* Loops and Chained Redirect Problems
* Case insensitive Redirects for Tracking
* Testing your Redirects

Image Optimization
* Core Ranking Fundamentals
* EXIF Data and Geotagging
* Image Sizes and Ranking
* Open Graph and Microformat Markup
* Image Sitemaps
* Troubleshooting Ranking Problems in Image Search

Advanced Search Tactics Local Search
* The Challenges of Local Search
* What Are the Ranking Factors?
* Which Factors Are Most Important?
* 7 Pack Algorithm vs. Maps Algorithm
* Why Get Listed?
* How to Get Listed
* Where to Get Listed
* Barnacle SEO

Leads, Sales, Consulting Gigs & More
* Lead Generation.
* Lead Qualification.
* Consultative Selling.
* One Page Proposals.
* Becoming a Thought Leader.

Google Penalties
* What's a Google penalty (difference between ban and penalty)
* Common causes of Google penalties (why does a site get penalized)
* Different kinds of Google penalties (manual vs automatic)
* Checking for a Google penalty
* How to unwind a Google penalty (secrets of a successful reconsideration request)

Projects by Industry

Pam is a certified master gardener who let her volunteer hours lapse. She also studied landscape design and gardening at the Bronx Botanical Garden for two years.

Pam has written dozens of gardening articles. She also managed and wrote some of the email newsletter for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden from 2005-2006.

The sample below is the first few paragraphs of web content she wrote for a client.

Non Profit

Pam worked for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden for several years as their marketing consultant. Here are the first two paragraphs of a press release she wrote for the organization.


Pam was a Marketing Manager at the book catalog A Common Reader for three years she moved to the ad agency Insight Out of Chaos as a copywriter and project manager. After that she moved to Santa Fe and started her own small marketing agency. She has helped dozens of different businesses find new clients/customers.

The work sample below is from an email she wrote for a local hardware store in a rural area. The style is casual to better engage the reader.


Pam has done a variety of work for a law firm. The writing sample below is for some web content she wrote for them.


Pam has written several online courses and a couple of course description catalogs. She has also written web content and marketing materials for local and online schools and training courses.

The writing sample below are two sample introductory paragraphs for the home page of a business school's website.

Home Living

Pam has a keen interest in clutter control and organization. She has written several articles of web content for different clients. Here are the first few paragraphs of a sample article written for one of her own websites.


Pam's business experience spans two decades. The sample below is the first few paragraphs of an article she wrote for one of her own websites.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Pam usually writes with keyword requirements. She's always concerned when a client wants more than 1% keyword density, though, because that suggests they do not understand current SEO best practices. As someone who has gotten sites into first position for competitive terms, and who holds an Advanced SEO certificate from Planet Ocean, Pam knows that light use of varied keywords is best, and that latent semantic indexing (the use of related keywords) is the best practice. Of course, it is still important to add the primary keywords to title tags and headers.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Pam does not generally write just title and meta tag descriptions. Typically she includes them as part of an article or other piece of web content. She is well aware that title tags need to be keyword rich, vary from page to page, and be less than 70 characters.

Pam puts extra work into meta tag descriptions. This is sales copy to get the user to click.

Pam has recently incorporated and "structured data markup" and microformats into her page markups. Adding these tags increases clickthrough rates by 20-30%.

Projects by Asset Type

Pam has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics. Most of her articles have been for website content, but some have appeared in regional and trade magazines.

The sample below appeared on

Blog Post

Pam has written for a variety of different blogs. She has recently delivered work for an law firm's blog, a crowdfunding blog, a drawing blog and an internet marketing blog. She is extremely well-versed in WordPress setup and customization and uses dozens of WordPress plugins to maximize the results of her work.


Pam's interest in psychology gives her an added edge as a copywriter. She has written long form sales letters, direct mail copy, catalog and product promotion copy, and email autoresponders.

Here is a sample autoresponder she wrote earlier this year.

News Story

Pam won 3rd place for a feature article from the New York Press Association in 1992. She wrote for the local newspaper, The Peekskill Herald for over two years, covering over a hundred different news stories from new business startups to town budget hearings and high school graduations.

Web Page

Pam has written for a variety of websites, including a law firm's site, a crafts business, technology sites, real estate brokers' websites, website designers websites and more.

The sample below was written for a website about how to draw.

Projects By Expertise

Pam's interest in psychology makes her an unusually effective copywriter. She has studied copywriting classics like Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and Tested Advertising Methods and knows how to apply the principles these books outline in a way that grabs and holds a reader's attention. She is able to do this in both the long form and the short form, in long sales copy and even in pay per click ads.

Projects by Writing Style

Most of Pam's work is done in a conversational style. She writes a lot of web content, and this is best done in the conversational style, though that does not mean it has no polish. She prefers sales copy to be written in conversation style as well, because it makes the reader identify more, and feel like they are understood.

The sample below is an article Pam wrote for one of her websites.


Pam writes a lot of sales copy. She likes the enthusiastic tone and the dance of a sales pitch, but never wants to overdo it enough to sound like hype. The best sales copy follows the reader right along through their doubts.

The sample below is an autoresponder Pam wrote earlier this year.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Pam typically writes for small businesses. She likes the agility of smaller businesses and their tendency to be more results focused and have fewer "moving parts" compared to larger firms.

The sample piece below was written for an affiliate industry magazine in 2006.

Large Business

Pam wrote for a number of large businesses when she was working at ad agencies. The sample copy below is from that period. This copy was used on a postcard sent out by True Value hardware stores across the country.


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