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Emma has been writing since she can remember. Throughout high school and college, she flexed her creative writing muscles as often as she could, not sure of where this passion might take her in her adulthood. In 2010, Emma started a blog to have a creative safe place for her self-proclaimed "word vomit." Little did she know curating content for this passion project would someday help to get her foot in the door of her first every copywriting job at a Dallas agency.

Emma has worked at a handful of prestigious Dallas agencies over the last several years, writing everything from headlines to TV/radio scripts to blogs to countless "listicles" online. She is now the head copywriter for one of the world's most known and prestigious online dating site.

She's fast but thorough and an expert in infusing personality into almost anything she pens. There's almost nothing Emma can't or won't take a stab at if you let her.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Being the head writer of a well-known dating website, Emma is never short of examples of her work in this field.


Emma has a passion for fashion (and she didn't mean for that to rhyme). She has lended her skills to a few of her fashion blogger friends' websites to help describe their looks in intriguing albeit flowery detail.


Emma's own blog is humor-heavy, and sometimes she gets to take those funny talents to other websites. Take, for example, her 2-month stint on ThoughtCatalog. During this time, Emma wrote an impressive amount of "listicles," getting to flex her funny writing muscles on the daily.

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Summary of Product Experience


Emma has served as a copywriter for multiple ad agencies over the past several years. She has worked to hone the craft of storytelling through clients' voices and loves a challenge. She's worked for a wide variety of clients — anywhere from a bank to potato chips to a mobile phone provider. She's covered it all and then some.

Blog Post

Emma has kept up with her own, personal blog for the past 6.5 years, growing a substantial following via social media promotion. She has built an ownable and exciting online personality on her own. At her current job, Emma is tasked with taking those skills and writing three blog posts for the company every week.

Email Copy

This particular section of the writer's profile only allows three assets to be listed, but Emma can cover literally anything. Her email copy skill set is strong — she crafts emails for her current company which are sent out to millions of users.

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