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For the last seven years, Jack has held the position of Corresponding Secretary for a Brooklyn Based community organization. He has also written for his own web site focused on New York City travel. He writes slow and careful. Everything he writes has purpose. His writings rank high on the readability scale, and flow from beginning to end. Hire Jack, you get quality.

After a few paper routes, a half dozen supermarket jobs, a stint in the navy, and work as a New York City cab driver, Jack settled in with a major telephone company for 31 years. Since retiring from there, he worked two years in IT as a VoIP specialist. Next, he purchased and flipped a condo at the Broward county property auction. For the past four years Jack has been working as a general contractor, mostly on his own properties.


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The excerpt below came from a travel piece that Jack did on the Red Rocks Amphitheatre located outside of Denver Colorado. The article details his and his wife’s experience at a Steely Dan/Michael McDonald concert in 2005. The story includes all the usual information such as the history, location, and best time to go. Mainly though, it centers on the very special experience that the venue provides its visitors.

Web Development

Jack has a thorough understanding of web site design. He can tell you where your site excels, and where it fails. From 2014 to 2016, he operated a service in that field. Front end design, content management systems, and css would be just a few of his strong areas in the field of Web Development.

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Web Page

From 2005 through 2009, Jack operated a New York City based travel website. He created and maintained this site in order to learn current web technologies. The site ran on php and featured a content management system. This allowed for easy updating, without the need to log onto the host server.

Newsletter Content

For the past seven years, Jack has served as the Corresponding Secretary for a Brooklyn based community organization. He has written dozens of newsletters, promotional letters, thank you letters, and letters of recommendation. Jack produces highly focused and to the point letters that readers appreciate. Consider Jack if you need a well written, professional, and concise letter.

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