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Location Collinsville, CT
Education Bachelors Degree
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Sumei has worked as a professional writer since 2008. She has provided content for clients as varied as doctors and psychologists, naturopaths and enviromentalists, dog groomers, fashion lovers, business and life coaches.

Her natural and wide-ranging curiosity, and her avid and thorough research ability, make Sumei the perfect choice for providing authoritative and expert content.

Sumei has created many different types of content for her clients, including: articles and blogs, ebooks and book chapters, white papers and research reports, speeches, seminars, online courses, marketing emails and website copy.

For the past few years, Sumei has focused extensively on entrepreneurship, small business and marketing.
Articles, target market research, white papers.
Creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, personal branding, biomimicry, conservation, health and science.
University of Hartford Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Course

Professional writing course including online writing and persuasive writing.

University of Connecticut Sociology, Bachelor of Arts cum Laude

Sumei attended college before scientific journalism existed as a major. Intent on entering the medical field, she studied the life sciences heavily before changing to the social sciences in the end.

Honors and Awards
New England Scholar 3.7 or better GPA

Inductee Nominated by faculty

Member Top 15% academic achievers in colleges and universities

Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Top 10% of arts and sciences students

Projects by Industry

In her work for a business coach and an entrepreneurial educator, Sumei has written countless articles, blogs and reports, as well as provided marketing email, web copy, speech scripts, online courses, company proposals, leadership and employee engagement seminars and entrepreneurial guides.


Sumei has worked for a large number of health purveyors of different types, from psychologists to nutritionists.


Sumei has worked for a number of clients that required scientific research, analysis and interpretation that could be easily grasped by different audience levels.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Sumei's experience with titles and meta descriptions has evolved over the years along with industry knowledge.

Projects by Asset Type

Sumei has worked providing article for newsletters, websites and newspaper publications, even regular columns, as a ghostwriter since 2008.

White Paper

Sumei has compiled a number of white papers and research reports for various clients over the years and this is her preferred type of work.


Sumei has written many ebooks for various buyers over the years. She has written on various topics, in varying styles for several different audience types. The research necessary to provide a quality ebook is the kind of work she enjoys.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

While all of Sumei's work is research-based; she is an avid and thorough researcher that enjoys the process. Her white papers and research reports are among her favorites.


Sumei has created a number of investigative or journalistic-style pieces for various clients.


As part of her recent focus on marketing, Sumei has created a number of copywriting pieces for a client concerning entrepreneurship and small business.

Projects by Writing Style

The primary goal of content is to connect with the audience and authority or expertise are always part of this appeal. Sumei has worked with various buyers and content differing by purpose to always provide authoritative work, whether it seems personable and approachable or not.


Sumei has worked with several clients who prefer a more conversational style with their audience. She achieves this without undermining expert status.


Reporting facts, and the real truth behind hyped news or topics, is a favorite activity for Sumei. She has provided journalistic content for a number of clients over the years.


Sumei has worked on marketing campaigns, providing original content and promotional content from emails and Facebook posts to press releases and landing page copy.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Sumei has provided content for some multinational corporations, mainly leadership and organizational change seminars.


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