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Rachel H

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Although her two favorite industries and specialties are polar opposites (Senior Living & Inbound Marketing), they are indeed Rachel's passions. Nothing excites her more than learning about the newest trends and how businesses can increase leads and ultimately grow their ROI or learning how the adult daughter interacts in the decision-making process with her parents for finding a future home.
Inbound Marketing
Senior Living
Health & Fitness
Faith --Faith comes first, always.
Family --Family comes second, always.
Inbound Marketing --anything digital, really! Staying social is fun.
Working out --I believe it is important to love your body and give it the best life you can.
The Ohio State University Aug 2011 – Dec 2014
Major in Marketing; Minor in Communication Technology, Bachelor's Degree

Rachel was juggling between becoming an English Major and Teacher when she finally settled on a degree in Marketing. She felt the options in the Marketing field were endless --from teaching others, to writing, to being creative and doing research. She has found, since then, that she has the ability to sit down and write technical copy for large Fortune 500 companies, but truly enjoys when she can sit down, be creative and write copy that is compelling, exciting and easy-to-read for the end-user.

Email Marketing Certification HubSpot
Jul 2016
The Email Marketing Certification through HubSpot confirms that Rachel has an in-depth knowledge in both using the HubSpot Email Marketing, tool, as well as optimizing the content within that tool.

HubSpot Certification Hubspot
Jun 2016
The Hubspot Certification proves that Rachel has both an in-depth knowledge of inbound marketing, as well as the ability to implement lead-generating content for landing pages, blogs, and the like.

Inbound Certification HubSpot
Jan 2015
The Inbound Certification via Hubspot confirms that Rachel has an in-depth knowledge in the inbound marketing industry.

Projects by Industry

Rachel has written many articles for the senior living industry, working directly with CEO's and Marketing Directors of various senior-living communities. It is her passion to help change the outlook of "nursing homes" to being much more: a living community --one where individuals can come and live life to the fullest, taking the burden off of their adult children. She has spent many hours studying the relationships between adult children and their parents, as well as analyzing the details of their search for independent living communities around the country. Rachel says, "when you are passionate about something, the research and writing becomes second-nature!"

Likewise, Rachel believes health can be held true and a common topic for both the young and old. As a certified fitness instructor at her local gym, she enjoys educating individuals that she trains on how they can make the most of their bodies and live life to the fullest each and every day.


Rachel has worked in the Inbound Marketing industry for over 3 years now, but has grown up being digitally connected. She is passionate about learning the newest technology, and how businesses can leverage the internet to increase leads and revenue over time. She is always keeping up on the latest industry trends and research to be on top of her game when it comes to inbound (digital) marketing knowledge. Her research, paired with her first-hand experience, are what has shaped her to being the writer she is.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Rachel was trained from day 1 to incorporate the right keywords into her copy in order to increase rankings in the search engines and in turn, provide better results for clients.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Rachel has written many blogs for both the inbound marketing and senior living industry; both of which are engaging and exciting, using general link-building strategies and other SEO tactics to increase conversions and improve SEO rankings.

Projects By Expertise

Rachel has spent the majority of her time doing basic copywriting for blogs, long forms and email copy.

Projects by Writing Style

Rachel has written 80% of her writing pieces in a very conversational tone --it's what she finds to be most enjoyable and to come most naturally for her. While she has written several technical pieces in the past for large Fortune 500 companies, she has learned that what she enjoys most is writing as if she is speaking to someone face-to-face.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Rachel wrote website copy for product pages, as well as put together written reports during her time as a Marketing Communications co-op at Emerson Climate Technologies.


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