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Andrea T

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Location Milwaukee, WI
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Andrea T. has written for practically every medium there is: radio, print, online, and her own site where she reviews the pop culture she consumes. Andrea mostly specializes in reviews, news, and politics, but she is highly adaptable and skilled enough for more unfamiliar tasks as well.
Reviews, news stories, summaries, think pieces, essays.
Reading, writing, movies, politics.
UW-Milwaukee Journalism, Bachelor's

Andrea T. attended college for journalism and acquired many diverse skills, such as writing news stories, think pieces, summaries, and reviews.

Projects by Industry

Andrea T. specializes in reviews, especially of books and films. She has written for print, radio, online, and TV. She has also founded her own site where she writes about her passion for pop culture. In addition, she further sharpened her communication skills when she founded and set up the first Milwaukee Women's Film Festival, which involved constant communication with other organizations and sponsors, and communication with the media, mostly via press releases. While Andrea does specialize in news and reviews, she is highly adaptable and committed to writing well, no matter the medium or subject.


Andrea studied politics in college, and wrote many pieces on the subject for outlets as diverse as her college newspaper and media in Ghana. She has also interned for local and national political campaigns. Andrea also interned at her local TV news station WISN 12, where her tasks included acting as an anchor for their online streaming newscast, and rewriting various local news stories for their website.


Andrea has always been interested in women's issues and has been writing on the subject for years. In 2016, she decided to get even more involved, so she founded and set up the Milwaukee Women's Film Festival. She selected the films, determined the schedule, planned the opening party, kept the media informed, and secured various sponsors. She then wrote a piece about her experiences for the website The Young Folks.

Projects by Asset Type

Andrea's primary focus throughout her writing career has been articles, whether they were news stories, interviews, or opinion pieces. She has written news articles for her college newspaper, media in Ghana, her local TV station WISN 12, professional and informal online sites, and her own site that she founded. These articles have ranged in style from formal and journalistic to informal and humorous. She has also interviewed a variety of people, from academics, children, teenagers, and adults, mostly filmmakers.

Press Release

Andrea helped write press releases for various political campaigns she interned for. She also got involved with a local film festival, and helped the organizers write press releases, eventually becoming their Communications Director. She also wrote many press releases when she set up her own film festival, the Milwaukee Women's Film Festival.

Blog Post

Andrea has been writing blog posts for years, both on behalf of herself and others. These posts have been for larger, news-oriented sites, as well as smaller, local, more personal sites, some of which were set up by other people, some by herself. Before making her own website, she wrote for a blog that other local writers had founded.

Projects By Expertise

Andrea T. has been writing for years, and for a variety of outlets, including radio, print, and online. Recently, she set up her own website, so she could write about her love of pop culture. When she set up the Milwaukee Women's Film Festival, she also diligently kept fellow journalists informed of major events, and made sure to tailor her announcements to get the most attention and press. She also made sure to write and send press releases following each major development.


Andrea has recently recruited another person to write for the site she founded, which focuses on pop culture news and reviews. This person contributes to the site on a regular basis, and Andrea always carefully edits their work for style and grammatical errors. She has done the same for her own work since she started writing years ago. Andrea also writes all the headlines for their articles, and chooses which photos will appear on the site.

Projects by Writing Style

Andrea specializes in reviews for sites with a more informal style, so much of her writing is has a more conversational feel. Since she has been writing reviews for years, she has gotten very good at conveying a lighter, humorous, yet informative tone.


Andrea has written for a variety of news organizations, both at home and abroad. She started at her college newspaper, then did some work for various media in Ghana, wrote news features for an online site, and rewrote local TV news stories into online articles for WISN 12's website. She would also edit video for in CMS. She continues to write more informal news stories about film news for her own site.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Andrea has done a lot of work for organizations that could be described as medium-sized. They were well-established local businesses, but they also had ties to national organizations. So a story, article, or post about local issues could often attract a large audience. A few examples of these organizations was her local TV news station owned by ABC, and an online site with nationwide reach.

Small Business

Andrea has done a lot of work for small local businesses, such as film blogs or websites founded by others, which focused on the Milwaukee film scene. She has also done work for local Internet radio, and a few local film festivals, such as she the women's film festival she founded, and a horror film festival founded by others.


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