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Carlo L

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Carlo L. earned his Bachelor of Arts, and Master’s Degree, in Anthropology at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He has knowledge of, and experience with, several vastly different project and business types. This includes, primarily, DOD contractors, with software or hardware product lines, and cultural resource management firms (CRM- service based archaeology firms), but also landscaping companies, entertainment, retail (auto and non-durable), and various academic projects.

Currently, this higher education and experience assists his most frequent goal -- to provide compelling authority content for clients that want to improve their SEO, SMM, SEM, or website copy in general. By adhering to Google Adwords’ best practices and current trends in SEO execution, Carlo hopes to accelerate page visitation, create quality content that maintains visibility, and, thereby, client ROI. A thesis on 200 year old Mexican ceramics, and around 2 dozen technical reports regarding field survey, have improved his ability to take an editor’s role if needed.
Travel writing, blogging, research (statistical and topical), creative writing, AAA writing style
Carlo’s interests include energetic and agricultural sustainability, decision audits coupled with organizational mapping, antique automobiles, new motorcycles, sailing, and start-ups. Much of his free time and cognitive ability is applied to preparing back-end platforms for soon-to-launch businesses.
University of Central Florida Aug 2011 – May 2015
Anthropology; Archaeology, Master’s Degree (MA)

During pursuit of his Master's Degree, Carlo worked closely with Dr. Sarah Barber of UCF, Dr. Arion Mayes of San Diego State University, and Dr. Arthur Joyce of University of Colorado at Boulder. Research, management, and writing skills were expanded with fieldwork, school projects, and in the lab.

University of Central Florida Aug 2005 – Dec 2009
Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Throughout his college career, unless occupied with field research, Carlo generally worked 35 to 40 hours a week over the time he spent focused on his full course load. He continually maintained his status on the Dean’s List during his Bachelor’s, and received 5 teaching assistantship awards during his Master’s. Concurrently, he rose from Crew Chief to Operation Director, and then from Operation Director to Site Director for Proyecto Rio Verde (2009-2013).

Projects by Industry

Carlo’s experience lies with Windows and Linux operating systems. He enjoys applying new software to old software in complementary and creative ways, especially for unique projects or to resolve new problems. He also enjoys learning programming languages.


Carlo has torn apart and reconfigured several military vehicle types after decommission. During this time period, he spent weekends assisting with the re-fabrication and repair of classic car bodies. Writing about tools, products, and new technologies only abets his undying curiosity and willingness to learn. It’s a win-win.


Familiarity with several corporate structures has led to a familiarity and interest in processes and procedures. This can be usefully applied to the promotion of new organizational or structural models, such as incentive programs or Quality Assurance processes, respectively. Dissemination can be internal or external, that contextual characteristic greatly influences the product.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

This kind of writing requires the maintenance of authoritative tone, the use of conspicuous and relevant keywords that won’t break the bank (that are realistically within continuous budget), and the accessibility and efficacy of the information.

Projects by Asset Type

Articles allow for attention grabbing and authority gaining tactics, simultaneously. Moreover, they can, and almost always, provide both the client and publisher with the latest market or academic trends. Other new, key information often comes to light also. Carlo finds this work invaluable.

Newsletter Content

If clients have signed up to receive a newsletter, they must, logically, be interested in your project’s milestones or direction. Carlo bridges the gap between trained staff and the wider audience. A communicative experience can become transmuted into user experience. If it isn’t, your information isn’t being channeled properly, or clients aren’t receiving the information in a palpable way. Let’s find what can make it relevant.

Facebook Post

Facebook keeps a thumb on the pulse of Social Media Marketing. It’s no longer enough to speedily invent relevant posts, full use of their other tools has also become required. Tools like the Facebook business page must be addressed with SEO principals and marketing strategy. Carlo can help.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Besides spending 10 years becoming classically trained and real-world experienced in archaeology, Carlo continues to be plugged into a host of several academic disciplines – their information and people. This widens the gaze of his perspective on your topic.

Technical Writer

Having made algorithms and processes using datasets, Carlo is prepared to write your “How-to” articles from simple outlines.

Projects by Writing Style

Mexico is often Cancun, Cabo, or Cozumel to vacationing Americans, but there are other markets that visit more remote areas. Markets like the Norwegian students that visit a poor Mexican beach town to learn Spanish and surf, or the business people and researchers who suddenly face the everyday situations of common areas in a foreign country. Carlo has experience finding these remote places, and the remote areas within frequently visited places. Whether sharing a collectivo with farm animals, scouting a Beijing alley at 6 am for the best breakfast, or hunting for night accordion players in Venice, he always finds the adventure to write about.


Growing up in a Cuban and Italian-Irish household accustomed Carlo to rich and savory foods. Every family has their own style, even kitchen culture, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the styles of other families or regions. After all, that’s nearly 2 decades deprived of Cajun, Indian, Greek, and all others! That kind of deprivation can create a hypersensitivity to their nuances. He doesn’t complain about it though, in this case hypersensitivity is a gift.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Florida summers are hot, when throwing or shoveling fines they can be unbearable. Use Carlo’s experience with one of the largest landscape companies in North Central Florida to deliver your message. He’s been around pavers, dump-trailers, wind blowers, and loaders. He’s fixed weed eaters and hedge trimmers, mixed gas, and has thrown his fair share of bahia. Writing about irrigation doesn’t have to be irritating.


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