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Joseph W

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Location Wallkill, NY
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Joseph has successful experience in writing Copy, SEO, Ad-fill and Blogging for Consumer Products and Services.

Joseph has a blog site where he has posted extensively on Homeland Security, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Services, Politics and Current Events.

He's also posted Articles on LinkedIn on these same Topics, as well as a focus on Human and Community Services, Non-profit Agency Management, Grant/Proposal Writing and Management, and Public Policy.
Joe also has a Facebook Page where he's been able to write about these Topics, as well as Sports, Music, and Social Activities.
Joseph has been successful in Grant Writing for Community Services. He's a former NY State Certified EMT (4 Yrs.), as Emergency Ambulance Crew Chief and Emergency Room Tech.He's also previously worked as Security Officer in both NYC and then St.Petersburg, FL.He's also an experienced Community Services Agency Director, and eventually worked as Addictions Treatment/Services Counselor. Joe has been writing the entire time, and is now writing as Primary Occupation.
Service & Product Promotion, Human Relations-Interests, Emergency Services, Community Services, Social Trends/Interests.
SUNY Broome Community College Binghamton, NY Human Services, A.A.

Course Work/Practical Application - Psychology, Biology, Counseling.

Honors and Awards
Burns Family Award for Family/Community Advocacy Awarded Honor by MHA/Binghamton Psych.Center, for Advocacy on behalf of Mental Health Service Recipients/Family Members/Community Services

Association Memberships
Ulster Co. (NY) United Way Jun 2014
Joseph serves as a Volunteer Member of The United Way of Ulster County as a member of the Community Services Grant Proposal Funding Review Committee. Joseph's work on the Committee involves review of Grant Funding Request Proposals for recommendation for approval. This Volunteer Work also includes Annual Site Visits to funded programs to observe/monitor for Grant Compliance.

New York State Assoc./Psych.Social Rehab.Services (NYASPRS) Over the years, Joe has intermittently been involved with NYASPRS in roles ranging from Volunteer Member, Adviser, Contract Employee, and Volunteer Member/Board of Directors.

NY State Certified EMT-D NY State Dept. of Health/Broome County Emergency Services
Course Work/Practical Application: Physical Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, Emergency Medical Treatment.
Worked 4 Yr.s as Emergency Ambulance Crew Chief, as well as E.R. Tech at Binghamton General Hospital.
Work involved Emergency Response to Ambulance Calls, Triaged, Provided Emergency Medical Treatment & Transport for Emergency/Routine Medical Patients.

Projects by Industry
Non Profit

As Agency Director, Joseph W. was responsible for writing Grant Funding Proposals, State, and County Compliance Reports as well as Inter-Agency Memorandums of Understanding and Service Contracts, including Descriptions of Services, Agency Service Provision Commitments, Staffing, Budgeting, and Liability provisions.
Included in this work were Service Provision Presentations and supportive program literature for Service Recipients, Service Provider Agencies, and Funders for Community Mental Health and Addiction Services.
This work also involved Program Services design and development, proposal, Grant Funding Proposals, descriptive and supportive literature, for new and innovative Community Services, as well as additional Reports as needed.


Joseph has written paid-blogs for several sites which were received favorably by customers, and published with confidence.


During the course of at least 10 Years of a Healthcare Career that has spanned the spectrum from Emergency Medical Services, including 4 Years as an Ambulance Squad E.M.T., 3 Years as a Hospital Emergency Room Medical Tech., then Hospital Admissions Rep., progressing into Mental Health and Addiction Services, Joseph's work extensively involved Paid Documentation of Assessment, Informed Observation and Recommendations, as well as production of Treatment/Service Plans.
His experience is not just limited to written Plans for individuals in distress, but as an Advocate, Manager, and Administrator for Treatment Services, has designed, proposed, presented and administered operation of specified Service Programs including the production of necessary documentation inherent in such work.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Via Other Sites, Joseph has completed a variety of SEO Keyword Projects. This work has entailed Customers submitting requests for SEO Content/Copy for their Websites and blogs for promotion of their Products/Services or areas of interest.
After completing requested assignments, Joe has been successful in earning Income from various Customers in areas ranging from Consumer Goods/Services, Technical Products/Services, and specific Subjects of Interest.
SEO Topics covered include, but not limited to - Automobiles, Property Management, Medication/Medical Services, Travel, Music, and Movies.

Projects by Asset Type
Annual Report

As Founding Agency Director, produced and presented Initial as well as Second Annual Report for Community Services, start-up Non-Profit Agency for Board of Directors, Funders, and Public. Annual Agency Report was required by, and required to, meet IRS (501c3), NY State (State Dept.,Office of Mental Health), Broome County,NY (Contract Compliance/Community Services), and Board Requirements.
The Initial as well as subsequent Annual Reports gave a general outline, and also meet detailed, specific requirements reporting mandated by Federal, State, and Local Regulations for a NY State Regulated Non-Profit Community Services Agency. These Reports, produced and presented primarily by Joseph W. as Agency Director, also met the requirements of the Board of Directors and associated Contract Agencies, and outlined for public dissemination, a description of Services provided by the Broome Recipient Affairs Office Inc.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

As Co-presenter - Researcher/Writer, produced and presented Documentation and Presentation on a variety of Mental Health Services while associated with NY State Psych-Social Rehab. Services (NYASPRS), Mental Health Empowerment Project (MHEP), Albany, NY and Broome County NY, Mental Health Recipient Affairs Office (RAO).

Projects by Writing Style

During the course of his writing career, Joseph has been paid for a variety of Authoritative Pieces. Although Human and Community Services has been his primary Authoritative Work, he is an experienced researcher. This has enabled Joe to successfully develop the practice of doing the necessary and appropriate research to enable him to write from an informed and authoritative point of view on a wide variety of topics. He once accepted an assignment discussing the development of Fire Suppression Regulation in South Africa. He found this an intriguing, although unfamiliar topic. In doing the needed research Joe was able to produce an Authoritative Article which was then Sold to the Customer. See below:


The world, especially lately, is a dangerous and scary place. Who the Hell cares to go around scared and in danger all the time ? Certainly not I, and, I gather, not you. Humor therefore, is a necessary and welcome distraction. Although Joe's work mostly involves not very funny stuff, he is in fact, quite a funny guy. see below:


Joe has a wide variety of Paid Promotional blogs and Articles. Joe understands and demonstrates that Promotional Writing involves building confidence in the Consumer in the Product/Service being promoted He's found a highly effective method of Confidence-building is to highlight Experience, Success, and Endorsement of the product being offered.
An example of a successful Promotional Piece can be found below:

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

As Founding Director for a Small, Non-profit, Community Services Agency, Joseph was responsible, as Primary Writer for the Agency, in development and production of projects ranging from Grant Proposals, Program Service Outlines and specific Program description. Joseph oversaw an agency that began with 1 Full-Time and 1 Part-Time Employee, which grew under his direction, to employing 2 Full-Time, 5 Part-Time Staff, as well as Recruitment, Training and Supervision of 4 - 7 Volunteers.
Naturally, this work involved the development and production of Agency/Office, Employee/Volunteer Policy and Procedure.


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