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Chad's writing style works well with blogs, articles, white papers, and web pages. He uses his attentiveness to detail to ensure every project is fully understood. Revisions are naturally part of the process, so he has no issue in communicating with clients to perfect their content to their standards. The end result is perfectly crafted content that suits the needs of his clients.
Chad specializes in Construction, Outdoor Life and Sports, Health and Nutrition, Business Management, Legal, and Business Marketing.
Chad's interests include construction topics, outdoor living, survivalism, outdoor recreation, health and nutrition, environmental concerns, and writing.
University of Louisville Business Management and English Composition, Bachelors of Business Management, Minor in English

Chad completed his Bachelors of Business Management degree at University of Louisville, with a minor in English composition.

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Associate in Science

Chad completed hi initial Associate in Science degree in 2004 with distinction.

General Education Certification University of Louisville
Chad received a certificate in general education upon graduation from UL in 2008.

Projects by Industry

Chad spent several years as the owner/self-proprietor of a local construction business, which gives him direct experience in the field. Some of his fields of knowledge in construction include:
-residential construction
-business construction
-rebuilds, remodels, and demolition
-home design
-plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installation and repair


The outdoors have always been a drawing thing for Chad. He spends much of his free time traveling through the most remote places on foot. Fishing, hunting wild game, and camping are all at the top of his interests, which he has also used to culminate his skills as a survivalist.


Chad not only holds a degree in business management, he has ample real-world experience as well, as he single-handedly built and developed his own construction business which is still in operation today. Some of his topics of industry expertise include:
-human resources
-establishing clients
-B2B Marketing
-employee satisfaction and recruitment
-customer relations and communication

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Chad has a deep interest in internet marketing which led him to his great understanding of SEO keyword requirements. Through the years, he has helped many up-and-coming online businesses and professionals achieve a higher level of online traffic by providing them with SEO-rich blog entries, web pages, and other items.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Chad knows the importance of building SEO rich content through the use of title and meta descriptions. He has used the knowledge in his writing many times to boost website rankings and fully understands how to appropriately generate tite tags, meta descriptions, and headlines.

Projects by Asset Type

Chad has worked hand in hand with many clients, from both small businesses and large corporations, to create marketing material and advertisements. His specialty in this field is constructing content that is catchy, interesting, and effective at portraying the client in a desirable light.

Product Description

Chad has a deep understanding of what it takes to offer insightful product descriptions, which shed light on the attributes of the product and make it more desirable.


Enticing consumers and clients through brochures and handouts is an easy marketing tactic, but it takes the right written content to do the trick. This is a concept Chad fully grasps and has worked with clients to construct brochures on everything from travel and vacation areas to product development and service offerings.

Projects By Expertise

In his writing career, Chad has spent much of his time as a copywriter, crafting everything from highly detailed pieces for construction clients to pieces for health and wellness blogs. There is no topic too tough for Chad to tackle, as he boasts a wealth of knowledge in an array of industries, and if he does not fully understand client instructions, he goes the extra mile to ensure he spends the necessary time researching and communicating to create an admirable end result.

Research Writer

There is no project requiring too much research, according to Chad. He knows the most in-depth and authoritative pieces are only accomplished through adequate research with reliable sources. Chad uses his skill of research to craft pieces for his clients which are informational and trustworthy.

Projects by Writing Style

If you need a piece which reflects knowledgeable authority with your readers, Chad is the writer for the task. He excels with technical and industrial pieces where clear-cut content is most important, but can just as easily create a marketing entry offering the authoritative voice you need to get your point across with consumers.


Chad prides himself on adapting his writer's voice to accomodate the needs and wants of his clients. However, he excels with crafting content which is conversational in such a way that readers feel a connection with what he has to say.


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