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Anthony C

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For two years, Anthony has worked as an independent freelancer covering a myriad of subjects. He has contributed to online platforms such as SonicBids Blog, Clapway, WisdomPills and LifeHack. Anthony is well versed in SEO practices, keyword optimization, WordPress and HTML.

Additionally, he was written business/marketing copy in a variety of industries such steel, landscaping, solar and automotive and more.
Technology, science, health/wellness, music, solar power, travel, culinary, psychology.
Science, technology, startups, travel, lifestyle, food, culture and entertainment.
University of Massachusetts Boston Aug 2009 – Apr 2014
English, Bachelor of Arts

Anthony attended the University of Massachusetts Boston where he studied English literature with a concentrated focus on creative writing. Since graduating in 2014 with a B.A in English, Anthony has gone on to start his own successful freelance writing career.

Projects by Industry

Anthony writes for the SonicBids blog which offers career advice for musicians of all levels. Anthony curates his own topics, headlines and sources and submits upwards of four articles a week at 1,000 words each. Articles range from list-based to a more conversational piece. Many topics tend to focus on the psychological aspects of playing music.


Clapway is a technology/science website that delivers the news in an offbeat fashion. Anthony has written hundreds of articles on technology as the main focus. All of these articles are in a journalistic tone. However, there are times when he promotes a new technology that uses more "marketing lingo".


Anthony has contributed over 500 articles that are related to science. While he wouldn't call himself a scientist by any means, Anthony enjoys the thorough research involved and then converting that knowledge into easy to read articles for an audience. The example below focuses on NASA's undersea habitat for astronauts.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Anthony has contributed over 1,000 articles for Clapway, a Science/Technology news website. SEO keywords are the main focus of the articles in order to generate large amounts of traffic to the website. For each article, Anthony is given 1-4 keywords that he must use six times within a 300-word article. On top of keyword optimization, the readability of each article must meet a certain percentage.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Anthony has contributed over 50 articles to the SonicBids blog and continues to do so weekly. He is required to formulate 4 articles a week where he craft's his own headlines and find's his own sources? from reputable organizations. The SonicBids blog gives career advice to both amateur and professional musicians alike. His articles are regularly featured on the "Top 10 Most Read Articles This Week" that SonicBids puts out.

Projects by Writing Style

When allowed, Anthony likes to add a humorous tone to his writing. In the past, this has proven to be a successful due to a positive response by readers. Without being offensive he takes a light-hearted approach to his blog posts without sacrificing the overall scope of the piece. In the example below, you will see how this is utilized in telling a musician how to practice their instrument mindfully.


In his work with Clapway, Anthony has contributed over 1000, news articles. While many of these articles are satirical in nature, they still require a journalist tone. Most topics border along the science/technology genres so Anthony takes inspiration from many of the top tech news site?s likes DigitalTrends and CNET to convey the proper tone.


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