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Carol Ruth W

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Location Glen Cove, NY
Education Bachelors Degree
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Segueing from theater to interior design, Carol moved into media relations as a writer, becoming an influencer utilizing her skills as a wordsmith and communicator. With extensive experience in design and life, she has given her knowledge to the world through her writing. Carol actively writes on design and decorating, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, as well as reviews and high profile interviews for numerous publications.

With over twenty-five years' experience in the field as a writer and designer, Carol has proved her intensive expertise writing for several publications as well as producing videos, blogs and web site. She is known for her excellent ability to conceptualize ideas, research, and gather knowledge into editorialized articles.
Carol's specialized skills include:
* Skilled at writing and editorializing pertinent information in several formats including AP and Chicago style.
* Ready and able to meet deadlines, even at a moment's notice adding value to my editorials.
* Use of MS Word and Excel to execute articles. AutoCAD and ability to utilize Photoshop.
* Knowledge and experience of posting on social media and PR sites to boost readership.
* Skilled at research and writing for assignment based publications as well as initiative produced writing responsibilities.
* Administrative and supervisory experience involving overall supervision of all business activities, including coordination of projects, client relations, budgeting, and hiring of employees.
Interests include:
arts, dance, music, fashion, shoes, movies, theater, working out, skincare, beauty, technology, apps, charity efforts, animals, companion animals
SUNY College at Purchase Design/ Technology, BFA

Carol attained her BFA in Design/ Technology from the highly regarded SUNY Purchase with a focus on costume and set design for the theater. She graduated with a class of now well known leaders in their field.

Projects by Industry
Home Living

Carol is a major contributor as a writer for Home and Living. Working as an Interior Designer has given Carol the unique background to write about decor, interior design, outdoor decor and decor elements and accessories. She has established herself for her how-to articles as well as her videos. Carol is also a lifestyle influencer known for her articles covering entertainment, celebrity interviews and shopping.


Carol is known in the industry as a writer and influencer covering beauty, fashion, hair and skincare. She has been sent to cover the Miss Universe pageant and has a unique quality that invites beauty celebrities to want to be interviewed by her. Carol has written various reviews covering beauty from skincare products to skincare procedures.


Carol has been immersed in the world of fashion, first as a designer, and now as a writer. She has covered fashion trends and styles as well as what and how to wear pieces. Carol has been asked to write for Miss Universe as well as Fashion Week events. Companies have asked Carol to review their fashions as well.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Carol understands the need for select keywords in Title and throughout written assignments. She works to place keywords within her written pieces in the best manner possible for SEO purposes.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Carol knows that a title that grabs the readers eye is important to attract viewers and consumers. She writes her titles understanding that Meta Descriptions are what gets pieces listed higher up in Search engines. Carol knows the need to write titles with a maximum of 60 words in order for the entire title to be read by search engines. For the best meta descriptions she places keywords at the beginning of titles.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Carol has been attained to write blog posts for numerous well known companies and public relation firms. She has written posts for Coldwell Banker, Netgear, Murphy's Oil, Daltile, among others. A number of Public Relation firms including Golin, Hunter PR, and Communications48 have sought Carol out to specifically write blog posts for their clients often sending Carol to review products and locations.


Carol writes articles for a variety of publications. As a top writer in the number one spot writing for her titles as a Lifestyle Examiner, Interior Decorating Examiner, Interior Decorating Examiner and Fashion Trends Examiner had Carol writing articles pertaining to design, fashion, style, beauty, skincare, etc. Carol has been a writer of articles for Digital Journal, Inquisitr and numerous other publications. She has covered major news stories, needing to write and have her article published in a timely moment. Carol has been sent to write articles covering major events as well, such as Miss Universe and New York Fashion Week.

Press Release

Carol understands the importance of writing press releases as away to spread information to inform the public, journalists and others about new efforts related to public relation clients and charitable organizations. She has been hired to help spread the word about inventions and endeavors.

Projects By Expertise

Too many to count, Carol has been hired for her journalistic writing skills by many publications and companies. She is skilled at writing and editorializing pertinent information in several formats including AP and Chicago style.

Projects by Writing Style

Carol understands that some publications would rather have a piece written in the more conversational style rather than a straighter Ap type style. She knows how to tailor her writing to fit the needs of clients.


As an Author for Smiles For All, Carol certainly understands how a humorously written piece can add joy to the readers life.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Carol has been hired to write pieces as well as conduct interviews for Fortune 500 companies and power leaders.


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