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Sarah H

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Sarah sees her writing career as a way to document and digest her ever-changing life as a student, world traveler, and public servant. Aside from the obvious importance of the written word as a way to share life-changing information, she is passionate about the meaningful human connections that come from writing, whether globally or within her very own community.

Her passion for writing began as an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, where she studied Comparative Literature. While exploring an array of writing styles, from academic to legal, Sarah’s writing set her apart from her peers, allowing her to graduate early with high honors.

During this time, Sarah spent her free time writing professionally as an intern for her university’s travel department. By copywriting and managing SEO, she was able to convince her peers of the incredible benefits of traveling abroad.

Since then, she has pursued ghostwriting and blogging as a way to keep her writing diverse and fresh. Sarah particularly loves to help her clients share their passion with the general public by creating energized, accessible content.
Sarah specializes in copywriting that can advance the marketing of a product or drive traffic for a particular site. Because she has academic, professional, and personal writing backgrounds, she can write a post for virtually any audience.
When Sarah is not raving about her beautiful hometown in the California mountains, she is finding new ways to placate the travel bug, having visited fourteen countries in the past five years. As a result, she is very interested in environmentalism, travel, and tourism. Sarah now lives in New York City as a graduate student, and has widened her interested to include education, social justice, and big city living on a budget.
University of California, Davis Sep 2010 – Dec 2013
Comparative Literature, Women and Gender Studies, Bachelor of Arts

Comparative Literature is the field where social science and literature overlap, with graduates entering the workforce with analytical skills, proficiency in a second language, and a global perspective.

In a similar vein, Women and Gender Studies offers its students a space to question the lens through which they have experienced society. Interdisciplinary and inclusive of a multitude of voices, Women and Gender Studies is all about sharing in the democratic process.

Honors and Awards
High Honors Dec 2013
Upon graduating, Sarah was rewarded the title of High Honors because of her academic excellence.

Projects by Industry

As a seasoned traveler, herself, Sarah has greatly enjoyed sharing her passion for travel with others, especially those with limited experience. She has worked to market European travel packages for recent college graduates.


With experience as a student, tutor, and credentialed teacher, Sarah has an multi-faceted knowledge of the field of education. She has worked in a variety of settings, from affluent to under-resourced communities, utilizing a variety of teaching methods, traditional and progressive.


As an avid hobbyist, one of Sarah's favorite pastimes is teaching others how to find the best hobby for self-care. She has written extensively on the positive effects hobbies can have on mental wellbeing and physical health, and she hopes to change public discourse on the importance of hobbies in secondary education.

Projects by Asset Type

With her academic background, Sarah has made it her goal to produce high quality, intelligent articles to add to the professionalism of a site or creative truly valuable content that everyone can enjoy.

Blog Post

Like many bloggers, Sarah fell into the field because of a desire to share her life-experiences with close friends and loved ones. The more she wrote, however, she discovered the power of the platform to bring about social change, drive business, or simply document the most important moments of her contemporary society.


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