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Jonathan S

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Education Bachelors Degree
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Having been a writer since he was little, Jonathan has pursued a career in freelance writing to satiate his love for the written word. Having been following the freelance path since 2010, his experience with SEO, research, and niche writing has steadily improved. He already has two short stories published to his credit and multiple blog entries all over the Internet.
Creative writing, research, niche blogging, ghostwriting, essays and articles.
Politics, science fiction, science, technology, and reading.
Community College of the Air Force Jan 2014 – May 2016
Airframe Maintenance Technology, Associates Degree

While serving in the U.S. Air Force as an Egress Specialist, Jonathan was able to take his training and experience with F-15 Strike Eagle maintenance and turn it into a degree on Airframe Maintenance Technology. This degree specialized in the maintenance and upkeep of the USA's multimillion dollar aircraft.

American Military University Jul 2012 – Feb 2016
Information Systems Security, Bachelors Degree (B.S)

Having a fascination with computers since a young age, Jonathan Snyder pursued a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Security. Giving experience in how comptuers work, networking, and advanced encryption concepts.

Community College of the Air Force May 2016 –
Air Transportation Technology, Associates Degree

Responsible for developing, sustaining, and supporting Air Transportation mission across the world. Experienced in loading, unloading, balancing, and manuevering all types of cargo for both the civilian and military components.

American Military University Mar 2016 –
General Criminology (M.A), Masters Degree

With his fascination in Criminology, Jonathan began to pursue an education in the inner workings of criminal behavior and the functioning of law enforcement.

Projects by Industry

Jonathan has always been fascinated with anything that has to do with computers either hardward or software. As an amateur programmer, he enjoyes learning about this industry and he pays close attention to what new inventions are on the horizon.


Politics is everywhere and especially in recent years with the United States government. Jonathan has always had an interest in politics and writes on the subject quite often with a moderate point of view. His opinion pieces try to find a balance to all the zeal displayed in the modern media for both sides of a discussion.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Jonathan Snyder has heavily studied the field of Search Engine Optimization with focus on Keyword Density without sacrificing the article itself. He firmly believes in having a readible article without sacrifice search engine visibility. He fully believes that a balance can be found between the two and an article can be enjoyable and visible.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Blogs are one of the most important things on the Internet due to their ability to bring readers in and share information in easy to read sizes. Jonathan has spent the majority of his career writing this for individuals, companies, and websites.


When readers want more than a snippet of information from a blog, articles are the next best thing. Jonathan Snyder has always dedicated himself to bringing well researched articles to his customers as content for their websites or newsletters.

Projects by Writing Style

Working with a conversational style, Jonathan tries to make a reader feel comfortable with the information being provided, like friends talking instead of a textbook on paper. His primary goal is to make sure that every article he writes is approachable and the tone easy to get along with when it comes to presenting the information to the reader.


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