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Cynthia S

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After completing a B. S. in psychology, Cynthia worked for many years as an advocate and behavioral specialist in support of people with severe/profound intellectual disabilities. Although she no longer works directly with her clients, she believes that she continues her advocacy and support through her writing. Cynthia excels at crafting clear, compelling copy that informs, delights and educates her readers.
Psychology, law, medicine, health and wellness, metal health and intellectual disabilities
Cynthia has many interests and is an avid reader and researcher. She loves researching new topics, particularly those that explore advances in medicine, law, mental and physical health and/or neuroscience.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Psychology, B. S.

Cynthia earned a B. S. degree in behavioral psychology. Unlike counseling psychology, behavioral psychology is heavily research and science oriented. She performed a lot of experiments and helped write up the results for publication in peer-reviewed journals. She is particularly interested in the brain-behavior relationship and considers herself a lifelong student.

Honors and Awards
Graduated with Honors Cynthia was invited to join the national honor society and graduated magna cum laude.

Projects by Industry

Cynthia has significant experience in writing about medical conditions that have legal ramifications, like traumatic brain injury. For a number of years she was employed as a psychometrician, administering standardized assessment for adults and children who were thought to have acquired a brain injury. She has written numerous articles regarding the subtle, but sometimes devastating, cognitive effects that brain trauma can have on an individual.

Projects by Asset Type

Though Cynthia is a well-rounded writer who can craft blog posts, summaries, white papers, product descriptions and more, she is most adept at crafting compelling, authoritative articles that are intended to help her readers.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Cynthia believes that great articles begin with great research. This may be because her field of study, psychology, is constantly changing and she likes to stay abreast of new discoveries in her field.

Projects by Writing Style

Cynthia has written hundreds of articles that cover a diverse array of topics. She is interested in everything from neuroscience to tiny homes and sustainability.


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