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Desiree J

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Although she has been writing in some form or fashion since her childhood days, Desiree's desire to pursue writing as a career began almost two decades ago. She found a job that encouraged her to be creative and use her writing as a tool to reach their audience. Since then, Desiree has taken every opportunity to pursue this path, including going back to college to further sharpen her skills. Over the past decade, she has gained experience with various types of writing; including content writing, blogging, copywriting, as well as research and essay writing.
The styles of writing she specializes in are creative, research, content and conversational. Desiree has also maintained a blog on her personal website for the past three years. It is where she has continued to hone her skills in writing through sharing her life experiences.
So very many things interest Desiree as she considers herself a constant learner. In that spirit, she has many things that inspire her and compel her to write. She loves to travel, stay in hotels, explore new places, and learn about the culture; this is sometimes done virtually. She is particularly fond of food and cooking. If there is any place you will find her, it's on the beach - Desiree loves the ocean and all things water, including rain. The melting pot of interests includes: reading, playing video games, trolling the internet, watching movies, and definitely people watching (human behavior is fascinating).
University of Central Florida Jan 2011 – Aug 2012
English and Writing, Bachelor of Arts

Desiree found herself in a position to improve herself and decided to return to college to get her degree. After finishing up the basics in the local state college, she transitioned over to the University of Central Florida, majoring in English with a minor in Writing. She was fascinated with both the classic and modern literature that filled her head. And, the writing classes proved to challenge her innate skills to tell a story. Desiree's proudest moment was walking across that stage among those who were just getting started in life. She had begun that journey long before that day and knew exactly where she wanted to go.

Projects by Industry

Desiree has researched numerous health related issues and shared her findings on her website. Some of these issues include heart disease, women's health, diet, and diabetes. Her goal is to educate readers on various health concerns by providing a break-down of the facts and relaying them in understandable terms. Desiree’s wants the reader armed with basic information about common issues that affect not only the reader, but their friends and family.


Desiree’s passion for food and cooking is brought to life through her writing. She not only likes to discover new ways to enjoy eating the foods she likes, but to learn the science behind making a fabulous meal. Additionally, Desiree looks to enhance the experience for readers with her appreciation of other cultures and their cuisine. This method encourages readers to expand their knowledge on foods they may not have otherwise tried. This is explored through family traditions, dining with friends, and the trials of appealing to families with diverse tastes.

Green Living

Desiree has written numerous articles on Green Living for a local cleaning company’s website. Her goal was to educate readers on methods of cleaning using more natural resources and introducing ways to make their home more organic. Her articles are well researched and provide solutions to making a home green without the use of chemicals and taking advantage of what nature readily provides.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Desiree has been blogging on her personal website a little over four years. Her site maintains a steady flow of visitors who have not only connected with her humorous view of daily life, but have learned something along the way about human nature. Desiree takes advantage of this medium to educate her readers on topics that affect her life and wants to know more about. Some of these include diabetes, heart disease, politics, and many more. She has been a contributor to websites such as Project Eve, geared toward connecting with woman on subjects that affect their daily life.

Projects by Writing Style

Desiree uses her writing for good whenever possible. When she is inspired by something in her life she doesn't quite understand, she puts on her researcher cap and gets to work. Her research writing includes examples, quotes, hyperlinks, and whenever possible, graphics that clearly demonstrate the topic. Desiree's goal is to break down any subject to ensure the reader walks away feeling like an expert.


Conversational is Desiree's favorite styles of writing because she see the value in writing like you speak. Her writing is used to engage the reader and find a connection to make them feel compelled to respond – through words or action. Desiree does through phrases geared to relate to the target audience. It may be someone who likes to: cook, travel, learn a new skill, be healthy, shop, or anyone looking to find someone to relate to.


Desiree's gift is somewhat of a situational wit and she shares that side of her through writing. She sees humor in almost every situation and it’s evident in everything she writes. The wittiness in her work tends to shine when writing about the human element; however, she can add humor to the things that some may find boring or even uncomfortable. Desiree firmly believes the best way to reaching absolutely any reader is easily achieved with a dash of humor.


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