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Judy has been writing professionally for 17 years, and her articles on home improvement combine her research skills with accuracy and readability. A retired building contractor, she enjoys writing on topics of interest to homeowners. Judy has written more than a million words in blogs and SEO articles for webmasters.

Focusing on best practices in remodeling, landscaping, roofing and flooring, drainage, pest control and related home maintenance topics, she writes with clarity and appeal. She bases her articles on current trends in construction to provide fresh content. Producing quality articles for websites lets her share her experience through informative tips for homeowners.
Judy specializes in using journalistic and technical styles to create informative articles. When writing how-to steps for repairing a leaky pipe, building a garden misting system, or registering to vote, she takes a logical approach to guiding readers through a new experience. Her troubleshooting guides assist users in correcting problems in home maintenance, repairing the electronics in cell phone towers, or learning how to use computer software.
Playing golf is Judy’s favorite pastime, and living in Florida makes it possible to be on a course several times almost every month. She is a vegetable gardener and enjoys sharing her crops with a local food bank. Participating in civic activities has given her the opportunity to advocate for local political and environmental issues.
University of Wisconsin - Madison Journalism and Mass Communications, M.A.

Judy chose to use social science methodology for her study of mass communications. To develop research for her thesis, she conducted interviews with respondents whose tv was in a repair shop. Her hypothesis held that families would increase interpersonal interaction in the absence of watching tv. Her thesis on family communication was published in the Journal of Broadcasting.

Florida State University English, B.A.

Judy's undergraduate degree provided a basis for a two-year stint as a high school English teacher and for her subsequent interest in writing.

Licensed Building Contractor State of Florida
Judy fell in love with the building trades and enjoys writing about them today. Her primary emphasis was on remodeling projects, but she has built single family homes as well as estate-style residences. Expanding her service area to accommodate Florida's winter visitors, she offered road building and utility installation for RV parks.

Projects by Industry

Judy has written hundreds of SEO articles and blogs on home improvement projects. Some of the most frequently requested topics include remodeling, painting, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, and decking. Judy often writes in a company owner’s voice to encourage readers to seek a product or service. She gives advice that assists homeowners with do-it-yourself projects.


Writing for a college, Judy developed a general information article to attract potential students to pursue a degree in psychology. Presenting facts about the kinds of services that a degree holder may provide, she indicated the types of employment that may be available. The article focused on the educational path that students follow to earn an undergraduate degree.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Working with a list of keywords that clients specify along with a preferred frequency count, Judy focuses on incorporating the words smoothly into surrounding text. Her ability to create long-tail keywords provides a greater level of specificity than single words can create, and they often make integration seem natural. Recognizing that most clients tend to prefer maximum search traffic, she can adapt articles to provide it.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

In response to a request for a post on neckties, Judy researched the origin of the fashion accent. Finding that its history revealed a connection to Louis XIV, she presented a condensed version for a haberdashery. Uniforms worn by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century provided the inspiration for a colorful adornment around the neck, and Judy connected the history to its acceptance in men's attire today.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

An assignment to write 16 articles on high blood pressure remedies within two weeks posed a challenge that Judy met with skill and determination. The requirement to use the same long-tail keywords in each article without being redundant created a challenging task. Following the client’s instruction to emphasize the significance of controlling high blood pressure, Judy researched the efficacy of home remedies based on diet and exercise.

Projects by Writing Style

Writing on behalf of an orthodontist, Judy wrote a 1000-word article describing the benefits of braces. Her research involved the doctor’s published works as well as his guidance on his preferred approach to the assignment. An established dentist in Las Vegas, he wanted the article to appeal to mothers who search for advice on the Internet.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

An Australian entrepreneur needed to publicize his feeder and drinker inventions for chickens, and Judy wrote several articles for his website. Using a protected communication link, she posed questions to obtain background for the article. The inventor had found that keeping backyard chickens was a messy business. By incorporating his experiences, Judy described the advantages of his inventions that allowed him to keep his flock and encourage others to enjoy the hobby.


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