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Micki has an AAS in Microcomputers/Networking, an AAS in Web Development and a BS in Information Technology. She is also an ordained minister (non-denominational) and holds an Honorary PhD in Philosophy of Theology. Micki has been a teacher since 1999, where she started teaching computer classes at a small private school. Since then, she moved onto the Junior College level and ultimately ended up teaching at a public school where she specializes in SPED and At-Risk.

Micki has been freelance writing since 2007 and has written numerous articles, blog posts, short stories and research papers over a vast array of topics. She's punctual and a bit of a perfectionist. Micki strives to always meet the deadlines set and produces quality content that her clients can be proud.

When she is not teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and her dogs. Micki has a hobby/show kennel that keeps her almost as busy as her young daughter does! Micki is a thrift-store junkie who loves to refinish or repurpose items that she finds. She also loves DIY projects and craft ideas.
Dog related (training, breeding, showing), Christian related, education (especially in the areas of SPED and At-Risk), parenting, DIY, holistic medicine
Micki's interests vary greatly but a few are dogs and dog training/showing, holistic medicine, DIY projects and studying/researching the Bible and Christianity in general.
Rose Ministries Nov 2008 – Oct 2009
Theology, Certificate of Ordination

Micki received her Ordination as a non-denominational reverend.

Columbia Southern University Oct 2008 – Sep 2009
Information Technology, B.S.

Micki earned a B.S. in Information Technology and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Baker College Aug 2001 – May 2003
Web Development, N/A

Micki took classes towards a B.S. in Web Devolopment. She then transferred all credits to another university, Columbia Southern University.

Jefferson College Aug 1998 – May 2000
Microcomputers/Networking, A.A.S.

Micki earned an A.A.S. degree in Microcomputers/Networking and graduated with honors. She earned a spot in the National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa. Micki was also president of the Student Senate and Habitat For Humanity while attending Jefferson College.

Jefferson College Web Development, A.A.S.

Micki earned a second A.A.S. degree from Jefferson College. She graduated with honors.

Honors and Awards
Membership Dec 1999
Micki was accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa, a National Honor Society for Community Colleges.

Certificate of Ordination Rose Ministries
Oct 2009
Micki is certified as a non-denominational reverend.

Projects by Industry

Micki has written numerous articles and blog posts on the subject of dogs, dog training, dog breeds, dog showing and choosing the right dog. Her parents started a hobby/show kennel and she has taken over many aspects of the day to day of that kennel. Throughout the years Micki has trained with professional handlers Val Smith and Jimmy Moses, and is constantly learning more and more about the various breeds and general canine health and behavior. She is active in dog show competitions ranging from conformation to obedience to rally and is familiar with AKC, ACA, IABCA, UKC and FCI rules and regulations regarding breeding and showing. Micki has been showing dogs since 1996. She has been training dogs in obedience, herding and conformation since 1994.


Micki is a true hobbyist. She finds pleasure in not creating things or upcycling, she also loves to learn new techniques and project ideas. Micki started with a small hobby of painting rocks that she would find when out walking and has expanded to molding her own concrete pieces. She is also an avid upcylcler and is always on the look out for new and creative ideas to repurpose worn, out-dated or simply falling apart pieces. She is also into recycling simple objects such as soda cans and aluminum knitting needles. Almost everything can be repurposed into something useful or artistic! Micki has written numerous guest blog posts, paid blog posts and full articles about recycling, upcycling and repurposing.


Micki began teaching at age 19 at a private Christian school. She fell in love with teaching and learned quickly how to modify her teaching style to the learning abilities of her students, drawing from her own educational experiences as a student. She is still actively teaching high school 17 years later and enjoying the ups and downs of working with special education students and At Risk students. She moved on from the small private Christian school and is currently employed within a large public school district. Micki is also very active in a local homeschool group as she is currently homeschooling her daughter.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Micki has worked with numerous clients across the United States and Europe developing content that is SEO friendly. The main goal of many of these clients had was for the content to meet all standard SEO keyword requirements while still flowing naturally and not sounding like a keyword dense article or blog post. Micki has created hundreds of blog posts and 500+ word articles that are SEO keyword rich as well as useful content that the reader enjoys.

Projects by Asset Type

Micki has found that article writing is a passion and she loves researching for each article that she is working on. She loves to learn and finds the challenges of writing articles invigorating. She adds a touch of herself to every article she creates. She believes in giving the client orginal content that is informative, easy to read and grabs the reader's attention.
Life experiences have helped Micki become an accomplished article writer.

Blog Post

Blogs are an excellent way for someone with a hobby or interest to put their ideas out into cyberspace for others to learn and connect. Many clients have requested Micki write blog posts for a wide array of topics including animals, engineering, sports, cooking, Christianity, education, upcycling, and much more.
She draws from personal experience as well as research to prepare a blog post that is friendly and informative. Micki is always willing to offer her spin on a subject and start discussions on topics being presented on a specific blog.

Web Page

A web presence is now essential for a business to reach out to customers. A boring web page will cause potential customers to ignore your business or not try what you are offering. A web page needs to entice new customers as well as foster a positive relationship with former and current customers. Micki has a degree in IT and uses her experience as an IT professional and a business owner to create web content that grabs the attention of the person viewing the page and also optimizes SEO for better ratings among the listings.

Projects by Writing Style

Writing with an authoritative voice sometimes sounds clipped and rather blunt. However, this tone does lend a certain amount of professionalism to a blog post or an article that a passive voice does not. Micki has written several blog posts and articles using an authoritative voice to get the message of the post or article clearly across to the reader.


Micki believes that every writing should contain some form of a conversational tone. It is the backbone of solid writing that makes the reader feel as if they are talking to the author face to face. Dry, dull writing is not enjoyable for most people but writing that is witty and shows a bit of character draws readers in and makes the reading experience interesting. Micki has found that the right balance of informative and conversational within a written article or post gives readers the information they seek while making them want to come back and read more.


Writing promotional pieces is not as easy as it sounds. Micki has written several promotional blog posts and articles with this concept in mind. She has learned the art of promoting ones product, person or idea without being overbearing or simply annoying. She draws from her experiences as a teacher and as a dog enthusiast to write orginal content that grabs the attention of the reader.


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