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Last Login 10/24/2016
Location Locust Grove, VA
Education Masters Degree
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Alicia is a professional writer and translator who has written over 220 pieces for a diverse pool of satisfied clients across different writing platforms and via personal clients.

She specializes in blog posts, web content, speeches, and articles.

She also works a day job that involves marketing, product promotion, and administrative services. She is also a Latin teacher for a cottage school part-time in order to put her BA in Classics to good use. In her past she has worked in retail and the restaurant industry, giving her a solid foundation in customer service.

She may have joined WriterAccess in July 2016 but is not a novice to the field of professional writing and marketing. She is a core writer for another prominent content-producing company with high ratings and also has private clients.

Alicia has a Masters Degree from the University of Virginia, meaning she has written countless research papers to achieve her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

She is dedicated to professionalism and does her best with each job she takes on.
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University of Virginia Aug 2011 – May 2013
Italian Studies, Masters

Alicia completed her MA in Italian Studies at the University of Virginia while teaching introductory Italian.

University of Mary Washington Aug 2004 – May 2008
Classical Studies & Italian, Bachelors

Alicia completed her undergraduate studies as a double major in Latin, Greek and Italian.

Honors and Awards
Laura V. Sumner Scholarship Aug 2007
She received a scholarship for her senior year of undergraduate studies for excellence in Latin.

Projects by Industry
Real Estate

Alicia has ghostwritten articles for real estate agents. Topics range from the advantages of flipping houses, rental investment, tips and tricks for first time buyers, building equity, HOA rules, the importance of good leadership at a brokerage, and the importance of using CRMs to convert leads to real sales.


Alicia has promoted many products and services through media like brochures, online social media ads, product descriptions, and email marketing. Whatever the marketing need, Alicia has experience in fulfilling.

Home Living

Alicia has written over 11 pieces on WA about home living. This can deal with anything from residential fencing, mosquito prevention, roofing, and other factors that contribute to home maintenance. If you need any content that deals with home living, Alicia can definitely give you writing you will be happy with.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Alicia can include meta descriptions and title descriptions that will accurately summarize your article. She has had much experience making succinct summaries when writing abstracts in graduate school which makes this task like second nature to her.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Integrating SEO keywords seamlessly into the text to make an easy-to-read, user-friendly blog post is Alicia's expertise. If you want SEO keywords flowing into language that sounds like a human wrote it, just ask her to lend you a hand.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Alicia writes blog posts for various customers ranging from real estate, e-commerce, customer service, retail heatmap analytics, health and wellness, parenting, gastronomic experiences, international travel, and much more. She has had work experience in customer service for over 5 years and has done countless research papers at university. Therefore, she knows how to get the right information for blog posts that are credible and relevant.

Facebook Post

Alicia works for private clients who need promotional posts on Facebook all the time. She advertises new listings, recent sales, and also posts articles of general interest for soft marketing purposes.


Alicia is experienced in writing for private clients, including articles for online publications. She knows how to convert information into an informative piece in order to help others understand current events.


Alicia is no stranger to speeches as she has hosted events in graduate school with opening speeches. She also writes speeches for other people.


Alicia can write your book. She has experience in fleshing out thoughts into delectable text. Whether it is nonfiction or fantasy, she can tell a good story. Writing stories has been her passion since she was a teenager and it is something she thoroughly enjoys beyond anything else. If you decide to work with Alicia on a book project, you will feel her genuine love for writing in every page.


Alicia spends her day job marketing and promoting home listings. When you choose to work with her, you gain the experience and know-how from someone for whom advertising comes as second nature. If you need promotions for ANY product or service, look no further. Alicia is sure to choose the right catch phrase that will seize your audience's attention.

Product Description

Alicia has delved into the world of product descriptions and seems to have a knack at them. She believes that her background in marketing has helped her transition easily into this realm. Promoting products is very similar to promoting services and other professionals, so this field ties to her experience very well.

Web Page

Alicia writes content for web pages for various clients on different platforms, here on WA, and for personal clients. She has completed landing pages for diverse topics, products, and services with good reviews. Let Alicia write your next company overview or landing page!

Projects By Expertise

Alicia has been ghostwriting content for many satisfied clients across different platforms and through private clients. So far she has over 80 sold pieces with positive reviews that appear all over the internet. If you need engaging content, then Alicia can surely help you get what you need, from witty taglines, fun titles, web page content, or even song lyrics.

Research Writer

Alicia has done so much research during graduate school and her undergraduate years that she can practically do it with her eyes closed (well, maybe she might still need to see the computer from time to time). She is a connoisseur of logical paper format, structure, and organization. She points, proves, and explains. If you need to make your research sound fabulous and professional, then hire someone who has done it many, many times. Hire someone like Alicia.


Alicia has written blog posts that blend into the genre of news articles. She has also done press releases in that efficient, quick language required in journalism.

Projects by Writing Style

Whatever your brand, Alicia can make an attractive case for why your goods or services are needed and beneficial to the consumer. Alicia has written on everything from payment processing to donut shops. If she can tailor articles to suit these customers' needs, she can definitely promote your product or service.


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