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Location Bracey, VA
Education Associates Degree
Status Inactive
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Summary of Experience
Caitlin has always loved to write, starting at a very young age. Her first piece was published in middle school through a poetry site. This motivated her to continue to write and journal throughout her life. While living in Athens, Georgia, she created a poetry group that became very popular in the city. Caitlin took a chance at trying to become a freelance writer, and succeeded. It has made her a better writer, and has taught her a lot about life. Caitlin believes that one can never be a perfect writer. There is always more to learn and understand about this art form.
Self-Help, Relationships, Psychology, Finding resources, Sales, Politics, Research writing, Product Reviews, Company information, Comparison writing, Healthy food and supplements, Health
Art, Music, Poetry, Origami, Kayaking, Hiking, Traveling
Northampton Community College Social Work, AA Social Work

Graduated with honors, member of Phi Theta Kappa

Association Memberships
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Honor society for students who achieve over a 3.5GPA in college.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling Penn Foster Career School
Mar 2015
Completed in college

Projects by Industry
Consumer Goods

Caitlin has done a lot of writing about consumer goods, whether it is comparison of products, informative writing, or simply a review.

Self Help

Caitlin has a lot of experience in self-help writing, especially since her degree is in social work! This is probably the form of writing she is most passionate about.

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

Caitlin worked as a campaign manager for two individuals running for office in the state of Georgia. During that time, she was in charge of issuing press releases to the media regarding these candidates.

Radio Spot

Caitlin had the honor of doing a radio spot for MJ Bridges, a candidate running for the Georgia state House of Representatives.

Facebook Post

Caitlin has been promoting numerous companies on the Facebook social network for several years. Her posts have gained attention and publicity for the companies she works for, and thus and increase in profitability.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Caitlin has written many pieces requiring research, and enjoys doing the work. When she was working in the political campaigns, Caitlin had to research other candidates and their philosophies. When Caitlin writes about companies, sometimes it is required that she research their competition. Some have trusted Caitlin with projects that were completely foreign to her, and therefore she had to research an entire topic to create a successful piece of writing.


Caitlin has edited many works to bring them to perfection. She has also initiated and done the upkeep on many current projects.

Technical Writer

Caitlin enjoys teaching, so technical writing is an enjoyable aspect of her career.

Projects by Writing Style

Caitlin finds it natural to write conversational pieces. She has done many of them regarding topics such as relationships, self-help, and even by using sales pitches. Caitlin's core belief regarding this style of writing is that the reader relates with the writer better.


Caitlin is an excellent sales person, whether in a store or while writing an article! One website appreciated her work so much based on one sample she sent that she ended up doing the promotions for the entire inventory of a store! She has also done many promotional posts for political candidates and countless promotional pieces for businesses.


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