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Over 2 decades in the creation and implementation of communications; promotions; marketing and advertising in print and digital form. Successfully fosters positive relationships with clients by adapting creative voice and style to resonate with target audience.


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Certified personal trainer with a history of writing for fitness and health related forums including magazines, blogs, newsletters, websites, advertisements and more. Over 10 years of experience in this field.


Delivers entertainment related media including reviews of shows, products, venues, retailers and more. Interviewed big name players in entertainment media, sports entertainment, and up-and-comers of the music industry. Successfully debuted emerging artists within the music scene who have gone on to major success. Ability to tell a story within the review so the reader feels as though they were at the performance themselves.

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Best in Series nominee for 2009. Author of several novels and short stories in both fiction and non-fiction. Ghostwriter.

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