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A successful professional writer for over seven years, Sylvia has demonstrated experience writing hundreds of blogs, presentations, magazine articles, press releases and product descriptions. She writes for a variety of satisfied customers who rely on her SEO savvy and writing talent to increase readership and market materials.

Sylvia is a regular blog contributor, research professional and social media connoisseur who supports herself through freelance writing and running a small business. She holds an advanced degree in educational leadership and an undergraduate degree in English. In addition to being a writer, she recently served as a secondary teacher and the Director of Education & Special Needs at a large Head Start preschool program.

Sylvia's web and print publication credits include Parents Magazine,, eBay, Staples, The Autism Site and The Knot. Additionally, she has authored over 2,000 blog posts, magazine articles, web pages, press releases and product descriptions for various online writing platforms.

Sylvia excels at writing articles that are thoroughly researched and entertaining. She makes informational material accessible to the average reader and seeks to find the human interest angle in most of her writing. She enjoys writing in a variety of niches, including law, education, parenting, games, health and travel.
Sylvia has written about topics as diverse as weight loss, marijuana regulation, real estate, music, beauty and travel. Although she relishes the opportunity to learn about new topics and write in different styles, she specializes in the following:

* Creative writing
* Ideation and content development
* Blog posts
* Travel articles
* Instructional content
* Research/investigative
* Website content and rewrites
* News articles

Sylvia loves to tell stories and explore the depths of human experiences. She sees herself as part of the team and will work collaboratively with clients to ensure everyone is pleased with the outcome.
As a former teacher and educational director, Sylvia has a passion for education and human development. She loves to write about travel, unique hobbies and business. Other areas of interest include geocaching, animals, health and photography.
Western Washington University English, History, Bachelors of Arts

Sylvia simultaneously earned her BA degree and secondary teaching certificate.

Walden University Educational Leadership, Masters of Science

Sylvia earned her Masters of Science degree after spending two years in an online program focused on developing educational leaders. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Honors and Awards
Dean's List Sylvia earned placement on the Dean's List at Walden University for having graduated from the Masters program with a 4.0 GPA.

Association Memberships
National Writer's Association Participates in a large pool of writers to learn, share and celebrate.

Friends of the Shoreline Library For two years, Sylvia has participated in the Friends of the Shoreline Public Library. She curated the newsletter and assisted with Friends initiatives, including member events and children's activities.

Books and Writers As a published writer, Sylvia L. is a member of Books and Writers to network with more than 70,000 other authors and publishers.

Washington State Teaching Certificate Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Sylvia has been a certified teacher since 2000. Her endorsements include English and Social Studies.

Projects by Industry

Sylvia has written extensively on topics related to education within the United States and throughout Europe. She has a Masters of Science degree with an emphasis on educational leadership. As such, she has published a number of articles related to administrative leaders, educational technology, child development, and diversified learning.

She has traveled throughout the country with politicians to learn about issues pertinent to education and advocate for educational reform to members of the Senate. Her writing has been published in various educational publications, including "Education Today" and Kognity.


Sylvia enjoys writing about health-related issues and leverages her background in the medical field to provide knowledgeable content for clients. Her work has been published on Healthline and She loves to author content related to nutrition, healthy living, medical conditions and medical news.

Some examples of her writing in this industry include:

Thyroid Disorders
Mental Health
Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
and many more


Sylvia loves traveling and conveys this through her extensive experience writing about various travel destinations, policies, tourism and news. She is partial owner in a travel agency and directly understands the nuances of this field from a consumer and business perspective.

Some of her specialties include:

LGBT travel
Family vacations
Budget travel
Senior/elderly travel
Vacation rentals
Travel agents
All-inclusive getaways


Sylvia has extensive firsthand experience in the gaming industry, both as a player and a designer. Her credentials include teaching students how to play, evaluate and create board games. Some of her favorite game mechanics include resource management, auction, deduction, worker placement and tile laying. She enjoys playing cooperatively and competitively.


Having published articles on ScaryMommy and Lies About Parenting, plus assorted blogs throughout the Internet, Sylvia is well-versed in the nuances of authoring for an audience of parents. Some topics she has explored professionally include:

* Parenting teenagers
* Non-traditional families
* Single parenting
* Breastfeeding
* Post Partum Depression
* Raising boys
* Autism
* Green parenting
* Saving money for college


Having authored approximately 50 professional documents pertaining to legal matters, Sylvia's relevant experience includes blog posts, Q & A, research articles and case overviews. She has also provided formal commentary about legal issues, in particular those relevant to case law and social issues.

Sylvia creates compelling content that draws readers in. She works closely with editorial staff to ensure the appropriate tone, diction and material is delivered.

Her areas of expertise include:

Web pages
Q & A

Real Estate

Sylvia's passion for all things pertaining to home design, sales, architecture, and architecture fuels her writing about real estate. She has written numerous articles that address everything from the interior features that home buyers seek to outdoor projects for DIY lovers, from green living in homes to insider secrets that assist home buyers. She has also addressed subjects such as the psychological importance of color and space in home design.

Sylvia crafts real estate content for multiple clients at Writers Access, and her articles about gardening, landscaping and home living frequently appear in the HomeGuides section of the weekend online edition of The Everett Herald. She also specializes in content related to rental properties, and creates content for the website


Sylvia was a contract writer for a dating agency and a dating SMS service. Her columns centered around sex, marriage, LGBTQ interest, single parenting, codependency and divorce. Part of her undergraduate degree focused on the sociology and psychology behind relationships, including familial structures, romantic and platonic relationships, friendships and the relationships of colleagues in the work environment.

She finds the topic of relationships incredibly fascinating, and is considering a move into relationship counseling in her not-so-distant future.

Projects by Asset Type

Having served in executive leadership at a non-profit agency, Sylvia successfully obtained millions of dollars in grant money. She authored grants relating to education, business expansion, literacy, language courses and travel. Her audiences have included federal, local and individual organizations. Additionally, she has effectively landed grants for low-income families, English Language Learners and prior convicts.

Blog Post

Sylvia has expertly crafted well over 100 blog posts relating to a variety of topics. Her articles are thoroughly researched and include interviews, facts, persuasion and SEO.

Some places that Sylvia's blog work can be seen on include:

The Breast Cancer Site
The Autism Site
The Alzheimer's Site
Magic Barry's Entertainment
Revolution Face & Body

Product Description

With a strong background in marketing, Sylvia has expertly crafted hundreds of product descriptions for a variety of online and print retailers. She enjoys blending creative writing with informational writing to develop material that is both persuasive and entertaining.

Some corporations that Sylvia has published product descriptions for include:


Press Release

Sylvia is skilled at crafting press releases that are simultaneously engaging and informative. She utilizes quotes to make the content more easily reproduced and interjects voice that reflects the content. Her previous work has involved album releases, spiritual conferences, contest announcements and product distribution.

Web Page

Sylvia's writing and design experience includes numerous web pages. She understands the dynamics behind psychology, using appropriate colors, words, fonts and pictures to engage- but not overwhelm- viewers. Her previous work includes web pages for landscaping, children's entertainment, vehicles, schools and pest control.


Sylvia L. has penned over 200 articles on a variety of topics including law, social issues, real estate, home and travel for industry newspapers, websites and business sites. She is experienced at researching topics to find interesting and relevant data and resources to include in the article for the intended audience. She creates articles that are personable and professional.

Projects By Expertise

Sylvia has a BA in English with an emphasis on journalism. She was the Chief Editor of her university publication and has since published work in many online and print newspapers and newsletters, including Parents and Jamaica Experiences. She has spent eight years as a freelance journalist, and is working to build her journalism portfolio on Writer Access. Although she enjoys writing about a variety of topics within this field, her specialty is investigative journalism. She loves going in-depth with her writing, basing articles on extensive research and interviews. She doesn't hesitate to interject humor or logocentrism when needed.


Sylvia creates compelling content pertaining to legal matters. She has worked for numerous attorneys to create articles that help them connect to clients. Her areas of expertise include personal injury, criminal, property and civil rights. She has produced effective articles, blogs, web pages, and white pages.


Sylvia has researched and written product copy for websites in the areas of marketing, education, outdoor living, beauty, legal, and more. She generates technical copywriting for educational, legal, and technology clients that need authoritative, informative, and entertaining copy. She prepares thoughtful, entertaining advertising and promotional copy for green living, real estate, travel, technology, and marketing professionals.


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