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Rose H

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Location Indianapolis, IN
Education Bachelors Degree
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Rose took last year off to go back to school and gain a Technical Communication Certificate. Prior to going back to school, Rose worked nine years as a part time newspaper reporter and eleven years as a pharmacy billing technician. Rose received her Bachelor's degree from Indiana State University in 2003 having majored in both English and History. Rose can write about anything given the appropriate time to research a topic. Rose feels that her writing skills have greatly improved this past year having learned how to effectively write and design technical documents.

During her nine years as a reporter, Rose worked for the Danville, Illinois Commercial News covering local government and school meetings in her hometown of Covington, Indiana and nearby Veedersburg, Indiana. She enjoyed her time as a reporter and learning local governments worked and operated. Rose developed several useful skills as a writer during her time with the Commercial News including: writing efficiently, maintaining good rapport with contacts, and determining what should be included in a report and what could be left out.

For eleven years, Rose worked full time for Walgreens Accounting and Genpact in Danville, Illinois as a pharmacy billing technician. The job informed her immensely about how work pharmacies work and operate, and also, about working on a multi-disciplinary team. Rose worked on a small team called Retro Billing, but on a daily basis worked and communicated with other departments, pharmacists, patients, insurance companies, management, and other team members.
Rose's specialties would include writing reports and technical documents. She wrote meeting reports for nine years for the Commercial News. Rose can also edit documents for mechanics, structure, and content. Her technical writing ability is best expressed in projects she worked on in school this past year including a set up a manual for a woodworking device, a blog on how to set up a tent, and an informational brochure for a thrift shop.
Rose has a wide variety of interests including: Science Fiction and Fantasy books, movies, and television, video gaming, table top gaming, trivia, camping, amusement parks and roller coasters, traveling, hiking, canoeing or kayaking, escape rooms, Legos, dogs and cats, and history. Rose and her husband are also expecting their first child in December, so you can soon add parenting to this list of interests.
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Aug 2015 – May 2016
Technical Communication, Certificate

Rose earned her certificate at IUPUI within a year's time and her academic achievements during that time include a 4.0 GPA and making the Dean's List.

Indiana State University Aug 1999 – Dec 2003
English and History, Bachelor's Degree

Rose's accomplishments from Indiana State University include:
GPA 3.69
Dean's List
Golden Key International Honor Society
International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta
Graduated with Honors - Cum Laude

Association Memberships
Society for Technical Communication Feb 2016
Rose joined the STC in February to learn more about Technical Communication and grow her connection with other technical communicators.

Projects by Industry

For a class project, Rose worked with the Digital Wood Carver Company to create a set up and operation manual for their woodcarving machine. Rose had no prior experience with wood carving, so she worked with the business owner to understand the device and write a set up manual anyone could use. Rose also conducted usability testing to hone in on areas of improvement in the manual. Notice how each step uses action words to begin a numbered step. Any time a Digital Wood Carver is sold, a copy of Rose's set up manual is included.


As a part time reporter, Rose mainly covered municipal meetings; however, she did write a few human interest stories. The sample below is part of Rose's article from GenCon, a huge gaming convention held in Indianapolis once a year. As a long time gamer and geek in general, Rose has the ability to write about anything in the genre with some expertise. For GenCon, Rose wrote from a first person perspective, giving readers a glimpse at what a person could see and do at GenCon. Rose enjoys writing about any kind of entertainment, whether it be books, movies, television, games, traveling, or whatever the audience is interested in. She likes bringing her own perspective to each piece, while still relating to the audience.


Rose spent nine years working as a meeting correspondent for her local newspaper. She attended city council and school board meetings every month. Rose learned first hand how local governments work and operate. Rose saw how politics work on the local level, and how cooperation is necessary to get anything done. She could tell you the differences between a sewer department and a water department. Rose knows how to remain impartial and keep her writing neutral when covering hot button issues. Rose uses her writing to highlight small town achievements and the local governments and leaders that operate them. Besides writing for the newspaper, Rose also comes with a Bachelor's Degree in History that informs her why government operates in America the way it does. Her love of history encourages her to understand and learn more about government issues and topics on a local and federal level.

Projects by Asset Type

Rose has learned how to create an effective brochure using principles of visual design. For part of her class's visual design project, Rose created a print brochure for a local thrift and furniture store. Rose worked with her client to create a brochure that was visually appealing and factual. Rose knows how to create a brochure in Microsoft Publisher, but is willing to learn how to use Adobe InDesign, if requested by a client. Rose recognizes the importance of fonts, graphics, and colors in any brochure creation. She can also edit pre-existing brochures and tell you what works and what does not. She can take small panels in a brochure and fill them user friendly information.


Rose has written hundreds of articles for her hometown's newspaper. The majority of her articles were local meeting reports. Rose knows the importance of being informative and concise in writing an effective report. She can also work under deadlines on demand. As a reporter, she worked independently and maintained her own schedule. In the past, she has attended a meeting and written its report all within the same evening. She is not afraid to ask her contacts and sources questions when she needs answers. She will also use the internet to research anything she maybe unsure of or need a little more detail about. Rose worked for the Danville Commercial News for nine years, so she definitely has experience writing articles.

Blog Post

Rose can blog about any of her areas of interest in detail. She enjoys writing factually, but in a friendly and accessible manner. Any text she writes in a blog will be accompanied by descriptive images or illustrations. When writing a blog, Rose prefers to write in the first person perspective, but is willing to change that perspective as requested by clients. She enjoys writing to her audience and educating them about topics near and dear to her own heart. She wants her readers to learn something after reading her blog.


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