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Last Login 10/21/2016
Location Natchez, MS
Education Bachelors Degree
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Enrolled in an online Master's Program with a focus on Composition.

Alcorn State University - Magma Cum Laude & Sigma Tau Delta Honors
B.A. English - Concentration: Literature
American Literature, Theory and criticism, Creative Writing, Poetry
Minor English Education

Copiah-Lincoln Community college
General Studies
President of five clubs – Student of the Month – Winner of multiple writing awards

Community College Writer of the Year
Student of the Month - March 2011
Diversity Grant – Jan 2013-Dec 2015

Writing Center Instructor
Assisting students who struggled with composition and literature.

Natchez Police Department
911 Dispatcher – Mike Mullins
Provided the public service of dispatching first responders.
Adams County Sheriff’s Office
911 Dispatcher – Jackie Posey
Provided the public service of dispatching first responders.
Skotos Online Gaming - Freelance
Content Contributor –
Storylines, programming, text-based​ contributions.
Freelance Writing - Current

English – Native and working on Masterful use.
Spanish – Intermediate

Sigma Tau Delta – Honors English Society
Alcorn University Alumni
Copiah Lincoln Community College Alumni
Writing, Researching, English Education, Psychology, Multi-tasking
Writing, reading, teaching.
Alcorn State University Jan 2013 – Dec 2015
English, B.A.

Specialized classes, obtaining a mentor and finding that path forward is the easy part, oft times finding the next step is what becomes difficult.

Copiah Lincoln Community College Jan 2010 – Dec 2012
Prerequisites, A.A.

The preparation for going to a four year University is priceless, though one tends to learn more about the schema of things that material at the lower level courses.

Southern New Hampshire University May 2016 –
Studies in English - Focus American Literature, In progress

The education currently being received is building blocks upon writing skills that two degrees have already begun. The next level of writing and research will only improve upon knowledge already retained.

Honors and Awards
Member Oct 2015
Honors English Society.

Placement Apr 2012
Seven awards over five categories from throughout the Community Colleges in the state. Categories included both creative writing and essay categories. Judged by Community College professors and made state competition.

Association Memberships
Sigma Tau Delta Oct 2015
Honors English Society. The society only accepts students of English with 3.5 or better in English studies. This honor was received with a 4.0 in the studies of English and continued membership as well as conventions attended by writers, professors, and professionals.

Projects by Industry

Planning is essential in Education. Whether it is a daily lesson or a trip to a foreign country, the forward march should be laid out in such a way that everyone, student, and teacher, knows their objectives. Many educators try to "wing" any given lesson which oft times will lead to misdirection and misunderstanding.


Gender research is essential in education, equality and forward movement. In researching the topic, one finds that the separation by gender is a larger gap than one may believe. Having research to back up one's claim is also the foremost basis of any argument, presentation or advisement. The best practice is to have at least three forms of proof of claim to be reliable.

Web Development

New Webpages pop up every day. As a freelance writer, one may find clients who need assistance in creating content or editing existing content. These jobs come regularly if not daily. Whether it is a white sheet or the first page someone visits, the tone of voice and correct verbiage are important dependent on the client.

Consumer Goods

Descriptions are interesting and exciting to write. Consumer goods are made to be consumed and in many cases, a person is not visual. It is the words, catch phrases, and branding that catches their attention. Knowing how to add that little twist of humor or writing techniques is key.


There are those articles that require a snark and snippet that sticks out for an audience. Humor is as cathartic as sadness and by writing in that voice, one often finds that they have the ability to brighten up a person's day with their words. Be it andedotes or playful tropes, humor is often essential to retain someone's attention.

Projects by Asset Type
Data Sheet

This is something done with its own sort of grace and professionalism. Date sheets are required, and I am well organized and particular with my formatting. While code is still tricky, the entry of information makes sense to me. That is how one does research in an organized, sensible way. For a writer, it often comes before an annotated bibliography.


Whether fiction or transcription, academic or business related, words are art. Working for various E-Book companies makes for wonderful practice in the craft, but to balance the knowledge, one also has to grasp the concept of sometimes combining both history and creative content, even in fiction. Being well-rounded makes for varied writing and reading.


Writing hundreds of articles as a freelancer, writing for personal reasons is rare. The enjoyment of pleasing a client only comes with working in collaboration with them. Revisions are not scary. They are required for the best quality work.

Product Description

Products require descriptions. Sometimes witty and quirky, sometimes entirely factual. Having the ability to mix the two is optimal and practice makes perfect, or as close as someone can be.

Blog Post

Blog posts can be tricky. The addition of keywords in a manner that flows can catch the best writer off guard. Learning by doing is the only way to perfect the art of blog posts. Also, knowing the client's voice is essential, otherwise, it simply will not fit. By learning more each job, the scope of topics have extended in many directions.


Doing descriptions are enjoyable, and assisting companies in advertising give purpose the writing done with passion. To better another's business or plan of action is to better the skills it takes to market for any and all companies. The item is objective while the client is who needs to have their standards met and done so with professional and accurate approaches.


Descriptions are interesting and exciting to write. Consumer goods are made to be consumed and in many cases, a person is not visual. It is the words, catch phrases, and branding that catches their attention. Knowing how to add that little twist of humor or writing techniques is key.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Being a research writer not only covers academics, but also social topics. Having researched everything from scholarships in particular states to the meaning of a three lined poem. While some have been for private consumption, one has written entire research papers and articles for pay as well for free. Sometimes one must prime their skills without reward.


Being a copywriter for nearly five years, one is often the go-to person during years in academia, while also assisted professors in putting a second pair of eyes on hundreds of essays. Using these jobs, both free and paid, are ways to perfect one's writing.
Below is a sample question and key for an English professor assisted.

Projects by Writing Style

One should approach any authoritative project with research to back one's claims. It is not merely about the voice used within the text of technical writing, it is about the information used to project the idea.


Snark is part of writing in a tone when the subject matter calls for it. There is an art to sarcasm that not everyone gets. Which is a constant joke and a cliche but also the truth?? But that is where humor tends to fall. Between truth and hyperbole.


Articles, blog posts and item descriptions have been sold near daily for months. Research is key to even promotional writing, not to mention a vast vocabulary to describe things and people in terms of verbiage rather than images.


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